Sunday, August 23, 2015

Here I Go Again...

I must be the cheapest old broad in all of the Universe.

$6.00 end tables....
(paid more for the paint than the tables)

Today I went shopping for LAMPS to go on those end tables
that have yet to be restored to beauty.

I wanted fairly tall and substantial lamps...
have you priced lamps lately....?
I was shocked....
...but then, when you are as old as dirt, you tend to lose touch with 
prices of things...and you are ALways shocked when you look at the price tag....!

So I hit the THRIFT STORE TRAIL again...
and came upon these little bright brassed beauties...(say THAT 3 times  fast)

and YEP....I know they don't match...
ya think THAT would stop me from buying these heavy brass lamps for $4.00 each...?
 They are the same height...
they will have the same shades...
they will have a Queen sofa
between them...

and, besides...
I think they are pretty adorable, myself...:>) 
I like that they are different... 

I haven't decided yet as to what color to paint these golden lamps...
I know brass is "coming back" and both of these lamps are in excellent shape. 
I just had too much brass "back in the day" and I am not ready for it again just yet.
I'm leaning toward MERCURY GLASS (using the LOOKING GLASS spray paint)

 or a soft white with gray shades.
This is the throw I bought to go on the gray sofa...
TARGET..$20. and as soft and cuddly as it can be....I love it.

and, by the way, isn't this pot of purple flowers just gorgeous.....
I have no idea what they are...
I bought them at the first of summer
 and they have grown and are so thick and healthy. 

I also got this adorable
swing arm lamp for $3 today.

Now, this one I think  would be cute left brass with a little lined in gold, black shade.

I  adore little night lights throughout the the soft glow and sparkle little lamps give off.

Yep, I'll leave this one least for awhile. 

 I can't decide if this post is about thrifted lamps or beautiful flowers.

It seems they go together pretty well. 
 .....seems it was about FLOWERS, after all..

 Something to Talk About Monday
(oops. it didn't happen this week...) 
Outdoor Wed. 
When the furniture store emailed that I needed to set up time of delivery,
I thought I could do it the following week...
turns out the sofa is at their warehouse in Dallas...and their truck is scheduled to come to Lubbock the first part of September..
so delivery time is Sept. 5th...
time for painting before it gets here.


  1. BJ,
    LOVE your thrifted lamps, dear friend!!!
    "Mr. Ed" and I had swing arm lamps in black several years ago. . .
    perfect for getting the light closer during reading!!!
    I think you larger lamps would be stunning painted white or silver mercury with gray shades!!!
    Like you, I found a lamp that I l o v e for the Family Room,
    but the price nearly brought me to my knees!!!
    Gorgeous flowers!!!
    Have a blessed Sunday, dear one!!!

  2. I was shocked too to find out how much lamps cost...yikes! Great lamp finds and I'm thinking mercury glass would look great! You have some luscious beautiful flower pots!

  3. Wonderful thrifted lamps! I love that they don't match....looking forward to seeing what you end up doing.

  4. LOVE the thrifted lamps. I too looked at new lamps and was shocked at the prices. I found mos to the lamps I'm using now at the thrift shops for little money and they make me so happy. I'm not into matchy, matchy at all, more interesting if they don't. Love that throw, I may have to buy one!

  5. Love your great finds! Also your new blog look - black and white and polka dots are two of my favorite things.


  6. Pretty lamps and beautiful flowers! Waiting to see the lamps after they are painted!

  7. You do have an eye for bargains, dear Lady ... beautiful group of images as well...
    A great Sunday to you and yours...

  8. A creative person like you will always find treasures in a thriftstore. You impress me with your picks...always! They are all something much worth the prices you got them for. And yeah the purple flower's a wonder.

  9. Shopping for bargains, your have the " Black Belt" there for sure. Love those tall lamps, and the swing arm one, that is so special, purple/blue flowers, everything is bright and breezy at your place. Enjoy the time waiting, and all the painting will be done.

  10. The lamps are gorgeous, I like them as they are but I have seen some cool things done up with that mercury glass paint. the flowers---I wish I knew what they were, I want some!! :)

    Jane x

  11. Really nice lamps bj ... paint, for sure ... mercury glass sounds good. Your flowers are beautiful. Nothing doing good here and I think I give them enough water. I think the blue one may be Blue Daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) - Floridata. I am sure that Carlene at Organized Clutter can tell you exactly what the plant is. So excited to see you newly decorated living room.
    Hugs ... have a great Sunday.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  12. BJ, Love those heavy lamps...can't wait to see your final look give them. I would at least knock the yellow shiny off those lamps...silver will go better with your grays. I absolutely love that purple flowers, they are all beautiful. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. I must say bj, I vote for the mercury glass look not that you asked, LOL. In not remotely interested to going for brass. Had it 89-99. Can't do it, I grab recovered yet


  14. I know what you mean, about "sticker shock'!!!!! We do tend to live in another era, I do believe. ,-)

    Yes, I like them as they are. But the final decision, is yours.

