Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Teeny Tiny Makeover

 Hello, everyone.

I love leaf. (well...and REAL gold, too. lol )

I love buying a picture frame at a thrifting price
 or one on the clearance table somewhere.

I bought one not long ago that fits my
"when pigs fly" poster (got the poster at AllPosters..they have some great ones)

This cheap frugal frame was dark brown with just a tiny bit,
not NEARLY enuf, gold scattered around the edges.

I happen to LUV golden frames...

Most of the frames in our house ARE gold and the color just seems to
enhance ANY subject matter...

for instance, the following painting might be considered

But when I put it in the wide gold frame, it just
made the old wagon come alive.
To my eyes, if I'd used a brown rustic frame, the beautiful wagon
would have been faded.

this is my very favorite painting that my talented mother painted...
just for me. ♥
I hear her laugh..I see her smile...I feel her hugs when I look at it.
Everyone should have something that reminds them of their mother and her love.

OK...getting back to my tiny makeover....
Regarding the dark, thrifted frame for my little flyin' pig,
 out came the tube of 
GOLD LEAF RUB 'N BUFF....magic in a tube, ya'll. I GO WITH GOLD !!!

OK...I'm lovin' the shine...the bling...the personality.

Now, when you use this magical stuff in a tube,
you don't want it paint....
nooo...just more of a hit and miss so that parts of the darker layer will come thru.

I do love me some GOLD...:>)

I'm pretty sure a lot of everyone might think this is
SUCH an.....uh.....unconventional place to hang a picture.

WHAAAT ?????

hang a picture this close to the floor...

beneath the window...????

I have to tell ya...........I love it.

“I’ve always admired women who had a vision and stuck to it. Because ultimately, the way you live has to be a reflection of you.”
—Charlotte Moss

I hope you still love me now that you see I hang pictures just about ANYwhere. 
Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend...
see you next week. 
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  1. love your mother's painting! and the redo on the frame is nice! cute low-flying pig. :)

  2. Just trying to pop in here and there and say Hi! I love that rub & buff, too. I love your low picture. After a person has had too much to drink it is always nice to have something to look at when they are crawling around on all fours. You are ahead of the game. lol xo Diana

  3. I love hanging pictures in places where I like them too! I love the picture that your Mama painted, what a treasure that is! Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Rub and buff is the bomb! : ) You mom's painting is beautiful!

  5. Love that gold. Your mother was talented. I like the pigs there.

  6. That sure gave it a pretty patina! I love it my friend! Hugs!

  7. I like the patina that the magic stuff in the tube gives!

  8. BJ, I love your mom's painting. Also that rub n buff is really nice. I may have to look for that. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. #1 love the gold framed picture and #2 I think the place for the 'pigs fly' picture is perfect. As they say on HGTV, you dont have a 'cookie cutter' home, you have a home that is YOU.

  10. It looks fun that you hang pictures... "just anywhere". :)

  11. I'm loving what that rub n buff did to your pig picture frame! And yes, what a perfect place to hang a little pig who is thinking about flying.... It's so cute. You have to be fierce... In decorating. Otherwise your style is lost.

  12. I love the way you've hung the picture - I'll be copying! Thank you for the tip about that magical gold finish.
    The things I learn on blogs!

  13. I've seen pictures hung very low before.

    At my house we save that space for photos of our more ugly family members.

    Just kidding, the only picture I have up is one of me and Daisy. Every other picture is on a stand, and not on the wall

  14. I like you even more . . . I do things like that too . . . Like one of my favorite prints from Italy I have hung in a tiny space under a window and above the toilet in one of the bathrooms. . . . PERFECT!

  15. I like it. I haven't done it yet....but who knows. I have seen doggie signs hung low by the dog dish....I could do that!

  16. I am so glad that I stumbled onto your page. It is full of three of my favorite, pigs, and unapologetically fantastic women!! And I have to say, I love the picture near the floor too!!! You may have given another unapologetic woman an idea...

  17. You crack me up! I always say I must of been a cat in another life because me too ... Attracted to the shiny, love glitter and gold. love rub and buff too.

