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Thursday, December 18, 2014

An Apple Cake to Write Home About....

 Hello, all...

I FINALLY got a nice, new, RED,

And, nooo, I am not baking a Christmas Candle Ring here..hahha...

just makin' the pan look Christmasy.

(the things we do to make bloggers smile)
One of our grandgirls,
Lacey Jean, learned to make Chicken & Dumplings and invited us over to give them a taste test..

I asked if  I could bring a cake
and Lacey said "you can bring a cake ANYtime, Memaw",  so I made this CARAMEL APPLE...

It turned out really good...
I chopped up an apple to add to it...
I always add Vanilla...
(some of you might remember that I told you my
Aunt Lillian always dabbed a drop of vanilla behind ea ear when she was baking...)


The added fresh apple really made this moist and light...

I'm not real fond of the canned frosting but I like keeping a can on hand..
I added quite a bit of SOUR CREAM to this CREAM CHEESE frosting and
it was soooo good. I think there was more sour cream than frosting and
it really went well with the apples.

 I really meant for it to be a thin glaze but once I got it mixed together, it was so good, I didn't want to make it any thinner.

This pretty cake stand belonged to my mama...and it makes every single cake
I put on it taste 10 times better than on any other plate. !!
The Apple Caramel cake was delicious...
but no where NEARLY as good as those CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS...

Lacey J. is becoming a fantastic cook...
when she was about 8 or 9, give or take a yr or two...
she wanted to learn how to make herself a scrambled egg..
so we had a tiny cooking lesson on making creamy, cheesy scrambled eggs and she's been making them ever since...:)
I love you, LJ.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



Hello to all...

Right here in the middle of getting ready for Christmas, I was out looking for a cool fence or gate that would put a smile on my friend, TEX, face, for her GOOD FENCES THURS.

 is recognized as a traditional expression of “welcome” throughout 
the South and in areas along the Eastern Seaboard. Appearing on all sorts of décor – from door knockers to quilts –
 the fruit symbolizes those intangible assets we appreciate in a home: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality.
♥ ♥ ♥

Not too far away from our place is 

What an adorable way to say

Isn't the PINEAPPLE corner  art on the brick gate posts just breathtaking.!

They really stand out as you drive past this beautiful home.

The large medallion  on the gate is very beautiful but I have NO idea what it is...
or if it has a special meaning as the pineapple does.
do u know ??

...and wouldn't you know a big ole tumbleweed would be in the picture..

speaking of

(I'm pretty sure TEX knows where I'm going with this...:>)

 Does anyone out there like
as much as I do ??

This one was made in the fall...and it was sooo good.

The only thing I like better than a piece of this cake is....

especially love the long-stemmed ones.