Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall in Love with Texas Blog Tour


 Thanks so much
for stopping here today.

  SWEET NOTHINGS is included in
                 BLOG TOUR 
with other Texas Bloggers...(listed at bottom)

Some of us will  share 
house tours...
Autumn recipes...
pretty Autumn wreaths... 
beautiful mantels... 
and some, like me, will have FALL BITS & BOBS.

My thanks to KATIE   of
 LET'S ADD SPRINKLES for rounding up 20+ 
TEXAS bloggers for a really fun Autumn tour.
♥ ♥ ♥

I don't do very much fall decorating as here in Texas, we have warm weather many years up into October. Therefore, our falls are short lived...seems like by the time we are feeling like fall and want to decorate, it's time to gather it all up and pull out our

BUT PLEASE COME IN and let me share 
a little bit of FALL here in Lubbock, Texas.
(that's home to Texas Tech, ya know) 
Fall odds and ends in the living room

My favorite little white pumpkin in the whole world 
and I will use it every FALL for ever more...amen.
Thank you, KITTY, again for making this for me.
Everyone that comes into our home and sees it comments on how pretty it is.

I love candles...
and reflections....

I love black and white ...
and pumpkins....
vintage scales...

but most of all...
I love these family members on my wall...

I never seem to have a mantel dressed like most normal folks have...
mine always has a measure of whimsy...
I love ANYthing that brings a low giggle.....or at least a pleasant smile.
I am not one to get too serious with my decorating.
I actually KNOW I should hang a pretty Autumn wreath 
I have hanging above the mantel...

some of my friends will remember that last year,
I had my adorable PIGS hanging all during FALL.
hahaaa....ain't life grand !

 Follow me into our dining room that I love ....
I am a FOODIE blogger and always have something good to eat
around the Summer House.

I've had these adorable
for years and years...

My sweet daughterinlove
gave them to me along with a large beautiful tray.

They fit right in with any
season ....I love them here with my sunflowers...
♥ ♥ ♥

This is a delicious FALL dessert...
well....for ANY season, really..

Caramel Apple Pecan Cheese Cake...
soooo stinkin' delicious.
I've made several wreaths over the years and this is a favorite.

No TEXAS POST would be complete without adding the following photo
of a few of my TEXAS GRANDGIRLS...
THEY decorate any space they happen to be in....

Here's 5 of them at a TEXAS RODEO, where another grand was roping calves.

I said, "Hey, girls, show me your boot tops..."

 Grandgirl, COURTNEY, roping a calf.
I have posted this photo before..........not sure why I like it....but I do.

All the action was waaay too fast for my little point and shoot camera so
I had to be happy with the photo I got.
Normally, I would delete one like this....but...
just something about it.......
I even had this photo enlarged....crazy, hu.

Our BEST Fall decoration.....
 beautiful ATHENA in FALL
She "decorates" our place, year 'round.....

I made plenty of Autumn Cookies so you can take some home with you....

Thanks so much for coming to my TEXAS home...
I am also joining the FABULOUS FALL PARTY.

I hope you will visit a few of the other TEXAS bloggers that have
worked very hard now for over a month to bring you FALL BEAUTY.
and would you kindly say bj said HEY ?

This came across my FACEBOOK
and I thought it was so cute I wanted to share with anyone that missed it...

all you TEXANS 
can relate to it, I'm sure..
I know I sure can.  


  1. I love your Summer House, BJ. I agree with you about fall not feeling like it until almost Christmas. I remember wearing shorts on Thanksgiving more than once! Your piggies and red umbrella art are perfection!

  2. I love your Summer House, BJ. I agree with you about fall not feeling like it until almost Christmas. I remember wearing shorts on Thanksgiving more than once! Your piggies and red umbrella art are perfection!

  3. Your house is so enjoyable. The family members on your wall is very impressive. Great shot with the scale and pumpkins. Happy Fall bj.

