Tuesday, February 17, 2015


You will seldom see a CLOTHING POST on this blog...
but I have one today.  :>)
 What a cute Bee Hive image...from the

She has just about any images you might want to use and she so generously has them all for FREE...!!

The one in my currant blog header is also from her site.
"Thank you, dear Graphics Fairy."

I go "this way and that way'' on buying clothes.
One way...... I tend to want to stick with styles I've been wearing for years...
styles that are comfortable...
styles I feel "at home" in.

but the OTHER way of thinking....
I really REALLY need to.....UPDATE !

 I sure don't care for clothes shopping...
.....just HATE it.
So I wait too long before adding more UPDATED wear to my closet.

However...I happen to LUV  some of the newest styles...

BOOTS have been popular for several years and I dearly LOVE to wear them.

I don't wear mine with skirts unless the skirt is ankle length...

but I sure love wearing them with
I bought these 3 pair of boots last year after they went on
sale for 40% off at DILLARDS.

I have several pair of leggins' to wear with them but...
they are ALL black.

So, I stepped
 last week and bought 2 new pair of leggins'.
and, BELIEVE ME....
they aren't BLACK.....

these are pretty bright.....

...they're gonna be able to SEE ME COMING ! !

Now, these SHADES OF BLUE ones are a little bit more CALM...
( Reminds me ...I can't WAIT to see SHADES OF GRAY )
Have you seen it yet..?..and, are you going to do a REVIEW of it on your blog..??
...don't they look FUN....
(the above is a mosaic of my dressing room and closets)

I haven't worn them outside of my dressing room yet...

but, I will.......very soon.....I just LOVE them both.

Oh......and I also bought 2 pair of adorable summer FLIP FLOPS.
A great sale going on at a little boutique not far from our house....
YELLOW BOX... they are the only ones I can wear.

I do love me some BLING...!!

These shoes also look cute with......LEGGINS'


XOXO,  bj



  1. those flip flops with bling totally look like you. :)

  2. I too love boots BJ, but as an artist I only wear Black and it's freeing for me. But I still enjoy getting new outfits, but prefer comfort over high fashion, although I do adore the little black dress and sport fine bling.

  3. BJ, You must model for us!.. I love bling not sure it loves me but my sister was a blinger of all blingers. (Is that a word?) Why, why did I get rid of my boots!! They are so in now.

  4. I always tend to gravitate to the "usual," and I love to shop, btw. But now and then it's great to try something new! I am a big Yellow Box fan - I live in them in summer! Enjoy your new outfits!

  5. I have never been one to wear boots - don't really know why. Love the way they look on others.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Thanks for stopping by. Brrrrr is right!

  6. Well, aren't you something? I love all your boots. I like boots, too. Used to wear go-go boots and granny boots back in the 70's. lol Those leggings are great. You are much braver than I am. You have to show us pictures of you all dolled up in those new duds. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  7. Love your new boots. I haven't had new boots in way too many years. I may need to go shopping!
    Your are going to look terrific in your new leggings. Show us a snap! '-)

  8. you are gonna be stylin'.... love all your looks

  9. Love your style bj . . ..
    Leggins look fun!
    I would like that black/gray top, where dd you purchase.?
    I try to dress in comfort/trend/style/comfort . . . Smiling!

  10. Oh yes! Leggings and boots are the best thing since sliced bread:) I am enjoying wearing mine too! Love those bright colors! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  11. I am a big fan of boots myself! Love your choices!

  12. I'd say you are a pretty 'hip' lady with all the latest fashions!

  13. Everything looks good . Great boots and your new leggings are very nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. You go girl and rock those clothes!! So glad to have you at Wow!!

  15. I think the new outfits look adorable, I would love to see you model them for us!

  16. You fashionista you! Love all of your boots and bling. And your dressing room is LOVELY! You can wear these things to a Tom Jones concert! haha

  17. WOW bj .. I just gotta see this !!! Hurry and model those "gonna see me coming leggins". I bet you will look really great and feel so-in-style..
    Love your boots and flip-flops too. I could wear the boots, but not flip-flops on my ugly feet. What fun you are having. You GO gal.
    Audrey Z.

  18. Love all your boots and I love wearing them too. I wear mine with long skirts and pants. Great new pieces for your wardrobe and I love the flip flops, can't wait for the season. Now you need to model for us.

  19. BJ, love all the new outfits and especially those boots. You are something special girl and I can't wait to see you in one or all of them..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  20. Well, you may have just convinced me that I'm not too old for leggings and boots with a long tunic....gotta keep it long to coverup most of my chubby legs :) I think I should stick with the black ones those. I can totally see you wearing these outfits, bj!

  21. I have FAT legs, so no leggings for me. You are so lucky to be able to wear things like that. It spells "confidence" and I love and something I've never been big on. However..I do love earrings etc. I didn't buy anything for summer this year. I've enough clothes... (famous last words) What I have is going to have to do. I spent my money on wallpaper and a wall HANGER!! He charges $150 for two rolls.. So..no, no new clothes, but yours sure are cute as heck. I can see you in all of them. No boots for me either, you know..the fat little legs again. :) Now bling! Yes, must have a bit of bling! I wear flip flops with touches of bling on them..makes me feel all gussied up. Lee's Jeans in all colors are my favorites. I LOVE your dressing area, bj! Wow!

  22. I LOVE boots too and wear them all winter. Everyday! Come spring, then it is flip flops, and I love them with a TINY heel too. Those leggings are great!!! Hope you model them for us. I bought some early in the winter but haven't had the courage to wear them yet:):)

  23. I like your style, BJ!! Those leggings are just too cute!

  24. You are too cute. I hate clothes shopping, too. I dream of having a personal shopper who brings cute things to my house.

  25. Those leggings are so fun! They remind me of the ones my teen picked out and I thought were way too wild for me -- ha ha. You rock! :)


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