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Hi 5
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Gov. Perry's Mug Shot..."I'm here today because I believe in the rule of law. And I'm here today because I did the right thing," he said as he entered the courthouse. "I'm going to enter this courthouse with my head held high knowing the actions that I took were not only lawful and legal, but right," Perry added, promising promised that he would veto funding for the Travis County-based Public Integrity Unit again if was given the chance.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chicken ....

 Hello Everyone,

We had chicken for meals a lot when I was growing up.
Mostly fried chicken...
or Chicken and Dumplin's, which was my favorite
 and still to this day, a comfort food for me.
 "Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes."
          Gloria Naylor

We don't eat a lot of chicken (other than Chicken Salad) because I'm
not a fan of chicken.....or turkey.

That cute little rooster there....?

He is one of my favorites...not sure if it's because he's black and white
with polka dots or if it's because he's a pretty SASSY rooster, strutting his stuff.

He's a cutie.....

Went thrifting last week with Mr. Sweet and found this great white pitcher.

I usually don't use my white pitchers much....they are rather small for iced tea,
but this one is a little larger than some of my others and I've been using
it ever since I got it.

I coated these thin chicken breasts with olive oil and sprinkled
on ea piece, trying  not to get too much as the spices are strong....
 .....baked at 350 for about 45 minutes.
(bake until fork tender)
....lots of black pepper.

Potatoes, beets,  a salad and
we had a great Sunday dinner.


and, yep, that's a piece of ORANGE CRUSH CAKE beneath
 the layers of ice cream.

XOXO, bj

P.S. That green pepper on the chicken plate....???
Strictly for color in these photos....
no parsley...or anything else to make this lowly baked chicken 
have a little color in it's cheeks....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Little Green Apples

Hi, ya'll.

Mr. Sweet and I went on a short day trip to 
right here in Lubbock, Texas.

It is the NEATEST place you've ever seen.

 The Ranching Heritage Center  is made up of structures from all over TEXAS.

None of the buildings are replicas..
these are homes, churches, schools, barns..OUTHOUSES, and  all are the real thing.


Wild Cow Corral

This adorable corral was found on a ranch not far away and each and every piece of it was picked up, hauled to the Ranching Center and
put back together again.

The cowboys would gather up all the wild cows they could find and put them into the
make-shift corrals such as this one.

Frankly, I think it's just the cutest thing.


There's lots of cedar around central Texas and this was used for fences, gates...whatever was needed.

I'd have loved watching cowboys work cattle, herding them into these corrals.

Now that's not saying I want to WORK 'em...!!

I'd want to wear a cute, long skirt and some awesome cowboy boots like some of my sweet grandgirls have........

Not far from the old wooden fence, we found a tree loaded with..........


I wanted to swipe one so bad, I could hardly stand it but....
I didn't.

 Even BIG HILDA likes apples but looks like she prefers RED ones
and doesn't mind swiping them at all....:>)

(the 1 millionth time I've posted this
 Chicken Salad photo)

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