  4. I love this. Thanks for sharing bj. My husband went to Tech. We also lived there for three years. Thanks for sharing your sweet self with our tour. That cheese cake looks delicious. Have a wonderful day.

  5. I got a big kick (so to speak) from your grandgirls' boots! My Rare One's niece was a barrel rider in her younger days so we've spent time at rodeos watching her compete. Yahoo!

  6. I could write a novel about this post but I will hone in on you photography. I think you were a photographer in a past life. (and I already hear you humble response; sweet lady that you are) As far as the picture of your granddaughter in motion; OH MY. Some of us try very hard to capture motion like that with all kinds of manual settings. It could win a prize and all the more precious because it's your family member.

  7. Oh goodness this cheesecake looks AMAZING! Love your little piggies and all of the Festive Fall decor!
    Be glad when we get just a little bit cooler weather:)
    Enjoyed sharing the Texas blog tour with you!

  8. BJ, Thanks for sharing your fall decorations. I love those glittery pumpkins. And, of course, as a Texas girl, I love those boots. I have tons of sorority sisters who went to Tech. We've got a whole lot of Texas loyalties in our house. I went to UNT and SMU, Hubby went to TCU, Older daughter went to A & M, son went to Baylor. Very confusing during football season. Your granddaughters are beautiful.

  9. Your knit pumpkin is a cutie! I love how you display the photos of your beautiful family. My daughter was a barrel racer in high school, so your action photo made me smile. I was usually lucky to get her and a barrel in the photo at all.

  10. Love your house nice pumpkin also...

  11. You have such a welcoming warmth to gather us all into your Summer House, which is decorated in your sassy, sweet style! I'm so glad that you love the little pumpkin, have a little piece of my heart in your home. Love the family photo wall, and of course those grand girls! I'd love a cookie before I head out the door, please. xxoo

  12. Your home is a delight no matter the season! You have an eye and you have a good eye also to know that Courtney's pic showing all that action is a very, very good thing! Entire photography classes are devoted to such photos. Hope you have lots of visitors! I know that I will be sneaking around later today taking a peek into your Texan friends' homes.

  13. You always make every holiday FUN! And you make the best goodies to share! I LOVE Texas! Hugs, Diane

  14. Ah BJ....I have been waiting for your autumn blog did not dissapoint....going back to linger over each photo and your food delights the senses!

  15. I love your mantle and I love even more your philosophy about having it bring a giggle. It does in all the best ways!

    Your home is beautiful -- so many lovely touches. What a treat this morning!

  16. I knew I was in for a treat when I came over here. I love your sofa and the white pumpkin from lovely Kitty. The little touches you've added are so right. Love the picture of your grandgirl in the rodeo. It looks like modern art. Going back for a second look!

  17. Oh I adore the darling pumpkin that Kitty made and your fairyland pumpkins add just the right amount of autumnal sparkle.

  18. That touch of whimsy in your decorating always keeps me coming back for more. Your home is warm and welcoming and beautiful! Those grandkids of yours are one gorgeous, smart and accomplished group. You are blessed in family and home!

  19. Well I would keep that sweet piggy art work up all year round too! It is wonderful! Your knit white pumpkin is such a treasure too! Thanks for showing us around!

  20. Your home and all it's treasures are always a treat to see.
    I love your black and white and that cheesecake sounds delicious!
    Come see me Friday!
    White Spray Paint

  21. Hi bj, Wow!! Your home is outstanding and you have fall decorated so beautifully. Fun, elegant with a bit of whimsy. Love the pumpkin that Kitty crocheted. This has been a rare treat and I really am going back to review it all again. So enjoyed my visit. Have fun touring!! xo

  22. A wonderful fall post. Love all your decorations and the food looks delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. I love everything about this post BJ! Your mantel is so charming and fun. It's truly a reflection of your cheerful personality. Sure do wish Lubbock was not so darn far away from Victoria. One of these days we will have to meet in the middle. I am going to figure out exactly where the middle is. Love you lots my Texas friend!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  24. Oh what fun bj! You represent Texas well. A wonderful posts filled with so many important things especially your Texas grandgirlies!

