Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stormy Weather in West Texas

Most think of STORMY WEATHER as rain, sleet, lightening and thunder...

Out here on the Plains of West Texas,
can mean the MEANEST SANDSTORMS, ever..

HABOOBS some call them.
I believe HABOOB is an African word 
and is referred to sand storms of high intensity.

Well...believe me....WE DO HAVE HABOOBS..

We could see it coming and not a thing to do about it but get inside,
close the blinds and just watch a good movie and try to forget what's happening outside.

 My son's beautiful swimming pool...

His pretty hot tub.

You might just imagine how much sand came into our homes...

One of the worst sandstorms happened a couple years ago...
I went right out into it to get the following photo....

(O, what bloggers will do for each other....we are the

Our sky got so RED that I thought we were in the middle of a fire...
It was pure RED DIRT blowing so hard.

We could barely see the houses right across the street.
 You can see why I thought we were in the middle of a huge fire..
So RED, I just couldn't believe it.
By the time I snapped 3 photos, my eyes were full of the red sand and
the wind so strong, I could barely stand.
I later found out we had gusts up to 74 miles per hour. 
The strong winds blew every pecan on my tree right off.......
probably if YOU go look in YOUR yard,
you will find pecans from SWEET NOTHINGS, all the way from West Texas.
I am joining in

P.S. ''Donna...I see I have 5 photos....sorry...I'll do better next time."
I also have another post all about STORMS but have too many photos
to put in this challenge.


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  1. WOW and I thought we get it bad. That don't look good, thanks for sharing the photo's. Learn something new everyday.

  2. Now that doesn't sound fun at all. Thank you for the pictures though. I have heard about sand storms but I had no idea!
    Sand in your eye, dreadful . . . YIKES!

  3. Oh my goodness, that's awful:( I have never seen such a storm and hope I never do. Sending hugs across the miles!

  4. Reminds me of stories my grandmas told us about the 'dust bowl' days here in Oklahoma. They would hang wet sheets on the windows to try & keep the sand from coming in the house. Tough times back then.


  5. Lived in OK and in AZ and never saw one, thank God. Of all the storms I've seen, this would be the worst. It has to sap a person of strength to clean up over and over again. I can't believe you went out in it! Now will the recent rains do anything to curb it?

  6. That sounds awful, I feel bad for all the animals caught in the middle with no shelter.

  7. Wow that is some sand storm. I have been through Texas when there was lots of wind but thank goodness no sand storm. Your photos are great . Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. goodness, lot's of sand, i guess it happens!!!

  9. my, oh, my! great photos of a terrible thing to deal with!

  10. This reminds me of late afternoons in Abilene when the horizon would turn red and someone would remark, "Here comes Lubbock."
    Best I can recall, you all caught most of Mom Nature's wrath. I'll never forget traveling through Lubbock with my baby boy (this would be 1970-ish?) the day after an awful tornado struck.
    Like I tell my (now-grown) son in Alabama, the South is no place for sissies!

  11. Wow- bj! That is horrible-just horrible. It's amazing because I don't think of you as having bad weather there like we do in the Midwest. After seeing that I guess I will stick to the blizzards we have here.
    If you have never read about the sand storm in the FL keys it will break your heart. The sand actually stripped people's clothes off their bodies and several hundred people died. Here is the link if you are interested.,0,5269672.story I lived there in the 70s and people were still talking about it. xo Diana

  12. Gosh, I have never seen that before! It is red just like you describe! We have a lot of dust here in the ozarks but it is black from our many oak trees and our black dirt. Your photos are so real, thank you for sharing!

  13. Every place in our country has it's bad things. There's no place to live where you have perfection. I guess we just have to deal with what comes our way, but that sand must be hard to clean up.

  14. Those are good photos of the sand storm. A nice change from rain, though I'm sure you would prefer a rain storm to come to your area!

