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Friday, July 31, 2015

For her birthday.

 I can't sew...
most of the time, I know better than to even try.

I tried making myself a pair of long pants years ago 
and when I sewed the two legs together,
I stopped even TRYING.

My mom could sew up a storm and I think it was easier for HER to do it
than to rip out all my mistakes.
And....she was a rock star at making quilts.

 This work of art takes my breath away each time I see it.
 The Double Wedding Ring was made by my mother for my daughter.
Mom wanted to give it to Stacy at her bridal shower.
 But, Mom passed away almost a year before Stacy married.
 I kept the quilt in tissue inside a quilt box beneath my bed.

 At the shower, I gave it to Stac. She was so overwhelmed, so proud , so excited that her grandmother was indeed, "with" her at her wedding time.
 Every lady in the group cried...
Boooo Hoooo, this walk down memory lane is bringing me to my knees...again!

See the work of art hanging in the background....
this was next to the last quilt she made.

She died before she could finish the last one...
I think it's called STAINED GLASS.
A good friend of her's finished it for me and I am forever
thankful to her for that.

I tried my hand at quilting and made quite a few of the
EXTREMELY easy ones...
in fact, I don't sew but I so wanted each of our 10 grandkids
to have a handmade quilt from their Memaw..
in one year, I made every one of them a quilt...
now, shhhhh....don't tell them that the quilts aren't
all that pretty...they THINK they are !!
The fun thing about these quilts was I searched hi and lo for the cutest and most whimsical fabrics...
much like the I SPY quilts only on a simpler scale.
But, now they each have a quilt from their VINTAGE grandmother that I hope
they will always be glad for.
I didn't have a grandmother..both died before I was born...
but if I DID have one, I sure would love a quilt or anything else
that she made...
After those 10, I made a few more...
nothing to write home about except for a couple...

Even tho I made this,
it's always been one of my favorites..
the "feel good" colors with the white blocks in between each 9 patch
just made a nice quilt.

Plain and simple 9 patch...
I discovered that you could make even a simple quilt look good
by choosing great fabrics.

Debbie Mum fabric was just what I wanted for this quilt.
The next quilt nearly sent me to the loony bin
  before I finished it.

I wanted to make Stacy a quilt for her birthday one year,
and, not far into the making of it,
I realized that I may or may not have 
bitten off waaaay more than I could chew.

I ate, slept and worked on it almost 24/7....

...and then.....
at some point...
it all seemed to go together.

I was never so glad to finish something in my whole entire loooong life.
and, she loved it.
I was thankful.

 Fun to use quilts for table coverings, too.

Here's hoping your day is one of the best ever..
xoxo, bj

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Stone Cottage by a different name ~

A blogging friend, SUZAN, did a post on
and being the COPY CAT that I am,
I wanted to do one, too...

Stone cottage for sale on the Internet.
I want this house...
but, of course, it would have to be in this town where all my children and grands live.

The stone cottage from the movie,
"A fairy tale English cottage set in a tranquil country garden" 
*heavy sigh

ooo, i am sooo in luv....
I just had to show the bath in this adorable, fairy tale cottage.

Stone walls around that MAGNIFICENT tub.
I want to take a long long soak in this soaker tub.... 
or is it called a SLIPPER tub..?? 

WHO wouldn't drool all over themselves about this kitchen.?
More personality than any kitchen I've ever seen.
I love that she added  shelves above the mantel...
makes it all look like a fabulous, fire-burning hutch. :)

If you looked up the word
in a dictionary,
you would surely find this photo.

While our home isn't a traditional HOUSE,
 ( it's a pool house belonging to our son)
it is indeed, built of brick and STONE.

As you can see, if I ever walk in my sleep, I'll end up
walking the plank...
and end up in

the beautiful pool...

a perfect place for growing  beautiful flowers.

such pretty pinks..

 I love the way the builder used stone with brick "columns' between the twin french doors......(actually, not columns at all but a row of brick ....) 

 This building, being built by Mr. Sweet, will be 
brick and stone
just as the house.
(it's a homeowners association requirement)
It will all tie in together and is going to look really good.

Boxes of stone left over from the building of this amazing pool house,
so lovingly called THE SUMMER HOUSE by moi.

And, of COURSE, I must share with you what we had for breakfast on this most beautiful Sunday mornings.....

When I was very little, my parents divorced 
and I was separated from my sweet daddy.

The most vivid thing I remember about him when I was VERY little is
the breakfast he liked to call
Biscuits or roll...
fried potatoes with onions
Log Cabin Syrup or Molasses poured over most of the food.
Ever so often...when I'm missing him,
for Mr. Sweet and myself. 
I realize that is such a small thing to remember about someone you love...
it was such a good breakfast, even for a little girl, that I remember
sitting at the table, eating with him.....
and that memory has stayed with me all these long years.
I do remember LOTS of things about him and our time together
as I got older. 

Photo from Internet
I have never been so in luv with a house !!
THIS is a little more than a "cottage"
and isn't it sooo dreamy !

It looks like large, whole stones
...and don't you love her stone walkway
with grass between....
the arched entry way over the small porch...
the hearts in the shutters...
the red door and geraniums on the window ledge....

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