Monday, February 19, 2018

Oh....The Pinkness of it All

I've been reading and hearing about 
 being THE color to add to our homes and wardrobes 
this spring and summer.

THIS is why I love neutral colored walls and furniture.
If it be PINK


It's so easy to get the added color we choose by adding 
and so on.
Do you agree ?
 Here's a few PINKS
 in one of my new catalogs.....

 While this one is a bit busy for me,
it sure makes a pretty photo.

... flowers in PINK always freshen a room
and especially if it might be a nearly ALL white room. 

 Now, if I could have "summer and winter" furniture 
that I could change with the season, 
I would LUV this chair.
I love florals....but maybe not all year long.

I do love the lighter, softer pinks...

I'm pretty sure I am going to be on the lookout for a pink pillow or two....
I use a lot of turquoise during the summer months and a
soft pink will kick it all up a notch.

I REALLY like the soft pink mohair throw .....

I am so loving this adorable PINK journal and
take note what's printed on the front...

Only my sweet beautiful girl, STACY, can find things
that she knows will please me to the end of the world.


Friday, February 16, 2018

She's gonna be sooo pretty.....

 Some of my friends will remember this amazing
shutter room divider that made my heart skip a beat when I found it.

Since I am VERY partial to painted furniture, it is only a
matter of time until she will be sporting a COLOR....

I was SURE the color would be a shade of GREEN...

 THAT IS until I found THIS......

"be still my foolish heart.....!!!!

Oh, yes...
why, I luv everything about THIS choice...

...the very COLOR
sets my feet a'dancin'

I have an obsession  with Chip and Joanna Gaines...
every single thing they do to houses looks so amazing !!!!
...the NAME of the color...
is like music to my ears 
♥ ♥ ♥

...being born and raised in TEXAS
might....just MIGHT... have a tiny bit of WHY I like the name of the chosen color. 

I love this tiny vintage creamer...

I think they are called
 restaurant  creamers...

I have a little collection of creamers and tiny pitchers so when I saw THIS one with the stars,
I just HAD to have the tiny thing....

I get excited over the smallest things...

a paint NAME as well as the COLOR...
 Mr. Sweet always laughed when I picked paint...
he said it was for the name as much as the color...😄

tiny little star-studded creamers.... 

...sometimes it's the small things in life....

I love this color so much that if I had a special wall. THIS one...

 I would SOOO paint it with TEXAS SUMMER.
Everybody that loves SHIP LAP, clap your hands !!

♪♪...deep in the Heart of Texas. ♪ ♪♪

As soon as my paint arrives and I have some pretty days to spray paint
this divider,
YOU will be among the first to see it.
I can hardly wait.