Friday, March 27, 2015

Pink Memories

 This is a rerun of a favorite post of mine,
dating back several years when our grands were all young...


 THREE granddaughters, a SATURDAY afternoon and a ......
MALL !!!
  EVERYONE knows that when you are planning a HUGE shopping day, you MUST start the day with plenty of good FUEL for the trip.....
We decided CHEESY SCRAMBLED EGGS would fit the bill and get us on our way !
Just for the health kick needed, we added some LIGHT & FIT yogurt.... (actually, they would have preferred a cinnamon roll, I'm pretty sure!)

The very first things found were REALLY brightly colored shirts, shorts, skirts...and a little cloth doll with bright PINK hair....
...These photos were taken when the girls were young and 
I always put a star light over  their
sweet little faces..
Then, they grew up and have Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram with photo
all over.
The shirts were so cute....but DEEDS decided this doll with the PINK hair is still the cutest !
 "OK, little one....I get the message !!

Andrea and Bailey chose shirts...Deeds, being 4, chose that cute doll.

You know how SHOPPING brings on THIRST...
We had quite a few of these on this shopping day ....

Then we found a store that had the CUTEST sunglasses....
After trying on EVERY pair in the shop (OF COURSE !)...
.....we chose the ones we wanted and headed for a bench to gather strength for another round.....
Someone was making little balloon animals and made Deeds a Little Monkeyl
Coming across this colorful sign in the candy store reminded us we needed.....
before having our "SUNSHINE" of the day.

"Their futures so bright, they had to wear shades !"
The CHEESE BURGERS here were fabulous...and so were the CHICKEN STRIPS.

BY THIS TIME....I am seeing SPOTS before my eyes....

NOOO....wait a minute....
these are the cutest new flip flops the girls located in 
a precious store geared JUST FOR KIDS......
(I even tried to SQUEEZE my foot into one of these cute things but..... *sigh

THIS is the way my bed looked when we left for the great shopping day....
all 3 girls AND myself slept here....
well, 3 girls slept and a Memaw tossed a lot....:)

And, nobody has time to spare when they are planning an all-day outing so making a bed was the LAST thing on our minds....
By the time we got home....I was totally glad to see this unmade bed....
It just meant I didn't have to waste time pulling back my covers before I fell into it !!!

This is the kind of day they write songs about.



  1. What a precious memory, and you must be really glad to have the photos of your special day! Little girls are jus the sweetest thing on earth :) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Much too fast little memories turn into big ones.

  3. Lovely memories. Such a great girly day out you had.

  4. Total pink cuteness! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog for Pink Saturday. Have a great week!

  5. What a great day and I am sure many memories were made :)

  6. Such a sweet outing and so many memories made.

  7. That pretty design on these shirts ...! A delight !!

  8. How wonderful and adorable your granddaughters are!
    I have one and her name is Rose and I so adore her (she's spending the weekend with me and her papa)
    Such a lovely post, it brought a smile ...thank you!

  9. you are the best MeeMaw ever and I just love saying Mee maw, I had nnever heard that name before blogging, then The Big Bang Theory of course, Sheldon on that show speaks of his Mee Maw,, I LOVE it!

    1. Dear Laurie, I so hope you come back by to read this. A no-reply so I can't email you...not a I just wanted to say thank you for stopping here and taking the time for such a sweet comment. hahhaaa...I didn't realize Sheldon had a Memaw.....xoxo, bj

  10. I bet you are the best memaw in all of Texas and your grandgirls are so cute. I loved spending time with my grandma shopping it was so cool.

  11. What a sweet day with grandma, and so happy for you to have these lovely girls to share the day with. Love those flip flops, and I guess you don't qualify as Cinderella, since you couldn't get your foot in the slipper (flip flop). Have a great Saturday.

  12. When I was little every-time they asked what animal for the balloon I'd always lose imagination and say "a dog". I always wanted to ask them to make something complicated. Like a dragon with three heads.

  13. What a great shopping day. Lots of fun with those cute granddaughters. Hope your cold is better. Have a blessed day and wonderful weekend. Madeline

  14. Glad you rebooted this one! What fun! Those flip-flops are totally adorable.

    1. and the granddaughters, too, of course!

  15. What memories, what treasures stored up! Your recounting of it takes on the air of a well-remembered, fondly preserved moment in time which stood out in a bright golden (or pinkish-gold) light), separate and more precious than others.

    Aren't we just BLESSED!!??

    Hope you're staying well and warm,


  16. Lots of fun memories were made that day - thanks for sharing with us.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  17. Awww how fun - and isn't it hard that they keep getting older! Mine have developed that habit too! Then again, those teen years and mom years will be fun too! I hope you are feeling much better already! :) Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter ----Kaye

  18. Oh, that looks like so much fun!

  19. Such precious memories! I miss those days more than I can say.

    And I'm totally sick about the plane crash. Why, why, why take innocent people with you? :(


  20. Great memories bj ... good that you have the photos and your blog to write about it. I wish I had made a journal when I kept our grandson for years while his parents worked. I do have pictures, but just in a box somewhere. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Amazing how fast they grow up.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures .

  21. BJ it's wonderful that you have time with those sweet girls! Have a b blessed week.

  22. Such a story to remember and beautiful pictures to accompany it!
    Nancy (@linensandlaurel)

  23. What fun! I love the photo of them in their shades.

  24. It looked like a wonderful girls day out, bj!

  25. They really do grow up fast, don't they?
    I love those flip-flops.
    I wore flip-flops all the time, being born & raised in Fl.
    That is until I got plantar fasciitis. Which the podiatrist said my flip-flops caused.

  26. BJ, I think my g.daughter, Emma ,is the only one I actually slept in the same bed with..OMG...she had those long legs even 5 years ago. I called her a gazelle. I miss her so much...She hasn't been over for a long time now. I love the gossip bench. So cute. I bet the g.daughters would even like it if it came with a cell phone....funny how things have changed isn't it? I loved seeing all your nice p[ictures. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  27. Precious memories and precious girls!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  28. Sounds like a fabulous day with great memories!


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