    A bit of a bummer-note... I worry about buying second-hand electrical stuff. When my stuff is old, it's kind of unsafe...... I worry about the old stuff, of others. But if you have someone to check it for you... And make sure it is connected properly... And I bet you do... 'Cause Mr. Sweet can do about anything, like my husband can. ,-)


  15. Way to go!! You found some perfect lamps. Can't wait to see what you do with them. :)

  16. that was quite the find with the lamps, I think they would look great either way,, I bet they cost a pretty penny new, usually the heavier a lamp the pricier!!!
    I know the name of your flowers but at the moment its hiding from me, if I remember I will come back,
    don't you just hate when that happens,

  17. BJ whatever the post was all about, it is all beautiful. Love those lamps and I don't know what that purple plant is either, but it sure is pretty healthy..Can't wait to see the transformation..Happy Sunday..Judy

  18. The lamps are wonderful. It doesn't matter if they are different. I doubt they would go for $4 in a thrift shop anywhere near here.
    Great find!!

  19. I think your lamps are wonderful and I like that they are different, but the same height. You are not cheap ... you are recycling and that is very very good! Can't wait to see everything finished. Your flowers are beautiful. Many of my flowers have turned to straw in the heat (even being watered every day).

  20. Oh great display. What a great way to combine posts. I love the flower mosaic. I have to brag. We got a swing arm late just like that a couple of weeks ago. The Cowboy dug it out of a box by the dumpster. I saw it and left it.
    He went down after I showed him a new with tags red pot holder and Adorable red/green polka wash rag with tags.
    He found the lamp and a puzzle NIB which I missed. Well I had an excuse. I had the dog dragging me!
    Can't wait to see the lamps. I think I like the mercury glass idea. Stick some orange flowers around the lamps when your done. Call it Fall and link at my party. HeHe.
    Have a good week. XXOO...btw if I every type...ZZ don't think I am tired or bored. The Z is right by the X.

  21. Ooh bj, more fun finds for you with the lamps! I like the idea of a Mercury glass look, and that they don't match.
    The flowers are Fan Flowers, or Scaevola, and yours look beautiful. They must love being around the pool and your magic touch!

  22. What a steal! Love a good bargin! Love your paint choice ideas, too. Can't wait to see them finished. Fun project!

  23. Also, thank you for your sweet comments on my Muskrat Love post! So glad someone else could relate to my seventies flashback! Haha!

  24. I LOVE your lamps AND the prices!!! God is good! I nearly always find what I need thrifting. I'm like you - the whole sticker shot of what things cost new is simply too painful for me so I seldom bother to even look in the retail stores!
    You will enjoy these beauties far more than brand spanking new ones!!!

  25. bj,

    I love the purple flowers.
    Wish I could grow a plant....

  26. Love, love, love those lamps!!! What a great price.

    I planted those fan flowers once and they grew so lush. Yours are perfect.

    God bless.

  27. I think those lamps will turn out beautifully with the mercury glass paint . . .
    Smashing girl . . .
    I wish I lived closer to see everything in person!
    Love the grey/white throw . . . yummy!

  28. Hey BJ I wanna go thrifting with you, wow what finds! Can't wait till your share the reveal.

  29. Well, I love the lamps...I love the flowers...and I love you!!! Guess that about covers it! heh heh!!

  30. Well, being as old as dirt myself, my poor eyes couldn't tell that the lamps were brass colored. I saw silver! I need to get some glasses! I love that they do not match. You could try the Looking Glass spray paint and white vinegar method to look like mercury glass. . I'm sure your lamps will look marvelous! I can't wait to see them :D

  31. Oh BJ, you are one savvy shopper. Lamps are so expensive. The best place is Home Goods for brand new ones and you even get the shade with it. But to really save money the Thrift Stores are the best.
    I think your lamps are very pretty and will look great with your new sofa.
    Your flowers are also very very pretty.
    Have a great week BJ.

  32. Love the lamps and YES, it is OK for them to be different! The flowers are beautiful! Enjoy your day dear friend, is the sofa coming today? Can't wait, yeehaw! HUGS!

  33. I love the lamps and it honestly took a while for me to even notice they were different! I think the differences add interest. You got a GREAT deal. I agree, lamps are a pretty shocking price and I must be a "cheap old broad" too because I tend to look for mine in resale stores, thrift shops and yard sales. But that also means I don't feel like I wasted a bunch of money if I get tired of them and want to change them out! Mercury glass or white would look pretty,but I think mercury glass would look gorgeous with that grey couch!

  34. Nothing wrong with eclectic lamps that don't match but are certainly in the same family.
    Here's the thing though. Now you have to get a piano to put the third lamp on ; ) (unless you already have one).

  35. Hi BJ,

    I think I saw some blue in a brick by the pool.

    Your lamps shoe up silver on my screen, so I think Mercury Glass will be just right. I'd like to see them when you've finished.

    Your youngest grand is a couple of weeks older than Strider, so I'll have to hang my head and let you have bragging' rights!

    Isn’t it fun finding blues to share?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  36. You never know what treasures you will find

  37. You are such a smart shopper. Either my eyes or my eye-pad " or both make the new old lamps look silver and they look beautiful! So. And I love that they don't match perfectly!

