Monday, October 20, 2014

Did I mention I have a RED BED..?

Once upon a time,
there was this olden lady (that would  be me)
that saw this bedding in a catalog, LINEN SOURCE,
and fell KNEE DEEP IN LOVE  ♥ ♥ ♥

The following is a re-run of a post I published about said bedding.

If it harelips every GOVERNOR in the whole U.S.A.,
I intend to get my GUEST BEDROOM, dressed in this beautiful bedding,
I have been gathering bedding and such for this room for 2 solid years...
and I am sure my regular friends are sick and tired of hearing about it......
my budget being so strict,(nothing more strict than SOCIAL SECURITY)
 I've bought items as I could.

I do have MOST of it in waiting......enough that I am about to take the wallpaper border down...
then paint the walls in a CREAMY OFF WHITE....
By the end of summer,

O, I don't have ALL the items on the above bed. Wish I did....
however, it is going to be very pretty with what I have  and I sure am gonna just LOVE IT.

A red basket full of cuteness,
just waiting for an olden woman
to get in that room and


No room for the FULL bed which all this BEDDING fit...
The full bed went to granddaughter, DEEDS, but she wasn't into
my "olden lady bedding" so it stayed with me.

Nothing to do ANOTHER quilt, this time in KING to fit MY bed.
Not wanting to wrestle with too many different bedskirts,
 I chose a WHITE one this time.
(remember..?  the bedskirt from hell)

Everything else FIT...woo hoo

Is there anything such as too much RED..?
nawh.....I didn't think so, either. :)

These LOOK like great books but ...

they really are
great little boxes.

I love the graphics on them. :)

I have a white quilt to use with this set...
I don't have the black and white shown in the catalog photo at the first of the post.
I'm getting there.

P.S. We've been in this summer house one year....
wow....time sure is passing by fast.

I'm slowly but surely getting things the way I like them.

I just added something new to our living room that made a HUGE difference
and cost nearly nothing.
Yep...'s a hint.... and white ?!?!

xo, bj


  1. bj- I just LOVE that room there. Your bedding is beautiful and your pictures are fabulous. I have never really had much red in my house. MyHero doesn't like red (he says)...I think his mother must have scared him with her red lipstick on one time or something...but anyway- I LOVE it in someone else's home. It always feels like a happy color to me. Your photos are really GREAT, bj. xo Diana

  2. Well BJ I have a fondness for Red and your bedroom is happy and exciting retreat. You had me at your red glasses ... Too cool. I need to find some of those book boxes, love the graphics on yours. The bunny runner is simply adoreable. Gorgeous photography as always.

  3. Oh BJ, you are a woman after my heart. I LOVE LOVE LOVE RED and have it all over my house. I just love the bedroom - it is terrific. I like the black and white checks, everything is perfect. Your pictures are so good, really did a great job. I know all about SS it's hard when you make good money and then have to live on SS.
    You made my day with your bedroom - by the way, just in case you didn't know ....... my bedroom is done all in red toile .

  4. it looks like YOU~! reminds me of Mackenzie Childs for some reason.
    anyway I am so happy for you that your room is coming together just like you want it to.

    RED is your color~!

  5. Wow does this ever look warm and the cheerful colors and how everything blends in so nicely :)

  6. BJ, Your room looks very comfy. I like all those things you have chosen. Oh I remember that bed skirt post. You made a nice bedroom. xoxo,Susie

  7. Love your room. I know you will enjoy it.

  8. Hi BJness! I remember your obsession with these bed linens and I don't blame you - so beautiful! No, I don't think you can have too much red! :) Has it been a year since you moved into the summer house? Wow, time flies. I love seeing it and you're an A one decorating gal. Love how everything looks. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Red, black and white are perfection together. I love your bedding and I adore the red touches. (No you CAN'T have too much red!) It's absolutely beautiful and so warm and cozy looking for winter!

