Sunday, March 22, 2015

Relaxing and Cozy Reading Corners

I think EVERYone needs a cozy place in their home to sit and read.

It doesn't have to be large...maybe just a corner in the living room...
or the bedroom....even the guest bedroom.

I've had this photo in my inspiration file for several years...

mostly for that fantastic sign...
and I am determined to have someone make this for me..

but, isn't this a fantastic place to read...
or just day dream....

I love it.

Not sure where I found this the

If I had it, those shelves would be full of BOOKS...
beautiful books.

OOO...and take a look at this one...
I'm not sure I could read here...
I'd actually probably be sitting and looking at that beautiful view.

Another built-in that would make a dandy reading spot.

Such a relaxing atmosphere for
reading or just hanging out.

2 chairs placed like this is perfect.

That table could hold quite a few pretty books on the bottom shelf and stacked on the floor beneath the shelf...
really a cool look and you'd have your favorite books right there.

ahhh...such a large, comfy looking chair....
perfect for a read..
a snack...
a cold, sweet Southern tea.

THIS is my favorite reading nook...
just takes my breath away.
It really looks the perfect TREE HOUSE to me. :>)

I have the PERFECT spot for
reading in this 


A pretty, comfy chair and ottoman...
a great reading lamp...
a throw near by in case I get chilled...
a little red table to hold a snack and a drink...
and that awesome wall of bookshelves with some really good books to read.

I bought the chair and ottoman from a good friend that needed
to sell it....
and I was in the market for a nice chair.
It was a WIN WIN situation.

I just totally FELL INTO LUCK one day out thrifting and
found these amazing bookshelves that someone had removed from their home
and gave them to a thrift store.

I nearly wet my pants when I was told the whole entire wall of shelves....
*get on my phone...
"Mr.Sweet...HURRY...GET HERE QUICK with your pickup...
I have  just bought a whole wall of the best bookshelves and I want
to get them out of here before someone changes their mind !"
He was there in record

Such a comfy spot...
 What more could a girl ask for...???

Do you have a good spot to get away from it all and get lost in a good book ?


  1. not much of a decorator, but i have to say, love your little tot photo!

  2. So many inviting corners to sit and read in. Love your little spot and those bookshelves are fabulous!

  3. Wow! That was really an amazing buy, bj. I love books and bookshelves, too. I just told someone on their blog that books is the one collection I would not want to give up. Love your chair and reading spot- it is just perfect.
    I also love (and pinned) your other images. xo Diana

  4. Oh Billy Boy , your pie runneth over. Get the ice cream out quick., we will take care of that problem. LOL I love all those glorious reading spot...I too would be dreaming by the sea. I really like your reading pot too. I have a neat chair and ottoman in my bedroom...I usually have clothes all over it. It's too close to the closet. LOL.

  5. I love your book shelves and your favorite chair. I had a book case like that (not quite as big) and it was filled with books, as I do read a lot. I could read all day when I get into a good book. But when re-modeling the bedroom I got rid of it and I am so sorry that I did. Donated all the books to library.
    My favorite place is my recliner in the den with my water and a throw. However I would love a reading nook by a window.
    Have a great week and that pie sure looks good.

  6. The reading nook is in my immediate future. One room in our home is going through restoration to become MY room. I'm looking forward to all the peace-filled time I will spend in there and that sign is a true inspiration.

  7. All of these nooks look so welcoming!!! ... I'm especially taken with Pix #4. Not sure what it is about having a lightweight quilt or afghan nearby, but I almost always have to throw something across my legs when I'm reading. Like it's part of the ritual. LOL!

  8. I've always loved the look of wall to wall bookshelves and your shelves look beautiful stretched out across the room. I also enjoyed seeing every one of those reading nooks, especially the one with the ocean view. I love the reading nook that you've created for yourself. It looks like the perfect cozy spot to get lost in a book... :)

  9. You really do have a cozy spot and I love your chair, the throw, and that wall of books!

    What nice examples of cozy spots with books and comfortable seating...nooks. If I had those yellow chairs and that view of the ocean, I'd spin them right around to look out at the scene. The table with the ship would have to go somewhere else! =D

  10. I think one of the reasons why I don't read much is that I don't like any spots in the house to read. None seem comfortable. Nothing like a quiet library table.

  11. Oh I'll have some too! That pie looks delish! Love all the reading nooks.

  12. BJ,
    So~o~o inspiring, dear friend!!!
    I love, LOVE, L O V E your wall of bookshelves!!!
    Totally agree. .. you have a perfect spot to relax for a cozy read!!!

  13. I LOVE that toile pattern on your chair/ottoman. I have it in my house. Great minds think alike :)

  14. Well, Hi, Bj. and thanks for stopping by. I too love a "reading nook" and I am actually working on one for my office right now. Of the pics you showed, I have to say the second one is my fav because it looks comfy and is by a sunny window. Have to have that sun. Also, I liked your nook even before I read that it was Yours. :)

  15. Wow! What a fabulous deal you got and just what you needed. I have a couple of good spots to read in my house. We've made out house comfortable for us (in our retirement!) Enjoy your evening dear friend. Hugs, Diane

  16. Be still my heart! I loved all of the nooks but especially yours, my dear! I cannot believe you found those wonderful shelves. They were meant for you, I'm thinking. I don't have a nook, per se... But I have a nest! Lol.... I do everything in my nest chair. It looks it, too. Hugs!

  17. I have a very comfy loveseat in the master bedroom, it fits into the bow window and looks out to the front garden. With a big linen covered bolster pillow, and a lightweight IKEA woven throw, it becomes a perfect reading spot. Upstairs in the guest room I also love reading in a french style chair I had upholstered in linen - there's a big tree outside the window and I like to read here also, and listen to the visiting birds.

