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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Time for BITS & BOBS around the Summer House

Ever so often,
I go thru my Photo File
and have photos but no story...
they go into my occasional posts
commonly known as

 I love sleep shirts with a comfortable.
Stacy gave me the black one  and it is so comfy,
I ordered a few more.

I live so far behind "times" that I had never heard of this brand before.
If it weren't for my girl and all the grandgirls,
I might well still be wearing powder blue polyester....

This brand is pricey.....
but when they have a sale, it is THE BEST.

A few of my friends may remember that I MADE, 
ok......PUT together flower pots to create a cute little fun birdbath.

It looked so cute on our patio in the summertime....

I was worried all the cold weather might make the paint start chipping off,

so I moved it inside to our sunny dining room
and put a pot of ivy on her....
I just KNOW this will save me a paint job come summertime...
and besides,
I still love looking at it. 💖

No matter which way I look at it, tho...

THIS is where it looks best...

OOO, hurry up spring.....

hurry up,
Sometimes, I have more fun with my photos....

Who stages apples...??

Taking the spotlight from the beautiful apples,
I bought this adorable ROSEMARY burlap and glass from
LaurieAnna's in CANNON, TX.
Wow...what a fun place to shop...
Next on my "I wanna go" list is
MAGNOLIA in  Waco, Tx. 😍 😍

Inside the burlap bag is a glass tube..

I use it a lot to get roots started for another new plant.

I'm starting this one for a friend and it's just about ready to plant into a pot for her.

At this time, I have it hanging from the knob on my
French Country Rooster chest...
back to the apple

some of you may know where I am going with this beautiful Fuji apple...

I love caramelized apples as much as I love baked apples...

 Once, when I needed CINNAMON,
I grabbed the

the shakers look the very same...

thankfully, I noticed the strong smell with the first shake.....

needless to say, I separated those babies....

Caramelized apples are sooo good for breakfast with a good muffin.....or two.
(I love my laptop....It can have breakfast with me when I want)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Semi-Homemade Muffin Luv

My good blogging friend,
Sheila at My Kentucky Living Blog
posted about making
well.....I just had to make some, too.

THEN...while preparing my post,
I began to have Daja-Vu..

so I went back and looked at a few muffin posts..
and sure 'nuf, I had made these before and not only that,
but I had posted about them...
♥ ♥ ♥
So if it seems you've "seen this before"
it really is all new photos...
just same ole muffins... 

I just love cuteness and try for in most every thing I do...

 Our daughter in law, KATHY,
always finds the cutest napkins
and I always steal a few to take photos of....

and the following is my favorite...

...and in other news

this is my cutie-pie rug from the Pioneer Woman collection at WalMart..
so cheerful and full of color
and perfect for a cloudy, rainy day in West Texas..

 January Party