Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mr. Sweet and his grill....

Ever so often, Mr. Sweet decides to "clean out our freezer" of several meats that we purchase over the month, finding good pieces on sale.

This was the day of the big grilling...
a beautiful, warm, sunshiny AUTUMN day.

Our Master Griller, Mr. Sweet.

Yum.....steaks....and that's thick Chicken Breasts in the foil.
When they are almost fork tender, he takes them out of foil
 and finishes the grilling...
they are so tender and juicy being grilled this way.

...there's those great steaks

A few burger patties...

he always cooks mine a little extra...

I like my meat WELL DONE
and crispy around the edges...and, really, I MIGHT
could do without meat forever..except for pork..
Most of the time I don't even much like chicken except for chicken salad...

There's those grilled chicken breasts...

We covered them with a small amt. of olive oil, salt, pepper, a little lime juice, a
hint of garlic and....

my mouth is watering as I type.
 I wasn't TOTALLY useless while he did all the grilling....

No, sir....

I made COLD BREW tea...
baked potatoes, in the POTATO EXPRESS.

...lets see....what else did he grill...

Sorry....I keep going back to those chicken breasts.....*drooling here

I'll eat a bit of one and not want another for about a year....:)


4 nice sized
pork steaks... 
and they look delicious.

and he ALways has some kind of sausage to grill....
and, o, how I love those crispy, dark pieces.

We'll have the family over for a nice dinner...

guess you could call this
POT LUCK, hu ?...

and we'll start all over buying meats on sale as we find them.

 I am ready to make more Shish-Kbobs for the freezer, too.

  Mr. Sweet makes these for us a lot
using Sirloin steak...
Our meat market puts meats into a clearance bin
after they need to go "off the shelf" and sell them for a really hefty DISCOUNT...
you have to get there at just the right time or the meat is totally GONE in a very short time.
MR. SWEET knows just when to go
and he comes home with such good good meats.
We freeze them if we aren't going to be cooking them or  eating them in the next day or so.. 

These sure look amazing, all stacked up in our freezer
and ready to grab, thaw and grill.

Mr. Sweet loves to grill, especially when the days are a bit cooler...
and he can feel  FALL in the day.


  1. my goodness, he really does do a bunch at once, but that's smart!

  2. YES! to the meat, we are meat eaters, love all the above. Mr Sweet done good. He sure "lives" up to that name.

  3. Can we come to dinner? I'll help you eat those chicken breasts!! Sally

  4. I just finished eating, but I'm drooling over those meats.


  5. Quite the cook you have "on staff!"
    Everything looks yummy!
    I like your chicken idea . . .
    Have you ever made "un-kabobs?"

  6. Oh my, they sure look good BJ. I could tear into one of those steaks right now with a baked potato, yum yum. I'm like you - love pork chops or a nice pork tenderloin. Growing up on a farm in Virginia it was pork and chicken, chicken and pork.
    Hope everyone enjoyed their fixings.

  7. Oh my those meats look amazing! Mr Sweets did a great job! I never thought of freezing kabobs!


  8. Yum ! I am another one that wants their meat fully cooked, and about burned out on white meat chicken. I can handle the wings, legs and thighs better as they have more flavor and moist.

  9. It all looks delicious and what a smart thing to do! I'm going to remember that chicken trick. Have you noticed how huge chicken breasts have gotten? It's kind of hard to cook them but I think that wrap idea just might work! :)

  10. Yummy our men are enjoying their cookin' this weekend. My Cowboy was curing bacon and making jerky! Your shish kabobs look great.
    I'd love you to come by and link your Fall posts! The link is open through the end of the month. Come back over!

  11. I love the crispy dark parts of grilled meat too! It's the CHAR in the charcoal that's the best!!

  12. It is one a.m. But I could seriously go for some of those yummy grilled foods. I'm not much of a meat eater, but grilling? It's wonderful... I like the chicken and everything but can do meatless too... As always, your pictures are fabulous!