    Your toile covered chair and ottoman are beautiful and look really comfy - the shelves must contain a lot of great books. Happy page turning bj.
    Mary -

  18. That toile covered chair is gorgeous, BJ. Your lovely photos and post are just what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing.

  19. That toile covered chair is gorgeous, BJ. Your lovely photos and post are just what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing.

  20. Oh, I'd love to come snuggle down in your cozy reading chair with a good book - while you take the cherry pie out of the oven! Then we could talk and laugh and giggle and have such fun!

  21. Ah.....a cosy reading nest......absolutely essential!

    Happy Monday!

  22. Good Morning! Love the fabric on the chair and ottoman! I can't believe you were able to buy those shelves for so cheap! What a treasure!!!!

  23. I could sit,read,meditate and sip tea all day in those spots. Well maybe not the one with the water view, like you I would be staring out that window!

  24. Hi BJness! OH, I'm loving your little baby snap! We were so adorable and still are! You looked like a little fun girl then and now! I love your pretty chair and ottoman and the wall of book shelves look great! You always get the greatest bargains! Have a great week.
    Be a sweetie
    Shelia :)

  25. Beautiful decorations, very much inviting.

  26. I so agree BJ, matter of fact every room can have a cosy reading area carved out.

  27. BJ, such a lovely post of the beautiful spots for reading. I have a chair below a window that gives me glorious natural light without direct sun, so is the perfect spot to read. I've decided I need to put reading time on my calendar, so I allow myself time to enjoy reading.

  28. Great places for reading and relaxing. Thanks for sharing them all with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  29. Well I like all of your inspirational reading places but your chair and ottoman combo looks pretty nice too BJ. A fantastic deal for all the bookcases and you have them set up nicely.
    OMG, when I got to the cherry pie, my late father's favourite, I remembered my mom singing this song. Yes, dad's name was Bill and I want to say thanks for sparking this memory, and a tear or two. ♥

  30. Forgot to thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  31. Mornin' BJ,

    You are SHOPPER #1 for sure! What bargains, and yes, now you have the PERFECT spot to enjoy your books.

    Of course, I have a good spot too, but you knew that.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  32. I have a file called "Dream House" and there are photos very much similar to these in it! :)
    Your chair and ottoman look really lovely.
    Thank you for sharing and have a nice week!
    PS Your food photos are irresistible.

  33. It's always wonderful to have the perfect reading spot. I love the images, and I love the toile on your chair.

  34. My whole canal cottage is a reading corner ;))). What we trade off to be able to have homes on each coast is all that extra space! That being said, I love looking and we actually put a bench like that one with all the pillows in our Florida room. Just ordered the cushion for it.... All the big pillows will be next. Fun. I hope it looks half as good as this one!

  35. bj I adore some of those reading nooks and especially those with a view and a view of the water....I do have a reading corner. In an extra bedroom I made into my room where i read, contemplate and exercise.

  36. Your reading spot looks so comfortable and pretty too. I have always wanted a window seat for a nice sunny place to read.
    Loved seeing all the other pretty places too.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  37. I love these spots! Especially the reading nook by the window. Ah, I wouldn't be leaving the house if I live here.

  38. You hit the jackpots with your cool book shelves. I would have wall to wall bookshelves if I could find a way to do it...hmmmm....... Always so funt o viist you and thanks always for being a sweetheart!

  39. What a fun post! So glad you commented on my spring decorating, so I could find you and visit you! Thanks for stopping by! ~Zuni

  40. Oh!! They're ALL gorgeous! Love the yellow chairs one....
    SO glad it's finally Spring!

  41. You DO have the perfect chair and ottoman for reading, it is all gorgeous!! So glad our hubbies have trucks, they really are needed for us thrifters. I have a sunroom with 10 windows and a big comphy wicker chair for reading.

  42. Gee, I would have a hard time deciding which of those little "nooks" would be my favorite. Yours is lovely as well and you did well on those book shelves, girl!

  43. I will never, ever, ever get tired of toile. I love it, so you know how I feel about this chair, and black and white means you can accessorize any way you want. I have always loved your shelves too, your reading spot is every bit as cozy and beautiful as any of those other photos. It has YOU written all over it :>)

  44. I love your bookshelves, what a find and your reading spot is perfect with your gorgeous chair... You've got me thinking I don't really have a perfect reading spot, I move around the house, I have to be near a power point these days as most of my reading is on the computer! I need to rectify, off to buy more cushions!
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  45. Looks like you do have a sweet place to sit and read! I usually just relax on my bed whenever I want to read.
    And that pie...ah, you should have seen the pies sell at the FFA auction tonight. A Caramel Apple Crumb pie went for $240!

  46. BJ,
    LOVE your cozy reading spot!! And I adore the book shelves!! And all the books!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  47. Your spot looks lovely!!! I usually go to my little nook in Starbucks and lounge on their couch. I like to be surrounded by people and hear all the hustle. :)

  48. Wow, what a great deal on the bookshelves.....they are awesome; and that chair and ottoman look like the perfect reading spot! I have a couple of places that are pretty comfy-cozy for reading, but I pretty much always fall asleep when I get too comfy. My hubby says I fall asleep faster than anyone he has ever known. One of my fairly cozy spots is a little wicker chair in my craftroom that has a nice soft cushion, but my the furbaby in our home has pretty much claimed!

  49. Love your toile chair and ottoman! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  50. I love to read and we have lots of book shelves. I love the ones you found and what a comfy spot you have for reading! Wonderful!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  51. BJ, I too have 3 bookshelves of books but it's been a long while since I read a lot. What a find on the shelves at the thrift store. Congrats. Sylvia


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