  25. Hello BJ! I just discovered your warm and welcoming web-site! As a country gal myself, I dusted off my boots and felt right at home! I've never been to the state of Texas, but something about it - I've always loved!!!

    Love all your fall images and decorations... So pretty!!! :)

    God bless you! I'm a new follower on your site! If you have a minute, I would love for you to come on over and stop by mine! Blessings, Net :)

  26. All of your grand-daughters are so VERY pretty.(Just like their grandmother) You must be so proud. Love the photo of your grand-daughter roping the calf. I would love to see it in a large beautiful frame above your mantel..Awesome!!!

  27. Hi bj,
    Love love all your fall decor and I love that white pumpkin too. Sooooo sweet. That caramel apple cheesecake looks soo yummo!
    Have a great rest of your week.

  28. Fantastic post, always love seeing your gorgeous family. This NJ girl also adores cowboy boots. The most comfortable shoes in my opinion. The cheesecake has me drooling. I enjoy seeing the food except it does make me hungry


  29. You always have such fun, heartwarming posts, BJ!! I just adore the photo of your grands, my gosh are they grown up! Happy fall sweet lady, and thanks for making me smile today!! xoxo, Andrea

  30. You always have such fun, heartwarming posts, BJ!! I just adore the photo of your grands, my gosh are they grown up! Happy fall sweet lady, and thanks for making me smile today!! xoxo, Andrea

  31. You must have a ton of energy to do all the things you do. It is wonderful you are so active and creative. I gave up doing anything when the seasons changes a long time ago. It is different when you are by yourself.

  32. Ooo! your tour was so fun, bj! I love your cute painting on your mantel and those pigs! Oh my goodness! Too cute! That pie..yum. And your grand girls are adorable. And your Athena is beautiful. I enjoyed your Texas sass! Big hugs!

  33. Thank you for sharing and hopping. I love your touches of Whimsy and it helps life not be so serious or stressful. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  34. BJ, your touches of whimsy make me smile. You know I share your love of black and white and whimsy too. Love seeing all your fall touches, especially that line-up of grandgirls. Beauties all!

  35. I am actualay glad I don't live too far south as I LOVE Fall. You have done a great job bringing some fall to your home. That cheesecake pie....OMGoodness! Now I am hungry:)

  36. What a grand and Fabulous tour. I love your home. Especially the Pigs! My daughter has a pig and wants a photo like that. I love the shot of the boots. Very clever!
    BTW I hadn't seen Athena in a while. Is she a Dane? I'm reading a book on my phone with a Dane in it! It's a male named Moo. He should meet Athena!
    Thanks for coming over and including your lovely post and bringing the cookies.

  37. BJ,
    A delightful, big as Texas, fall tour of your home. Your granddaughters are beautiful. Their being at the rodeo to see another granddaughter rope her calf says "family love" like nothing else can. Your family photo gallery is wonderful.


  38. A lovely tour of your home all gussied up for fall. Love those boot tops, girls.
    I'm afraid I share your Texas fall weather here in northstate CA. It plain doesn't feel like fall, nor look like fall until late Oct. About the best I can do for my favorite time of year is set out a few fake sunflowers and spruce up the houseplants. I'm terrible, but Christmas is almost here.

  39. BJ, that pig picture is perfection! I adore it! Please tell me where you got it! Your Fall decor is so pretty and those grandgirls are beauties! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Happy Fall Day to you! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  40. Beautiful fall touches, BJ! And would you please pass me one of those cookies or a slice of that cheesecake? I think Texans must be a little kin to Missourians. After reading the little piece you found on FB, I see we say pretty much the same things here! Well, I don't hear Sir or Ma'am much any longer. Ya'll must be more polite there. :) (And a wee bit hotter than here, sez my son who lived in TX several years.) Loved your tour!


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