Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Sometimes, I have nothing SPECIFIC to post about
but I can generally find  a few little things....
hence the "BITS & BOBS" I post ever so often.
(is it EVER so often or EVERY so often..??)
Here's a few things going on around THE SUMMER HOUSE today.

I've had this floor lamp for-ev-er....and it's needed painting ever since I bought it,
like 14/15 years.

I almost forgot to take a photo of the ugliness...

but, and you know it's true,
underneath ugly,
 sometimes you can find a little bit of beauty...
ESPECIALLY with a can of paint...

Just look at that long legged beauty...
Yes sir-ree-bob....
30 minutes with me and a can of SATIN BLACK spray paint
dancing around in the alley 

...gave me a spanking new floor lamp that is no longer stuck back in the 90's...
no, sir....this baby is leading the parade into the 2015's.
 I'm so proud of myself for FINALLY doing it.

I dried a couple of roses last month
which was my first time to try drying flowers.
But, I told you about that....

ANYway, I love those 2 little roses in that little
vintage restaurant cream pitcher 

 when my pink and yellow roses from my last bouquet
began to droop and drop petals,

 I used some twine from my adorable cast iron holder with that cute little bird...
which, by the way, I saw it in the Mackenzie*Childs catalog.
Boy...I LOVE it when that happens...!!

 I wrapped the twine around the flower stems and hung them upside down to dry. 

 Oh, how I wish these luscious colors would stay this beautiful....
I'll just keep my fingers crossed.......:>)
They look so pretty hanging out in my dining room....

Well....of COURSE I have a food to share with you...
hahhaa....imagine THAT !

...hot bubbly CHOCOLATE...it is SOOO

It's that CHOCOLATE GRAVY that
NANA DIANA told me about a couple yrs ago...
I was so hungry for it so I just made it.

Go on over there and get her recipe..
I mean, it is so good, it should be in a COOK BOOK...
When you leave her a message, please tell her I said "HEY"
and that I can't come by because I'm too busy eating
biscuits and HER CHOCOLATE GRAVY. 

Before and After Wed
Whats it Wed     I think they aren't having the WEDNESDAY party today.
Wow us Wed
CenterPiece Wed


  1. BJ, Get your beret out...you are an artist ! I love your lamp. You know I dried my birthday roses and some from my granddaughter. Maybe we should just hang them to dry instead of putting them in water....cause they last longer and look just as pretty.Chocolate gravy...we ate that as kids growing up. My aunt made the best and her biscuits would make Hardie's throw their own out. LOL. I love visitng your bits and bobs post. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  2. i like drying roses, too. :) nice paint job on the lamp.

  3. Chocolate gravy ...I think you just went over the top with goodness...
    So...do you live in the same house all year round or do you have a summer house, too?

  4. I adore your bits and bobs every so often! : - )

    You just had to end with chocolate. I don't know who to clobber first- you or Diana! LOL! YUMMMMM!

    Hope you are having a fun day! Hugs!

  5. Lol- One of my favorite kinds of posts from you---the bits and bobs...and now you got me craving that chocolate gravy myself. I was going to make it for the kids this weekend but SweetCheeks ended up pukey-faced so I didn't want to make her feel bad. lol
    Great job on the lamp. Why DO we put those things off when it is such a quick fix? I have a couple of things I need to paint and just need to DO it!
    Have a great night and thanks for getting me in trouble with Michele now, too! lol xo Diana

  6. I found that chocolate gravy an interesting idea, but was not brave enough to try it...now you're telling me it's good....hmmm... The lamp looks great! I say, what's wrong with the 90s and you say "let's get this thing into the 21st Century." LOL! I love your youthful, hip, sassy self!

  7. your lamp makeover is awesome. I'm painting some metal ones today. I really wish you would stop making that yummy looking chocolate gravy...it's not fair!

  8. Hi BJ,
    Gorgeous redo of your lamp, spray paint is amazing isn't it?! Loving the Black. I still need to try Diana's chocolate gravy. Passing on a tip from a friend - when hanging roses to dry put them hanging upside down with lots of air circulating in a dark place. Now I always follow that tip. Hope your Saint Patrick's day was fun.
    Big hugs,

  9. I've heard about chocolate gravy but have not made any - yet!!
    Love your Bits and Bobs!!

  10. Love the lamp re-do:) She is a beauty! The twine holder is TOO cute and functional! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  11. Ooh pretty, pretty with the redo on the lamp, bj! The roses, hopefully, will keep their lovely color. I have never had chocolate gravy! I've heard of it, but now I want to try it. Yum!

  12. You always have such beautiful pictures on your blog, BJ. Enjoyed these today!

  13. Your floor lamp turned out very pretty. I love the roses I hope they keep their color. Never heard of chocolate gravy but it sure does look good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Great makeover on the lamp! I am a true believer of a little time and a little paint....does wonders! The chocolate gravy looks so good.....never heard of such a thing but I have to try it! Pinned!

  15. Last year I painted an old bow (as in the thing that goes with arrows) that my brother had back in the 80s for Daisy's Hunger Games costume for Halloween. I love how a little paint can make a big difference.

  16. The lamp turned out wonderful! You have to love a simple fix like that.

    That chocolate gravy looks swoon worthy!

  17. BJ, great idea when you just have a bit of something to say. It does remind me of my grandmother, she used to call earrings - earbobs. Have you ever heard that expression? Those roses should be beautiful, if you don't dry them in too much light they may retain a good amount of their color. I have an old floor lamp also that my hubby keeps saying you don't want to put that ugly old thing in our house. I'll show him yours..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  18. Pretty and yummy....make the best posts.

  19. I love the new life you gave your old lamp, it's so purdy!

  20. Those roses look so pretty. I'm amazed how well they retained their color. You also really bowled me over with that chocolate gravy. Yum! And I love that white owl in your banner picture. Too cute!

  21. I still haven't tried her gravy. Clearly I need to get on the train! ;)

  22. You did a beautiful job on the lampstand, and your flowers are lovely as well. I used to dry a lot--mostly pressing pansies, violas and the like. That's one gravy I'm sure I'd enjoy!

  23. Wonderful and magical flowers, excellent catches! Beautiful photos!


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