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Saturday, February 6, 2016

...don't know about ya'll...but I'm ready for SPRING

This whole entire post was inspired by

my little tiny hutch that I bought with
a HOBBY LOBBY gift card from daughter, STACY
it's one of my favorite pieces of fun furniture.

the little baskets hold favored cookbooks...
Pioneer Woman.......Paula Deen.....

a couple of cast iron beauties help decorate the little hutch

and that's the little
wine sack
that Mr. Sweet tucked into my Christmas stocking last year....

I have used it several times and can't bear to put it in a drawer...need it out where I can see it.. :>)

I love starting plants rooting in water and this dining area is just perfect to do this...

lots of sun.....
a sun room of sorts..:) 

I do love this room...
also, some of you will remember that we have a tiny greenhouse 
and it is totally FULL of plants right now. 
Updated post on the shed coming soon.

and since I just LOOOVE
plants in drawers....

...looking at it reminded me of SPRING...

Now, who would have thought to use an old ladder for this purpose ...?
 Not me...I am far too un-imaginative...
but it's
.....a BRILLIANT idea.

luscious little pink chest....

see all her little starter plants in the DRAWERS..

there's so many different kinds...

you can use olden doors with hooks and things to hang your tools
and put a metal/wooden shelving in front of it to hold your posts and plants...
just about ANY kind of table works, too...

Needless to say, I am watching out for an old door to paint BLUE and stack up all these cute pots...and a #36 to hang on it.

I do love this !

 Every single one is as pretty as the one before....

For years, I just had a little $15 metal stand that I used at our olden house....

Then, one fine day, Mr. Sweet, being the sweetest,
brought home this cart to be magically transformed into
a SWEET NOTHINGS potting bench...
and I fell in luv. 

I filled the drawer with little plants and loved the look..
This cart is metal and after being outside for a couple years,
it's all faded and pitiful.
I doubt it will look any better with spray paint, but it's a MUST-TRY
so when the weather is warmer and no wind blowing,
I will give it a try.
OK...I can see I should have named this post
I can so get off the subject....my mind races too fast sometimes...

but I just wanted to show you this purchase from  WALMART...

I saw this EDISON LAMP on another blog and HAD to have it...
(I am sooo hopeless)

it's a scented wax burner and I just love the looks of it.

 Ya'll have a fabulous new week.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Bacon & Buttermilk Pancakes....Great Balls of Fire !

Is there anyone on the face of the planet that doesn't love PANCAKES..??

I love pancakes almost as much as biscuits...

Most of the time, I like jelly instead of syrup
and this
is out of this world good.

see all the good bacon bits all thru the pancakes...ummm

 The great thing about this recipe..
it's quick....
takes almost NO ingredients... 

 ....just add water to
and I LUV adding these REAL BACON BITS right into the batter..
(i'm such a SEMI-HOMEMADE kind of gal) 
I also always add a capful of Pure Vanilla...
and a tiny bit of sugar.... 
Fry 'em up, butter 'em and use your choice of syrup or jelly
and ENJOY 

Totally RANDOM....

I surely am enjoying our new soft gray sleeper sofa...

right now, during these cold months of winter, I am using reds and clarets...
they are so warm feeling...

 When the days start getting hot during the summertime,
I will switch out the red pillows for the turquoise ones..

I know I've posted these photos before but I'm still so proud of the sofa,
I wanted to make SURE you've seen it...LOL

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