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Monday, July 21, 2014

Poor Old Little Barn

I saw this little pitiful barn from the street and thought about

I drove a little closer...

I always wonder WHY these cute little things get left behind.
Do the people just pack up and leave and never wonder how long this building will stand..??

Just look at the dry olden wood...
the magnificent rust...

It makes for a GREAT PHOTO, I think.


Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello to all,
We are home from our very relaxing, one week long, mountain vacation.
As always, it was good to get back home.

I love the color of TURQUOISE and am using it throughout our new home.

While in New Mexico and Colorado, I discovered THEY like it, too.

This lodge was Adobe trimmed with

Remember, don't look at my UN-MADE face...(Rule #1...No Makeup Vacation)
and my poor, pitiful arms ....heavy duty blood thinners cause such ugly bruises...
but I am thankful for the meds I need.
just look at all that beautiful
TURQUOISE COLOR surrounding me.
I wanted those wall lamps....and they said NO WAY !! :(
stingy guts !! 

 Mr. Sweet is a golfer...and a pretty good one at that.

He really enjoyed playing on this most unusual and very challenging course
in Taos, NM.

They used turquoise in their club sign.

(this isn't much of a mosaic but maybe Mary will let me get by with it...)

When I was out photographing DOORS, 
I wondered what all the people around thought....:)
If there was a blogger in the group, she/he knew EXACTLY what I was doing....
hahhaa....gotta love us bloggers.

Of course, in Santa Fe, there was a LOT of turquoise color around.
Trays and trays of rings, bracelets, and necklaces...

I must say that the only thing I bought here was a 
SILVER ear cuff....

Yes, ma'am....I was a GOOD GIRL.

 Yep......this is a restroom in one of the large comfort stations in
 New Mexico.

I don't generally find restrooms worthy of picture-taking but
this one, with their bright turquoise and red tile, was just too pretty to pass up. (and did you notice how great these colors look with
BLACK & WHITE...???)

(and there wasn't another person in there at the time...if anyone had seen me doing this selfie, they would have thought I was NUTS !

I mean, REALLY...
#1..and OLDEN lady
#2..wearing a BEATLES shirt
#3..taking a photo of herself in a

Even a TURQUOISE boxcar on a train
is beautiful.

And, by now , it was breakfast time...

and, LOOK....there's a DENNY'S  restaurant ....
I'm almost ashamed to show you what I ordered....


Caramel Cream Cheese Pancakes
(have u ever seen such a beautiful pancake in your whole life...?  Meee, either !)
Fruit Cup
3 cups of Coffee

Would you believe me if I said I didn't eat it all.....??

I didn't think so. !!!