Thursday, March 26, 2015

There's one that looks just like my face...

I've been trying to dry roses again...

You might remember how thrilled I was over these...

they were even pretty, hanging here as they dried...

.... only two roses in the bouquet.

 I couldn't get over how much color they retained...

So, when I got another beautiful bouquet with MORE roses,
I couldn't wait to dry them.

They did fairly well..

I can really relate to this one...
my face has wrinkles just like this yellow rose.

They kept their color fairly well but some sweet bloggers told me that if, the next time, I dried them in a dark place, the color will be more intense.
I learn something new every day.  ....i never have believed that old saying
that you can't teach an old dog new tricks...:)

 and just about ANY flowers look mighty good in a vintage blue jar..

I've had this jar so long, I can't remember just when I got it.

Oh, and look...
I caught the
talks about HERE. 

"Mom and Dad were married 64 years. If you wondered what their secret was, you could have asked the local florist....
because every day Dad gave Mom a rose, which he put on her bedside table. That's how she found out what happened on the day my father died...
she went looking for him because that morning, there was no rose."

XOXO, bj


  1. ohmy gosh how romantic, a bit sad as well,

    your roses are lovey, you can always put them in a paper bag, stems sticking out, loosely gather the bag and hag upside down, it gives the darkness and can be hung somewhere like a closet, I have laid mine down on paper towels and put them under the bed as well, one sheet of paper towel under and one sheet over , they dry beautifully that way, but I have had success just hanging them in a paper bag in an old airing cup board I have, the light does effect the hue of color you get in the end result,,

  2. BJ, We all have our wrinkles or will get them some time....You are a beauty, like a rose. I am still enjoying my yellow roses I dried. When I think of all the roses I have thrown out...sad. I could have dried them and enjoyed them longer.:):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Sorry that you are under the weather. Take it easy. I have wrinkles like that yellow rose, too, on my arms! I just discovered them this week and I was shocked I tell you, shocked! Thanks for sharing the tip about drying roses in a dark place. I will try to remember that one.

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  5. BJ, I love that beautiful blue jar and your roses looked so lovely displayed in there... :)

    I think that's probably one of the most romantic stories I've heard in a long time, but yes, so sad.

  6. Love your dried roses and the blue mason jar. The color in the yellow one is beautiful. That is a wonderful quote from Romney. Kind of heartbreaking, isn't it? xo Diana

  7. Love those roses, softly shaded hues, and wrinkles, like grey hair, they arrive uninvited, but show maturity, character, care,kindness, and lots more, Lovely quote.

  8. Oh what a neat post, bj...I love drying roses too and have many from many different occasions. I never knew about drying them in a dark place but I kinda did this anyway, although there a little light coming through...not total darkness. I may have to try that next time. My hubby gets me flowers quite often and I feel so blessed that he does. There are a few roses in the bunch he just gave me and I may just have to try that trick! I saw somewhere that you were not feeling well...I hope you are better soon!

  9. I enjoy roses in any form. Knew something must be wrong when you did not share a good meal with in the last few days. Take care and enjoy your roses while you can.

  10. I love roses..they are in every room of our home. I've never dried any but I must give it a try.! Yours turned out beautiful!

  11. BJ Your dried roses look beautiful. There is a lesson in roses, the thorns remind us life is bitter sweet, just like the story you shared.

  12. I like to dry roses as well. Yours are very lovely.

  13. My hands and arms look crinkled like the roses. Soon the face will, too, I suppose...sigh. I have seen the quote by Mitt (isn't he handsome!) touching. I sure wish he had won. I still can't get over that.
    Hope you feel better soon. Your dried roses are lovely!

  14. Wow...that last quote really got to me. Amazing...

  15. I remember hearing a bit about George Romney, he sounded like a great man

  16. I always dry my roses in the potting shed - there are windows but small ones so it never gets really bright - hanging them upside down, and they do well.
    Sorry you are down with a bad cold - take care and be well soon dear.
    Hugs from a distance - Mary

  17. Take care and get better soon. Your roses are delightful. I've never tried to dry roses. I just may need to try my hand at this.

  18. What a sweet thought to fall asleep with . . . a rose every day . . .
    I hope your sniffles are better!

  19. I can't bear to throw away roses, when I am lucky enough to get them either,Bj, so I hang them up to dry in my laundry room. Last week when my little red roses had dried I put them in a vase and sat them on the table, my hubby said "those roses look like they're dead". I laughed and said "they're dried, well maybe they are dead, but I love them".

  20. Your dried roses are so pretty. The quote by Mitt Romney was so sad. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. You are so right, the roses look just like you...still beautiful :) xoxox

  22. Ditto to what Kathleen said. Right now I am trying to dry some tete-a-tetes. We'll see what happens:)

  23. I love dried roses, yours are beautiful.
    Nice to meet you
    I am following you, now!

    Smiles ...

  24. I love the look of dried roses, but I didn't know about drying them in the dark. Thanks for passing that tip along!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  25. My man bought me bright yellow (my fav color) for Valentine's day a couple of years ago. I decided to try drying them out so they would last forever. They were soooo pretty hanging. I took them down to lay them on a dish. They kept leaving rose bits on my table so I threw them away!! Next time I would just leave them hanging. Hehehe :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  26. Sorry about your chest cold. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
    A friend suggested THIS when Mr.Z. had his chest cold that just lingered on forever with a terrible cough.
    When you go to bed; rub the bottom your feet with Vicks; put on heavy socks and sleep like a baby.
    I even rub between his toes. Don't ask me how it works, but it does.
    Love your dried roses. I will try the tips on drying them upside-down in a dark place and see if they will keep the color.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

    1. P.S. Even if this does not work for you ... you will enjoy getting a nice foot massage. LOL

  27. I love your dried roses, bj. I have some drying out in the garage from you inspiring me. They're from a $2.00 rainy day bouquet I found at a grocery store. You're too funny about the wrinkles. My four year old granddaughter said to me, while I was driving with a short sleeved shirt on, "Nana, why are your armpits loose?"!!!!!
    The quote from Mitt Romney brought tears to my eyes.
    Hope you feel better soon!


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