Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Ideas from Country Living ~

always has such great crafts and other inspiration for the season.
I was browsing their site a few nights ago and really got the CRAFTING bug...

I am blessed to have my mama's pin cushions (and one that belonged to my daddy)

but aren't these polka dot ones so colorful and cute....

I think we all have MASON JAR LUV....
these are transformed into beautiful vases with GOLD LEAF.
 I love these...

For a more country look...
I've had the above photo in my INSPIRATION FILE forever..
and I've been saving all the cute bottles with amazing graphics on the labels
to do this very thing...

How cute for a summer centerpiece with flowers...
I love that idea.
To me, it's all about the GRAPHICS...!

I was so surprised to see these little bird place cards...
this is a craft of several years ago.

Some of you may remember a post I did not long ago about making these little cuties...

These really are a breeze to make
and they are as cute as can be.

Every single time I see one of these...
we called them a GOSSIP BENCH...
I just about CRY...we had one in our hall way all the 4 yrs of my high school years..
and Mom didn't sell it until she moved years later.

Bet you will believe me when I say I would LOVE to have it now.
Boooo she sold it in a garage sale.
I must have had my head stuck you know where when she asked if I wanted it.

Well, the next best thing is to find one,
paint it white...
put a knock-out red seat and I would be sooo happy.

I actually haven't seen one in you ever see them in thrift stores ?

Stacy has her grandmother's HARP BACKED CHAIR  that looks almost
just like this gossip bench back.
It has a beautiful blue needlepoint seat cover that my mother made so many years ago.

...the cutest little PATCHWORK pillows...
a super cute way to use up scraps...

I gave away ALL my scrap fabrics when we moved...bummer...
you can buy what I think they call FAT QUARTERS in fabric stores.
They are little pieces of fabric, in a stack.

(I just might make a few pillows NEXT winter if we have to stay inside because of more crazy weather again.. ) 

Well....I was surprised AGAIN while looking thru 
COUNTRY LIVING site to see the above craft.

I did this several years ago...and LOVED IT.
It was a very simple craft...they are the only kind I can do...

I used a large piece of BURLAP instead of painters drop cloth..
and I still have it in the large piece.
I'm scared to cut it...
I'm such a wuss....

I can fold it to fit the top of that bench above and I can also
use it in it's large piece as a cover for a little table I have.

I think this is just about the cutest door decoration...

especially for a

and wouldn't I love a blue door someday..

I surely would.

It seems I take
lovin' blue by spells.

I almost burned myself out on it years ago..every thing I had was blue.

I am beginning to like it again, tho., but only certain shades. 

...and such a GREAT summer look here.
Trellis always conjures up SUMMER TIME.
What an inexpensive way to add SUMMER to a bedroom.
This makes me wish I had twin beds......:>)

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  1. my Country Living magazine just came in the mail yesterday, its the only one I still order,, I wish it was as thick as it once was. It seems to have less content but I still love love it! You certainly show your inspiration well indeed! Beautiful vignettes,

  2. Love all your Spring crafts. BJ your house always looks cheery and inviting,

  3. You are ahead of the curve BJ! I love the red-striped cloth and the bird cut-outs. I think you could give CL a tip or two!

  4. I love your little birds place cards and I made them for my dinner party last March. I have a gossip bench! It's from my grandma and I painted it black and changed the fabric on the seat. xo

  5. So many good things here and I remember those gossip benches. And the decorated mason jars with the lilacs are great. You have the best "stuff" and I love Country Living also! And, by the way, so true what you ponder and post in your header!

  6. Fun, Fun,Fun post! My son has his great grandmother's phone/gossip bench. They use it for.....their phone! lol I am so tickled he wanted it.
    I am slowly getting back to blue, too. Soft or aqua more country blue for me-been there done that---got the TShirt to prove it. lol
    Great post, bj. xo Diana

  7. All your stuff is so very nice. I agree what a terrible thing that a co-pilot decided all those peoples fate.

  8. I have so many crafts on my Pinterest board, if there were 10 of me I'd never get them done! Still love to dream though, and do what I can:>) I love the blue color on that door. I'm an on again off again lover of blue. I seem to admire it greatly in photos and other people's homes, and less so in my own.

  9. Really enjoyable inspirations bj ... Spring is in the air (pollen too) ... so we are all looking for some ideas to invite Spring in. I have my Sister's mid-centry-modern gossip bench. I always sat in it when I went to see her because her 'comfortable' furniture was too low and too soft for me with a bad back. This is one thing I asked for from her estate. Not my style, but will give it a new fresh look. Hope you find one someday that you like.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. My mom pointed out the use of twin beds in most of the pre-80's sitcoms a few years ago. Like nobody thinks a married couple could share a bed.

