Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Checkerd Past......

...that is just what might catch up with me someday.

A girl can only have so many checks around her house until SOMEone thinks she is
getting waaay too much.
Uhhhh.....that would be ME.

Just a few things from my CHECKERED  PAST

Love my 6 place mats and want more...
(I am such a "I WANT" person...) bright and pretty red, with black/white check bedding

 ...the black and white demi cups I found at ♪♪ GOODWILL...

 ...another thrift store find..
I couldn't believe it was a REAL Mackenzie*Childs pitcher...
especially when the catalog showed this one for $100. (it's since gone up a bit more)
and this was marked $1.25 on the bottom, along with the MC logo.

....the lamp
found on a shopping trip with  good friends.

"Thanks, Alice and Sharon, for taking me shopping and out to lunch. It was such a fun day...."

(a couple of photos have shadows, allowing me to play in

The Courtly Check
tea kettle....

and you all might remember I received several more pieces of Courtly Check
for Christmas and birthday...

...even a set of my french doors is dressed in black and white checks... might think I have more than enuf checks around our Summer House...
I have much more than I've shown here...

...but last week, I saw something that I just HAD to have...
well, maybe I didn't just HAVE to have it....but I sure wanted it.

For a 60x104 tablecloth for $29.99 isn't all that bad....

I've been wanting a full tablecloth to fit my long dining table when we have all the
 leaves in ...

In the context of a table leaf, what is the correct plural term, "table leafs" or "table leaves"?
 Per Merriam-Webster's online dictionary either is a correct plural for the word leaf. There is no differentiation between the usages.

YES, MA'AM....
I can sure handle THAT.

 It is really pretty and a very nice cloth..

well made...
thick enuf to hang nicely....

100% soft cotton
(I will be very careful and not put it into a hot dryer..)

For a little bit more than $12, I have a fabulous tablecloth for my large table...
and we are having our Home Fellowship gathering here on Sunday so
I get to use it for the first time.
I'm excited.

I TOLD you I'm excited !!
(I've been told about a million times that JD may not believe in GOD....
I just have fun with thinking he's a cutie....I'm not judging him...)

xoxo, bj

Pink Sat.. Red is darker shade of pink.....right ?


  1. Very pretty, Bj! I love it all.

  2. I like your checkered past . . .
    and your NON judgement in the final thought!
    I want to see his new movie with Qweneth Paltrow, a comic parody . . .

  3. I love all your checkered pieces, BJ. They are so pretty! I have a tablecloth just like yours. I find that all colors look great against it too.

  4. bj, I love all your checks and yes that table cloth is an amazing buy! Perfect for you long table and your sweet home.

  5. Beautiful table cloth great buy!! What I love the most though is the black and white pictures on the frames.. They look PERFECT!!!!!
    Love your excellent taste.

  6. All looks fun in your house with your checkered past!!!! Love your new header.

  7. You make me smile. I love that red is a darker shade of pink. It implies that it all begins with pink, and I like that way of thinking. Happy Pink Saturday, sweet friend.♥

    You know I am loving all of your checks, and you have the magic touch for making it all a wow!!! statement.

  8. There is absolutely no such thing as too many checks. I LOVE the gingham and checks I see everywhere. I sure wish I could get a couple of those tablecloths for curtains for my living room but we don't have that store around here. Those are a great price! I still can't believe you found real MC at the thrift store, who would do that?! Lucky you though :>) Happy Saturday Jean!

  9. Love all our black and white checkered things. Your new tablecloth is very nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Very nice table cloth. I can't resist good deals on table cloths. Is that one word or two? Anyhoo, love your new header!

  11. If you didn't have checks in your home, I would think someone had taken over your body LOL It's your signature :)

    Love the new tablecloth!


  12. I love your checkered past and present bj. Your new tablecloth will almost fit my nine foot table. No Leafs/leaves. HA! Your home is charming in black and white checks and you DO NOT have too much of the stuff. You are a master at finding bargains. I love it all.