  13. This post reminds me of a scene I read in a novel a while ago; the guy was saying he was going to cook and she asks "do you cook?" and he answers "I grill. Real men grill" ahahahah
    I'm like you - I like my meat WELL DONE and crispy around the edges...and, really, I MIGHT could do without meat forever..except for CHICKEN in my case. Husband says I don't like chicken (he might be right on that ;)) as I only like breasts the rest is a waste on me ahahahah
    We grill every weekend. I believe it's the cavemen in us ahah but I love it, just thrown some salad, chips for the kids and husband in a - very manly ;) - apron.
    Inspiring your saving tips, BJ. As always.
    Thank you for sharing,

  14. What a great thing to do..meat on demand! Sure looks good too, makes MY mouth drool!

  15. My favorite was the shish-kebobs. Oh my, I think I need to go to the kitchen and find something to eat. You've got my tummy growling.

  16. Hi BJ,

    I'm so glad that Mr. Sweet was wearing his blue shirt while he grilled. This is a yummy post! Thanks for playing today.

    Question of the Day: How much $$ is saved if you all feed the neighborhood?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  17. My favorite is the steak!!! I'm a medium well kinda girl though and then you have to have a baked potato thrown in. I love it when the hubby takes the grill cooking.


  18. What a great idea to put the kabobs together and freeze them! We love to grill but we usually do a "big grill" at the beginning of the week so we can just warm it up for a few days for easy meals. I love knowing there is a grilled meat in the fridge ready to grab. Meal planning has never been a favorite way to spend time.

  19. BJ, that looks like my kind of grilling! Love the meats, and such a great idea to cook plenty ahead.

  20. I don't think I would be able to put them back in the freezer..
    They look delicious.. I would of eaten them right there and then.
    Great Idea!]
    Thanks for sharing .. Now, I am hungry...

  21. Looks like you are prepared to have a lot of company. And I didn't know you could freeze shish kabobs. Does the pepper and onion freeze well? And meat prices seem to keep going up, so watching the clearance aisle may be a good way to keep a little in your freezer. I can't believe the price increases in recent years.

  22. That looks like a mighty fine spread, BJ. I've never heard of doing chicken breast that way but it sounds like a great idea without burning them. Happy Monday.

  23. My mouth is watering what a great and delicious cook out. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. How handy to have an expert griller around. My husband is not into that or any cooking. That's an interesting way to do the chicken, perhaps we can try it sometime. I would go for the mouth-watering chicken myself. We do have lots of apple tree trimmings to give the smoke a good taste.

  25. My goodenss, many folks were you cooking for?? Everything looks SO delish and I can totally relate to the black crunchy edges on those sausages! I just finished eating a big meal at Olive Garden and you have made me hungry again!! Eveythigntastes so much better on the grill, doesn't it....well, except for soup maybe. I have one question: What is that thing you call the Potato Express??

  26. I like how you work with that barbecue. Wonderful photos!

  27. Wow wonderfull grilled steaks
    Greeting from Belgium "with a diner in Blue Sky Mons"
    with "Monday Blue", "Skywatch Friday "

  28. I think grilled meats taste better than those prepared in the oven! Yum...

  29. I'm going to have my griller guy try that method to bbq chicken...You look like you are set with meat for a long time!

  30. Good morning bj, We have been in Fl for 9 days and I am catching up on my visiting. I have to tell you, Mr. Sweet IS a grill master. Your guests must love to come to your home to eat. Big smile here. YUM!! How did you bake those potatoes? My Bill is a grill master... NOT! He has mastered steaks if I give him a timer and I watch him like a hawk. At the price of steaks these days, I must be the grill boss. Ha!

    Love you bunches,

  31. Yum! That's a lot of grilling goodness there. We just got a new grill last month but have only used it twice. I like my meat pretty well done too.

  32. Love the idea of freezing the kabobs! Thanks for sharing your grilled goods on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Have a lovely weekend BJ :)


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