  38. Good morning bj, Don't pass out with shock...I'm back for the umteenth time. The last of our company is gone and I am on my own to do whatever I want. I WANT to catch up with my dear blog friends. That would be you.

    Your thrifty lamps are perfectly lovely and I know what ever you choose to do with them will be spot on beautiful. I LOVE thrift stores.

    Your flowers ARE gorgeous and nothing makes me smile more that pretty flowers all around. Mine are looking pretty good right now so I should take some photos. I won't be cooking and cleaning for company so I can do it when ever the mood hits me. YAY!

    Happy Blue Monday.
    Love, Jeanne

  39. I can also attest to the cost of new lamps as I planned to paint an old drop leaf table last fall and put it behind our couch with two table lamps at either end. First, I got intimidated by the painting of the table and then was knocked on the seat of my pants when I went looking for lamps. Table is still in the garage and the lamps still 'out there somewhere waiting for me to find them'. Great work!

  40. Your flowers are gorgeous. I agree with you about the price of lamps. It's really crazy. I'm glad brass is coming back because I still have my old brass lamps. They had new shades about 10 years ago and I'm thinking they might be due for another kind of shade to make them look at least a little more modern.
    You are the queen of thrifting!

  41. BJ you are the thrift store queen, next to my daughter that is, who finds so many incredible decorating items. I love those beautiful purple flowers and the way they cascade. They really go well with the brass lamps. I have several brass items as well that I don't have out anymore. It was all the rage at one point.

  42. Well I don't like matchy-matchy, so the lamps are perfect being different. Mercury glass would be stunning. I am so excited to see the new sofa and everything put together. The plant is pretty too.

  43. BJ, I look forward to seeing the lamps in their new glory. Mercury glass look is something l like. The flowers are still looking wonderful. Sylvia D.

  44. You did good, bj...these lamps are great! I spray painted bright brass lamps that my MIL's several years ago and have used them in my living room ever since....I went with and oil-rubbed bronze look. I sprayed them flat black first then added a copper "wipe down" with regular craft paint, then sprayed all over with a clear satin finish. They look great and have really held up great. Now I think I am ready for a change too...just not sure what color. I am also not ready to go back to brass, whether it comes back in style or not :) The purple flowers are amazing and I thought I was the cheapest old!!

  45. I actually like the lamps as they are. I have been bringing my old brass out bit by bit. Ha! Wait for sticker shock when you shop for lamp shades! Though I have seen some reasonable ones at Lowes. Sheila E

  46. Oh I would love to go thrift shopping with you...great finds and you are not cheap...frugal and so clever to find these lamps.

  47. Neat finds at the thrift store..and YES, lamps are ridiculous at the store. I was looking for a small one a few months ago and just got disgusted at the prices and ended up with nothing. I wish we had better thrift stores around here.

  48. You are the best at finding great goodies and doing wonders with them. I have nothing in my house that matches. I have not bought much new in years. Need to be getting rid of what I have. AsIi get older, those things are not important to me.

  49. I think your lamps are fantastic. When my husband's grandmother moved to smaller home 10 years ago I took all the lamps. My husband and his family thought I was out of my mind. I love a good lamp. Perfect for the night stand, perfect for reading. And funny, who turns them on when he wants to read in bed? of course he does. And once it was his grandmother's.

  50. The lamps will be great and I like that they are exactly alike!

  51. BJ, there's nothing cheap about your lamp venture - you're doing a good deed by repurposing the bases and they sure are in good condition! Guess I'm showing my age because I still have a fair bit of brass around, including my 20 year old living room lamps. It might be fun to paint them so I'd love to see what you do with yours! Haha, as in you first!
    Always a pleasure to have you join Mosaic Monday.

  52. You are so right, bj--what happened to the price of lamps???? I like all the ones your found at the thrift store. In fact I have the exact same swing arm brass lamp! Mine is on top of our old roll top desk. It has a brass colored metal shade. I think I've had that lamp almost 30 years!
    Your purple flowers are gorgeous!! I love their color and fullness.

  53. Those lamp bases are fantastic! I even like them the way they are. And the purple fan flower, (someone probably already identified it, but just in case, it's Scavaeola) is gorgeous! Mine aren't even doing half as good this year. :/

  54. Love the lamps. Your flowers are very pretty. Don't do to much painting before that sofa gets there so you can enjoy it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  55. Great bargains on your lamps! Yep, I'm with you. I am always in sticker shock when I see the price of "new" items. The ones that don't last five years. Better to find the oldies but goodies at thifty prices. You are a good treasure hunter.

    Jocelyn @

  56. Beautiful lamps and lovely flowers.

  57. some nice finds you have. well done!

  58. Haha! You crack me up!
    Everything is expensive now a days and I always have the same kind of sticker shock!
    You finds are wonderful and I can't wait to see what color you go with!
    Thanks for sharing at the party!

  59. $15.00 per can is a bit steep...
    your "Comments" section was mot in your newer posts, dear Lady...
    A pleasant day to you and yours...

  60. Those lamps are great. I love a good deal.

  61. Great photos... and great thrift shop finds.
    I hope to see you at and each week for the Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) photo linky!


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