  15. Calling by today from the Personal Photo Challenge which I am joining for the first time this month. Wow some storm! I am now following you, :)

  16. Wow! I didn't know y'all had sand storms like that in West Texas! We've never experienced that here in the Houston area. Those pics are amazing. It really did look like a fire. That's terrible about your son's pool. Lots to clean up for sure.

  17. Oh my goodness! I had no idea. You were mighty brave to go out in that RED storm. Your photo's are awesome! :)

  18. Wow - Sure would not want to be around when that hit. I have been in a sand storm before, but not that bad.
    I just can't imagine the clean up afterwards. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Oh my oh my. That is a frightening kind of storm and name of storm Haboob. I'm going to try to use that word in my conversations at least 5 times today. We bloggers are crazy aren't we? What we won't do for each take photos from a moving car while we are the one moving it...
    Hope there are no sand storms in your near future. Happy Flag Day!

  20. As fotos mostram uma situação assustadora! Quanta sujeira! Que medo!
    Um abraço!
    The pictures show a scary situation! How much filth! What fear!

  21. My first time seeing these types of photos. Wow! Thanks for sharing; I know that was terrifying and such a mess to clean up.

  22. I've seen a west texas sand storm, and it is frightening. Our Thursday night was a bit frightening too. Severe thunderstorms for with tornado warnings had us watching the weather like a hawk and Miss Sadie glued to my side. No damage here, but lots of damage to trees in our neighborhood. Glad you are safe.

  23. Oh my, bj! This was some storm! We get nothing like that here in NC...awesome captures!!

  24. Oh my, bj! These are some kind of storms....we get nothing like that here in NC. Great captures!!

  25. I only experienced it once BJ, I was in Phoenix and watched the sand storm literally ROLL in... It left an inch of dirt/sand in the pool! This Philly Girl never saw anything like it! (And hasn't since.) Sorry that it created so much clean-up. Oh, and by the way... I've enjoyed a few of your pecans-thank you:@)

  26. Those are nasty storms! Stay safe!

  27. Those sandstorms are misery to go through, but what a delight for us to see these photos of a different kind of storm! Gosh, those conditions have to be really hards on people,animals, and possessions. Thanks for sharing, and no worries about the extra photos. I never intend to discourage enthusiasm!

  28. Wow- that's some crazy storms! I think I would stay indoors too. And I sure wouldn't want to have to clean the sand out of that pool!

  29. I've seen dust storms, but not red ones. you might be crazy getting out in that storm! But, the pictures are lovely so guess it was worth it.

  30. My goodness, BJ - how awful! I feel sorry for whoever has to clean out the pool. :(

  31. Ahh... So that's where those pecans came from! Seriously, I have never seen anything like this. Your very brave to go out in that!

  32. I can just imagine how the sand would drift into every nook and cranny and how gritty it would be in your hair and on your skin. Ugh. I think I'd take rain over sand any day. Amazing photos, BJ.

  33. This is all new for me BJ and I wouldn't like sand blowing into everything one bit! Give me a good old fashioned snow storm over one of your haboobs any day.

  34. bj ... I remember those dust storms in Abilene ... even piles of tumble-weeds too. Glad not to have to deal with that anymore.
    Take care.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  35. Wow. I have never seen anything like it. I 've heard about the sand storms. Wow. I am sorry for all the clean up you'll have to do. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday/Fathers Day.

  36. Oh BJ, how scary.... I guess we all have some sort of weather conditions where we live. Your pictures were unbelievable - so much sand everywhere. What a mess to clean up. I think I saw some of your pecans in my front yard.
    Have a good one.

  37. We lived in Lubbock in the 80's and enjoyed our time there; the sand storms not so much! I worked at TTUHSC and remember one day driving home from work in the middle of a bad sand storm and I couldn't see past the hood of my car. Scary!!

  38. You've sure had your share of bad weather, lets hope it's over!

  39. I'll take rain over Sand every day! how horrible, (but beautiful too!)


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