Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another BITS & BOBS

Hello to all... 

We've been having spring like weather here in West Texas.
Today, (2/10/2015), 
80 degrees is predicted for this afternoon.

Our home fellowship friends gathered at our house last weekend...

I didn't get photos of the delicious food...too hungry and had to eat, I guess.
Mr. Sweet grilled weenies while I heated the chili...
everyone brought something to go on the hot dogs...
along with desserts.
We always have the BEST food...!

Several of our friends weren't able to join us 
but 11 or 12 were here and it was a really great gathering.

Besides sweet fellowship and eating,
this adorable young man, GARRETT,
leads us in some of the BEST Praise and Worship music.
"We all thank you so much....."

Next in line for this session of BITS & BOBS....
I just love banners and have quite a few.
One for:
HALLOWEEN...packed away
for EASTER....packed away
St. PATRICK'S DAY....packed away
CHRISTMAS...?? I have a Christmas banner..?? probably....
and it's packed away, no doubt.
 Here's a few in use right now....

This very tailored banner is from LAURIE ANNA's in CANTON, TEXAS.
OOO, that is such a SWOON WORTHY shop...
one of those stores where you stand in one spot and see 28 things you think
there's NO WAY you can go on living without. !

I've had this paper WINTER banner for several years.

It's one of my favorites...
I bought this one from TINA'S daughter about 4 years ago.
I'm not sure if she still makes and sells them but if you'd like one,
just leave a comment on TINA's  Cherry Hill Cottage blog.....
just maybe her daughter is still making and selling these banners.

Here's my newest banner...

"A heart is not judged by how much you love,
 but by how much you are loved by others."
Frank Morgan

My good blogging sister friend, KATHY at KATHY'S COTTAGE
made this beautiful little lovable banner and I bought it as soon as
it went into her HENS AND DAISIES ETSY SHOP.
I do believe she has more for sale in different color groups.
Please check it out...
these add such a sweet, bright and LOVE spot to ANY room....
and very, VERY affordable.

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  1. HI BJness and a belated Happy Valentine's Day! Do we know it that church folks make the best food of all? LOL Looks like a great group. Now when you started talking about banners, I was thinking about your header, which is so pretty by the way! But you were talking about actual BANNERS! :) They're darling too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. How wonderful to spend time with good friends. The food looked great. Loved your pretty heart banner.

  3. Getting together with friends is the best and we will be doing that this afternoon. Even though we have to go out in this GOD AWFUL weather, it is 9 degrees and we have HOWLING winds. You are very lucky:):) The food sounded great and love your banners!

  4. Always good to get together with friends. The food sounds delicious. Love all the banners. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. I love banners, too, bj. You have some really cute ones-I remember seeing them at different times on your blog.
    What a wonderful gathering of people at your home for your hot diggity dog feast. Music like that is the best kind.
    Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  6. Wonderful way to spend time with friends and family. Glad you are enjoying your banners ... very popular now. Love the heart one and Kathy does have a nice selection.
    Enjoy your great weather.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. All your banners are beautiful! I remember when Mika used to make all those lovely banners. Thank you for including the link back to Cherry Hill Cottage...glad to see that blogging continues and loved seeing Tina's little grandgirlie so grown up since the last time I saw her. Enjoy your warm days!

  8. I love your banners!

    I siting here thinking, "What a great idea for our own house."

    I have been wanting to do something different.

    We have had our long, floor to ceiling(almost), curtains for over 14yrs.
    I would love to change them up a bit.

    We were able to get them when a hospital couldn't use them.
    Apparently they were meant to last forever(they are well made). Hubby is satisfied with that.

  9. The last one is my favorite. We are hoping to find a church home this Spring. Haven't found one since our move to the country.

  10. The last one is my favorite. We are hoping to find a church home this Spring. Haven't found one since our move to the country.

  11. bj- I love you have fellowship meetings with music, what a wonderful way to spend your time!

    Adore all your banners- that heart was in fun and so colorful! But my FAV is the burlap one, fits in my colorless universe! LOVE it!