  11. (Wonder how H.C. 's erased emails compares to Nixon's missing 18 minutes.)

    You know, I have not seen one of those telephone chairs for a long time! Have you done an Ebay or Craig's List search?

  12. That gossip bend is adorable!

  13. HI BJ! Love all of these things! I have all of these craft to dos in my tiny head. They just never seem to find their way to my hands! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. So many ideas . . . Inspiring!
    Why s it that springtime, Easter beginnings pulls at us to create, experiment, to try . . .
    I liked the gold leaf
    The bird
    The red stipe cloth
    The springtime Wellies and flowers at the blue door .. . .
    You have me in the mood . . .

  15. I like Country Living magazine and did subscribe to it for many years, had to down size my magazines to only a couple and it was one that went bye-bye. Love your photo's and I do remember your blog post of the bid place card, as soon as I saw it I thought, "You did that"

  16. Your home, as always, is so lovely with the decorating style you have! I like the bottle plantersm and I have actually purchased the TX Shiner Bock up here in Connecticut (and quite good too :). Hope all is well in Lubbock!

  17. I had a gossip bench just like the one you showed. I haven't seen one in a long time. It is a cloudy day here today but it is not cold . We got an inch of rain last night and probably will get more today. Good day to work on my pillow cases. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. Always beautiful pictures, BJ - the old telephone stand made me smile, as I remember my grandmother having one of those in her home. Funny to think of sitting down in a seat to talk on the phone!

  19. Hi BJ,

    Thanks for playing today. Blue is still my favorite color, but I agree that some overdo it. I like that pale blue door, but I must admit, my door is red!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  20. You always keep us entertained with you interesting post. I love your taste.

  21. I don't get Country Living (or any other magazine) anymore -- I was becoming a magazine hoarder and had to stop -- but I got drawn into their site! Love the gossip bench -- I remember one of my parents' friends having one and I thought it was so cute! They used it for their phone, back when we had rotary dial, one phone per home!! That patchwork pillow is so cute too! Beer bottles have great graphics now, especially the craft beers! Those must be tiny candles in the bottle caps!! Hope you have a lovely week :)

  22. Beautiful arrangements, very neat.

  23. Very sweet craft ideas, bj! I think Country Living owe you commission for copying your birdie place cards!! I remember "gossip benches" like theses , or "telephone tables" as we also called them. I hope you find one!

    My favorite thing to do with fabric patches is to make "yo yos'! I hope to have enough to make a yo yo quilt one day!

  24. You are so amazing with all these little things. You really do have an eye for picking out the best designs/crafts. Maybe I should sign up for this magazine. ;)

  25. Hello Maam Bj,
    TY a mill for dropping by.

    OMG! never ending inspirations. Some are easy to find and some is a bit hard to find a time. Wishing I have all the time.

    Happy Monday.

  26. I do have a bench like that, my Mom and Dad called it the telephone table. Mine is the one my parents had and I haven't done anything to the color, but did add a new cover to the seat.

  27. So many creative ideas. Adore the idea of the gold leaf on the mason jars and the display of bottles.

  28. My oldest sister Pat had a bench like that! She had one in Maple in an Early American style. Made me think of her as she has been gone since 2001. Always my pleasure to see you stop by my blog too. Thank you. I was thinking about your thoughts to ponder. I agree wholeheartedly. What is wrong with our world. My dad use to say to me "when you are old like me (I am the age he was when he told me this) the world will be backward. I just seek God and pray. Sadness for all those lost in the plane crashes recently and the victims and survivors of the Boston Bombing as the trial wind downs. Isaiah 5:20New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who [a]substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
    Who [b]substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

    Our world is going mad but right now I am focusing on Easter and the One who died to save us all.

  29. I subscribe to that magazine, love it! I also love gossip benches. Always on the look out for one. :)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  30. Some wonderful ideas here , I really like all that you have done ...
    Hope you might find a gossip bench someday ...

    Happy Monday
    Smiles ...

  31. So many great little time! I love the pincushion and patchwork pillow! I should pin some of these ideas! Thanks! Hugs, Diane

  32. Hi Bj, so many lovely stuff on a single post! I can't pick a favorite! Have a great week ahead!

  33. Great ideas! What did you use for the red on the burlap? I like that look. You know, I think most of us "more mature" ladies used blue so many years ago and got sick of it! I had blue and peach predominantly but other shades of it too. Again, like you, I'm beginning to go there again but in a different way ~ navy along with the cousins, turquoise, periwinkle, etc.

    Thanks for sharing!

  34. My sister Ann has the one from our home growing up it was the center of my evenings talking to my now hubby of 43 years! I haven't seen one in awhile but also would love to have one.


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