  18. Love the piggy pic - and know someone who would probably give her right arm to have it!
    Yes, hang pictures low - most people make the big mistake of hanging 'em much too high! You certainly win the hanging low prize bj, congrats. dear friend.
    BTW, love your gold but I'm a silver gal. Does that stuff come in a nice brushed silver perhaps?

    Happy weekend - Mary

  19. I love your picture in an unexpected place! Also, I've used Rub 'n Buff and that stuff is great!

  20. I love this~ Never used the rub & looks so cool!

    Jane xxx

  21. Oh, I love all of your matter where you hang it! And yes, I have something in my office that reminds me of my mother and her love!


  22. I hang things from the ceiling to the floor and from one wall to the other with not a hand's width between!!! Works for me!!! LOVE yours!!!!

  23. I say it's your home, you live there, hang it on the ceiling if you want! I love it and your Mother's painting is just Beaui-TEA-ful!

  24. Your mother's painting is absolutely gorgeous! What a treasure to have and remember her by. I have some rub'n buff that I pull out occasionally too, that stuff is magic! Honestly, when I saw where you hung that picture, all I could think was, "why haven't I ever thought to do that? Pure genius if you ask me ;>)

  25. bj, love the poster and how clever to hang it under the window. I think it looks great! You have style my friend!

  26. Oh your my kind of gal.

    Gold and more gold. So great you use the rub. They say pretty soon Gold is going to be down. Not with us.
    We will gold on.

  27. Love the picture of the old wagon. I like the rub'n buff gold you used on the frame. Great pictures and post . Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. Hi BJ- I forgot to tell you that I am one of your new followers. :)

  29. I hang pictures all over the place. It drives my mother crazy lol

    The picture your mother painted is wonderful!


  30. I love the look! and what a great picture. Not quite as appealing as your pig photo, but really nice anyway. :-)))

  31. First of all, I love your mother's painting. Secondly, I tend toward frames with gold, too.

    And, last but not least, I believe that was the perfect place to hang your flying pig. After all, it can't be an easy thing for pigs to fly. You want him to come in for slow and low landings.

  32. First of all, I love your mother's painting. Secondly, I tend toward frames with gold, too.

    And, last but not least, I believe that was the perfect place to hang your flying pig. After all, it can't be an easy thing for pigs to fly. You want him to come in for slow and low landings.

  33. I have also hung pictures like this…they can go anywhere. In one room I have a collection of small prints from my travels and they go up along the side of the door and over the door…I love to make the "eye" travel! Great idea for the frame!

  34. What a dear picture your mother painted! I do need to try the rub'n buff on a few frames I have, but when to find the time!

  35. BJ, That picture from your mother is so precious and I love using that rubb and buff. I put it on our beds!! Gold and rustic are my most favorite pairs. And, wherever you want to hang your pictures is the best place for them to be..Happy Weekend..Judy

  36. BJ, your frame is gorgeous! And I love the way your pig picture looks underneath the window!

  37. Well, I sure lack the talent (and patience!) to repurpose most anything. Still, I'm happy to applaud from the wings! Yours is really lovely, BJ!

    PS - I think you're onto something with this low-down display. Seriously! All my life I've been shoving furniture (and/or) end tables under windows - but this seems so 'cleaner' and charismatic at the same time!

  38. Love the gold frames 'bj'. Great stuff... rub and buff. Love the picture your Mom painted and the memories that it brings you. Rule of thumb: ... pictures should be hung at eye level ... whose eye ? the 7' guy ? the 5' lady ? the tiny tot or just where ever your eye sees a pleasing spot? I do have a lot of mine hanging low.
    Audrey Z.

  39. Hi bj, I admire your work on the frame. Well done! To me, artwork can enhance a wall in almost any location. Neat post. John PS Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  40. That frame came out really good! I always forget about rub n buff! It's lovely that you have that painting that your Mom did.

  41. BJ,
    Lovin' your Rub 'n Dub, dear friend!!!
    When pigs fly. . .to stinkin' cute!!!
    You've got the Midas Touch!!!

  42. Hi bj,

    love the pictures of the wagon.


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