    Bill is pleading with me to get Cheri' away from licking his face while he is doing floor exercises. Yikes, I couldn't get up if I did that. Off the subject but laughable. I better get Cheri' so have a happy week my dear friend.
    Love, Jeanne

  13. BJ, I love your checks. and when you aren't looking, I am taking that teapot. LOL. Oh my that was a deal at Goodwill.. You kill me, chocolate cover Johnny....LOL. xoxo,Susie

  14. I just adore your checks. So glad you are settled in at the Summer house. Glad you stayed on Google +

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  15. Love how you've used checks in your home. The tablecloth is wonderful, and a great price. Your home looks beautiful!

  16. I love black and white check too and seeing your collection was so much fun. When I used to do decorative painting trade shows, my table cloths were black and white check.

  17. I also have a habit of putting black and white check binding on my quilts!

  18. BJ, I adore your black and white decor! What wonderful finds at Good Will! Thank you for sharing with us!

  19. Love all the checks. Your pictures show a warm, inviting home. I visited one of our thrift stores today too. It must be on our minds!

  20. I thought of you yesterday when I saw two big black/white stuffed rabbits. Should have gotten them for you.
    Fun stuff to decorate with and so impressive with your red pop of color.
    Audrey Z.

  21. No, mam! A girl can NEVER have too many black and white checks. Love that you found that great tablecloth just in time for your fellowship evening. My black and white is front and center for Valentine's Day. I added red tulips to my CC teapot this afternoon. Great look. If you have a Trader Joe's they have their tulip bouquets for $5. ;-)
    Happy Checkering, BJ!

  22. I love checks. They are classic, beautiful, and happy. Have a great weekend!

  23. I remember watching the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape. In it Depp (who was pretty young back then) has an affair with a housewife played by Mary Steenburgen. I remember hearing some talk-show interview when she was on there, and someone mentioned her in that movie. She said she never complained about making out with Depp.

  24. You and your Johnny Depp. We could cover him in chocolate and then wrap him in that checkered tablecloth and he would make a perfect gift for you. Love all your checks. I always KNEW you had a checkered past! xo Diana

  25. Love, love, love all your checks!! But what really caught my eye is that gorgeous rug! Great colors!!

  26. Love all your checks, they are great. What wonderful finds - a MC lucky you. The tablecloth looks great on your table.

  27. such beautiful beautiful things! happy pink saturday! xo

  28. The tablecloth was a great find! Love your checks!

  29. I always love your black/white checks.
    But, that strawberry pancake sure looks delightful!

  30. Oh, I love ell your checks! So beautiful!! As always your home is gorgeous!!


  31. That's a great chunk of cloth for that price...want to make some pillow covers? curtains? placemats? Get another one!

  32. Hahaha, you are too funny, I love it. I'd take a non-believing Johnny dipped in chocolate, too. :)

  33. loved looking at all your lovelies. your thrift shop find makes me think I need to go hunting soon.

  34. You cannot have enough checks! All are lovely. That Mackenzie Childs find is just too amazing. A GW grand opening is on Tuesday near me!

  35. Hi BJ, I love all of the beautiful checkered treasures in your home and your home is filled with so much warmth and personality... :)

  36. Beautiful decor ~ love bw checks with a touch of red and Johnny Depp too!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  37. You do have a way with checks. They always look great in your house! I think Johnny would feel right at home at that table now.

  38. Beautiful! I love the black and white photos and all of the cute decor. But what I love the most is that fruits of the spirit sign! It's darling!

  39. I love your checkered past, present and future! It's all too cute for words.
    I was down at the beach in Mexico with 17 ladies and am trying to catch up on my visiting. xo

  40. I love checks too! I found black and white checkered placemats at Big Lots a while a go. I can believe you found some Mackenzie Childs at Goodwill! That stuff resells on ebay for so much! That was an amazing find!

  41. I love your checkerd tablecloth! Great MC find! Sheila

  42. I like these linen. Can I use your linen to make Bed Linens. Please share your Idia.


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