Friday, January 8, 2016

a few of my favorite Posts of 2015

 I simply LOVE blogging.
It's so much fun for me and I love finding
all kinds of inspiration thru all the fantastic blogs.

Blogging keeps my mind busy...
it keeps me "up" on current decorating ideas...

it keeps my olden brain working a tad bit better (I think) and keeps me up
on current affairs....
keeping me feeling younger....
and ANYthing
that makes a 78 yr old feel a little younger
is BOUND to be a GOOD thing.

 Some of my most fun posts thru the year.
Just click on the BLUE links to go to the posts.

I just love BANNERS

This was a tiny project that took 30 minutes and made 
all the difference in the world...
(i have to say that I just LUV our dining room..)
It's large, full of windows with lots of sunlight flowing in...
it's just a joyous room that I am lucky to have.

"do you hear me, Nana Diana...CHOCOLATE GRAVY"


I have so many more favorite posts.....
Thanks for taking a look at these.

HAVE A SASSY DAY.....xoxo, bj


  1. That's is a lovely spacious dining room and I also like your reading corner.

  2. Looking forward to many more. :)

  3. Love the heart banner, your wonderful reading corner (and all those book shelves), your "checkered" past - lovely dining area with all that marvelous light. Fun fun fun!

  4. Hi BJ! Oh, I love seeing your post from this past year. Love the snap of your dining room table. Such a lovely spot. You know how much I love your food and your recipes! You're the spiffiest youngest most beautiful little gal I know. I don't think I could keep up with you! Oh, thank you for liking my header. No, I've never used a designer, I just fiddle around and do it myself. Now you're the header queen. I love all of yours.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. OMG! I have so few followers that I can't stand the thought of losing any. Thanks for the heads up on that though and thanks for a trip down memory lane. One of my favorite phrases ever invented is 'when pigs fly' !!!! Hugs, Jackie

  6. I love seeing some of the past years posts. Especially the banner one. So cute!

  7. oh oh how I love those little hearts. few a couple would be some cute hanging from the knobs on my nitestands.. I may have to BORROW that idea from you..

    your dining area looks great. love all the live plants~!!!

  8. As make me smile with such colorful photos! Love the way you decorate!!! Enjoy your weekend BJ!

  9. Beautiful dinning room and reading corner. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. I had to laugh out loud at that cartoon. Oh dear. Your dining room is so beautiful! Welcoming and bright and cozy, sure wish I was sharing some treats at the table with you! Love the highlights and favorites post!

  11. Please forgive me for being an alarmist...that email I sent. Good heavens! It was scary to think that I had lost you for a minute. All's well now as I am able to see your post and to get here and to comment. Now I'll go enjoy your links. Yes, that cartoon was quite something! =D

  12. Great posts - thanks for sharing them. Everything looks wonderful.
    Glad that you had a wonderful Holiday season. Yes, I love blogging too, even though I don't post much, I do read everyone posts. Yours are always so upbeat and your right it's good for the mind.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  13. The cartoon cracked me up! lol! Your reading corner is so cozy looking, loved all your favorites.

  14. Hi bj, Happy New Year. I am in love with your toile chair. It's so me. Love seeing your past posts and the chocolate gravy oh my~~~~~ Your dining room is fabulous. Wishing you a great year of blogging. Celeste xo

  15. Bj, I have truly enjoyed following your blog. I love to see what you been cooking.LOl I also love to see all your black and white décor. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. This was fun revisiting older posts. Loved your picture frame makeover. And where you hung the picture. Enjoy your day.


  17. I do love your reading corner.

    God bless.

  18. Thats the first time ive seen your dining i love it too! All that light and the pretty green plants....and THAT RUG!! Sure do love your nice big comfy reading chair too!!!

  19. BJ, thanks for the look back to 2015. Your posts are always so full of color and fun.

  20. You have a great dining room and love your chair and ottoman. I spotted a wall display of pics in the background. Is that something you have shown on the blog before. I would love a closer look. I am so glad you are blogging too. I love your fresh and fun perspective as well as being the sweetest lady. Sheila

  21. Great collection. Thanks for sharing them. I actually think I missed them all!
    Have a great weekend.

  22. Hello Bj, happy new year! I have enjoyed visiting all of your fun blog post! Here's to another year of blogging. Enjoy the weekend.

  23. It's fun to look back! You always have the best posts!!! Thanks for sharing it all!!!

  24. A great collections of memories although I approached 'my checkered past' with trepidation ;)

    Concerning the whole Google Friend Connect hubbub, I posted this comment on my blog:
    I confess. It seems I haven't paid enough attention to the whole follow by email thing. Now that I have I can see where it is (as BJ suggested)a nice alternative to going directly to each blog.
    Who knew? Well I guess many of you do and eventually I'll get it too ;)

  25. It was fun seeing your checkered past and all again. Your blog posts are always so well written and beautifully photographed. Love to come here and get a peek of your life each day.

  26. BJ,
    I agree with your reasons for blogging, dear friend!!!
    If I hadn't been blogging. . .I'd have never met you.
    You continually bless my life in amazingly wonderful ways!!!

  27. Your home is so dang cozy, I just love it.

  28. bj ... you are really blessed to have such a beautiful, large and comfortable place to enjoy your golden years. You have it so well decorated. I know you and Mr. Sweet are truly happy there. I enjoy all your projects and good foods.
    Have a wonderful year.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  29. I just stumbled on your blog thru another blog I follow and loving it !!!!


Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.
xo bj