    By the way, it is SIX DEGREES outside today. Just saying. Go to my last post and watch my 6 second vid of our white out snow storm yesterday!!!! (Mutters to herself and starts packing her suitcase to go visit her pal bj this week....)

  12. 80 degrees, what music that would be to my ears. We woke up to -11 this morning and the temp so far has climbed to...0. Fourteen more days of February and then I can start anticipating Spring! Your home fellowship group looks like fun, I love the close friendships those types of groupings makes :>)

  13. BJ, What a great time you all had. I love that you had some music too. Love your heart banner. I have only made paper banners with my g.daughter Emma. Wish she and I could make some more. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. Looks like a fun tie at your house. Grilled hot dogs with a little burn on them, sound so good right now. We would freeze our tootsies if we went outside in the minus 30 degree wind chill today. We are staying in and trying to keep warm.
    I love banners. I have lots of them but love your heart one. I showed on on my blog today but it's behind my doggies.
    I want to check out that etsy shop. HUGS

  15. I cannot believe it's 80°! WOW! LOVE the banners!

  16. Hi bj! It sounds like you are doing wonderfully. We are having the same lovely weather here in So Cal. I also bought from Tina's daughter..but they were made of paper and on a piece of ribbon. Rather expensive for paper but I really liked them and use them each year. Mine were for Valentines Day. I've also been to the Hen's and Chicks Esty store and she DOES have some cute things...:) I think I discovered her when Valentines Day was upon me. We do pretty much like the same things! A Christmas banner?? Can you believe I actually forget??? :(

  17. I love your new hearts banner BJ-it's great! Popped over to the Etsy shop, fun veggie pillow and KA decals:@)

  18. That looks, and sounds like, a wonderful fellowship group!

  19. Hi BJ, those banners are so great, especially the one with the hearts... so pretty. I always have the best time when I spend time with my friends and it looks like a fun bunch that you got together with.

    Happy belated Valentine's Day and enjoy that beautiful weather. The temperature is dropping down to -2 degrees in Pennsylvania tonight... :(

  20. What a wonderful way together and rejoice in fellowship. xo

    1. oops what a wonderful way to get together and rejoice in fellowship xo

  21. 80 degrees? I'm a little jealous, We just got a harsh cold wind, and tomorrow we will most likely get ice and maybe snow.

    It will be -6 degrees tonight.

    Well that's in Celsius but 20F is still pretty cold.

  22. Great time with your friends . . .
    I like your banner ideas . . .

  23. Beautiful banners, B.J., as well as lovely, warm smiles on the faces of your fellowship friends!


  24. Friendship and food, great combination! Love the banners!

  25. Sounds like a great time with your friends.. I love the cute heart banner.. Have a happy new week!

  26. The home fellowship gathering looked like a fun one and I like all your banners. I have to admit the heart one is really cute - I'd be hanging it all year to show it off.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday BJ.

  27. Isn't it just too much fun to have friends gathered in your home?

  28. Morning BJ,

    Church friends make such good company. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  29. I love all your banners nj and your fellowship too! You are such a fun gal to hang around. I will check out Tina's blog and see if I could possibly budget for a cool banner like that! Hope she still makes them. FIngers crossed! We have snow falling today and it is cold out there. I need to take a few pictures. Enjoying my honey because he is off until he returns to work Wednesday! Sigh! Hugs to you and yours.

  30. Oh, these are so pretty! Thanks for the link as well. We go to Canton it!

  31. It looks like you had a lovely gathering at your home. I enjoyed seeing your pretty banners. Your home looks always looks so cheerful and bright.

  32. Beautiful banners! I will have to check out her page. I love having people over and it looks like all had a great time.
    Joy @ Books and Life

  33. Very fun meeting! Beautiful photos! I like your flag hearts!

  34. What a fun gathering with hot dogs! Our small group is doing a burrito night here on Thursday. Everyone brings a little something to put in the tortilla! Love that sweet heart banner...


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