Monday, November 20, 2017

....getting ready

The first thing I do the week of Thanksgiving
is to gather my favorite recipes for the day.

Then I go grocery shopping.
We always have a 
a delicious HAM.
We splurge on our ham and get a really good one.
 The next thing I do is get our tables all ready for
I am so so blessed that most of our large family all live right here.
They come to our house for
eating and laughing and loving.

 The transformation from EVERYDAY LIFE
begins with removing my much-loved black and white check tablecloth.

 This is always  a good time to give our large dining table
a good revitalizing PLEDGE dressing.

This table has 4 HEAVY leaves that extend it.
Of course, Mr. Sweet always helped me add them  to our table
and we were such a good team that it wasn't a hard job at all.
When I got ready to add them this day.....
UGG.....I realized pretty quick that
no way could I pull that table apart to give me room for
4 leaves...
What's an olden and pretty dang weak broad to do ???

Why, I just got  out my can of WD 40
sprayed those metal runners a light coat
and WALLA...
I was able to get all 4 of those beautiful, heavy leaves in there.
YAY...and I didn't have to ask anyone  for help...! this time,  the PLEDGE has soaked into the wood enuf to add the

 ...then came my
Williams-Sonoma French Table Cloth

I know a lot of folks don't use tablecloths...
but they are one of my favorite things in the whole world.

At this point, I am not sure
of a centerpiece...

I love my French Pot
and I love this
amazing FAUX sunflower...

...just not sure as yet.

I might buy fresh flowers if I can have a very low arrangement...
I hate trying to look over or around a tall centerpiece....

...getting out serving plates...

and since we are blessed to have such a sweet large family,
we add CARD  TABLES...
sometimes 2...
sometimes only 1...

...this is a much smaller cloth and just perfect
to dress up a humble little card table....
French Country Yellow and Blue...

...and authentic....
(notice how they spell COTTON)

I would LUV to say I bought it on a trip to PARIS...
but, ALAS,
I bought it off EBAY several years ago. 

Dining room,
very colorful..
very informal...
just the way I like it.

Guess I'd better get started on some of those
side dishes that can be made ahead of time...
just the way I like it. 

and here is one I can't  WAIT to try !


Recipe HERE 


Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Good Muffin and Red Leaves

I love muffins...
especially for breakfast
which is my favorite meal of the entire day.

I like either savory...with peppers, bacon and cheese

THIS particular recipe is one of those that you can add
anything you want....(and I did add  a bit more SUGAR and CINNAMON)

Since I am living alone now,
I don't go to the grocery store as often....
and I was out of almost everything I needed for these muffins.

The only fruit I had was grapes and I am pretty sure those wouldn't
be good in a muffin.
No milk....
but, melted butter, egg, sour cream and water...
with a little Vanilla and PECANS
made them taste GREAT.

 I have kept my poinsettia from last Christmas
and it has really grown tall....

All at once, a few of the leaves are turning red.

(I think this red leaf looks a bit like a HEART..)
I think you are supposed to put them in a dark place for ALL
of the leaves to turn red 

I'm scared to do it..! ! !
*I am SUCH a sissy girl...