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I've been babying this olden computer along but it keeps giving me trouble..if I'm MIA for awhile, this is the reason.

It died...i'll be back when the new computer comes in.....

Thursday, April 17, 2014


 Gosh, I'm having fun, cooking and baking in our new kitchen...

I have a lot of COLOR going on in this pretty kitchen with the BLACK granite countertops
that are so shiny, they act as a mirror...

 I took a bag of little BABY MUFFINS
out of the freezer today...

and, then I remembered I had some cute little CHRISTMAS
cupcake papers left...

 To me, the BABY CUPCAKES look twice as delicious in their cute little 
cupcake holders.....

and, I'm thinkin', they are REALLY going to look delicious
when they are ICED....

I am always SOOO glad when I find things in my freezer that I'd forgotten about...

ESPECIALLY when it's something SWEET...!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Note Cards

 It's April...
Time for

My COOKING IN THE KITCHEN cards this month are entitled


I had so much fun making 

"Life IS just a bowl of cherries."

"He who likes cherries soon learns to climb."
German Proverb

 "It would be the cherry on top of our sundae."
"YOU are sweeter than Cherry Pie."