  10. I am in love with your bedding too, BJ! That is such a pretty color palette, not to mention the mix of patterns. It's perfect!

  11. Oh bj, you have the cutest style!! I love red and with black and white...sigh!!
    I can't believe you've been in the summer house a whole year! Enjoy your pretty room with all,it's bj-cuteness!
    P.S. I hope so someone can help you with your linky problem. How frustrating!

  12. You have the Stylin' Gift . . . for sure. Like how you gather all your pieces and put things together!

  13. Looks like something out of a magazine...and NO, you can't have too much red :)

  14. Wow...this is gorgeous! can never have enough red. It's my favorite color along with the black and white are a woman after my own heart. I share your looks so country...and I share your income/social security dilemma ... boy the times they are a changin' and living on a fixed income is for the birdies sometimes but I'm learning to roll with the punches, look for real money saving bargains all the time and feel good when I score a good deal. Coupons, coupons, coupons, til' there coming out of our ears. So we can still be stylin' even on a tight budget...your room looks AWESOME and sooooo inviting and comfy. You did great !!!

  15. Beautiful just beautiful. I give you an A+ in decorating. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. that certainly seems the perfect bed for a Raider Fan!

  17. You are way ahead of me! I can't even decide what colors I want to use. This has been going on for several years. I look at web sites and catalogs. I browse through stores with bedding. So far, nothing grabs me. I'll keep trying. I posted my Lubbock barbecued beef brisket. The recipe came from my then Lubbock friend, Judy Alexander. Her husband was our pediatrician there. So good!


  18. I love the red, black and white! It looks so fresh and clean and comfy! BEAUTIFUL!

  19. I love that bed full of pillows, wonderful colors and fanciful, delightful !!

  20. BJ,
    Can one e v e r have too much red???
    I don't think so, dear friend!!!
    I love that you kept the bedding and are getting things the way you l o v e them!!!
    My MoMa, being the amazing Southern Lady that she was, said. . .
    "You need a "touch of the color red" in every room of your home.
    It creates warmth and conveys l o v e!!!
    I'd say in both of those areas, dear one, you've reached perfection!!!

  21. A year already??? Love your red....

  22. Now that's an amazing bed arrangement! And no, you can never have too much red! Absolutely perfect (and I love those book boxes!). xx

  23. Love red and your bedding looks awesome:) Enjoy your evening dear friend, HUGS!

  24. I love that bedding BJ. Looking forward to seeing what your sneak peak is all about!

  25. no ma'am you can't never have too much red, your photo's are as usual, wonderful. Love the summer house, and everything you are doing to make such a pretty home for you and mr sweet.

  26. Oh my gosh -that is spectacular bedding - and would look fabulous in my black and white guest room BJ - thanks for letting me know about this post - and creating more mayhem in my mind about bedding now LOL !!!
    Back to the drawing board for me !!!

  27. I always wanted a nice guest room. We actually have a spare room in my house after my brother moved out. Instead of a guest room, my mother made into the Fred Sanford's front yard room.

  28. Oh I love the red and blanket. I have a red quilt top (because I can't decide if I want to quilt it) for my bed. Hopefully I'll have it finished for Christmas. Anyway I love your room. I love the faux books. They look like Big Lots. Your room is Fabulous.
    I wish I had a bedroom linky going on. Oh that sounds like a topic for spring! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful week.

  29. Lovely, bj ... just love how you have dressed your bed. So sassy ... the red black and white... so you for your happy home. Glad you have been able to shop, save and buy when you could. I thought about putting red in my bedroom, but just would not work for me.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  30. That bed is magazine worthy! I have lots of red in my bedroom, too. It makes me happy and that's all that matters.

  31. That bedding is SO YOU!!! It is beautiful! I am SEARCHING for a set that has blue and red but i do NOT want it to look patriotic, so it is hard to find. Love all your vignettes too. I need some of those "books"!

  32. Your bed and the room are put together so well..


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