Friday, October 10, 2014

From Summer to Fall in Zero Flat

It's all about COLOR...

well, DUH....
the leaves change colors...
 flowers lose their colors...

and my dining room went from

the summery color of TURQUOISE...

everything so summery and cool looking
 and THEN...
in the blink of an eye and a few different colored accessories...


 It doesn't take much to transport

This adorable lighted ORANGE pumpkin nearly brought me to my knees...
It was love at first sight and daughter and I both bought one.

When I bought this brightly colored rug, I thought it would only
be loved thru the long, hot summer....

I just picked up the turquoise for the place mats...
but then, for fall, I went with the reds, oranges and golds.
                 SERIOUS LOVE going on with this multi-colored rug...

After the heat of a long, hot summer, 
fall and fall colors seem to calm one down...

we start searching for comfort foods...
here at Sweet Nothings, we start thinking of spicy foods again...

Apples are ripe for picking in the orchards...

ovens are heating up to bake apple pies and apple pandowdy...


what IS Apple Pandowdy, anyway?
hold on...
let me google it.

"a dessert from the 19th century"
and you can go
to get Martha Stewart's recipe.

( I realize I am
wearing you out
with all these posts staring APPLES.)

I hope things are going good for ya'll...
all is well with my soul.

SPEAKING of Comfort Foods...

Beef Stew, full of the freshest of veggies, cooked slowly all day long in the crock pot...

it is one of my very favorite COMFORT FOODS... and
my mama could make the very BEST...

No matter how hard I try, I just can't cook like she could...

I can relate to the following:

"My cooking is so bad my kids thought THANKSGIVING was to 
commemorate PEARL HARBOR."
Phyllis Diller

ya'll have a great day !


  1. LOVE your fall colors!!! Beef stew is THE fall food as far as I am concerned! That and pot roast! I am serving the latter at a family dinner for all my children and grandchildren later this month. You have just about convinced me to serve some kind of APPLE dessert!!

  2. Dear BJ, Your post is so lovely, it makes be almost long for cooler warmer . . .almost:)
    I love those ice cream bowls . . . My hubby is always laughing at me, because I just can not have enough bowls.
    Great post . . .I love all of your inspirational fall color and decorating ideas:)

  3. Your post is like a light switch for a smile.. I am looking forward to Fall too. The calendar says it's here, but it was 98 degrees this week.

  4. BJ, I love the rug. You have turned your home into autumn colors very nicely. I love beef stew also. I am not the best cook any more...but thank goodness, I can cook better than my mom.LOL. We used to tease her that when the smoke alert went off , the chicken was done. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. You're making me hungry for dinner & it's only 7:13 am! :) Your fall decor looks so pretty. I love the pumpkin and the brightly colored rug. Who would have thought the rug could transition from Summer to Fall so beautifully!

  6. that biscuit in the one photo made me so hungry I was lost from there on in! Everything looks amazing!!

  7. That rug sure picks up the seasons, bj, and I love your transition from Summer to Fall. Your beef stew looks so comforting in the crockpot. Happy weekend to you and Mr. Sweet.

  8. BJ, great comment from Phyllis Diller! You did a great job with the fall color transition. Love the white pitcher with the autumn colors.

  9. You're right. It happens in a FLASH and before you know it, everything in our neck of the woods will be covered in snow.
    LOVE that pumpkin!!

  10. Did you say where you got that gorgeous pumpkin?

  11. nice decorating, bj. love beef stew, too!

  12. I like that quote by Phyllis Diller

  13. Love the transition from summer to fall. Wondering where you got that pretty lighted pumpkin. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. I love Fall colors and how it can warm up my home! Your rug is a treasure since you can pick out the different colors for the seasons! Oh I can never get enough apple recipes!

  15. Love the Phyllis Diller quote!! The weather is definitely Fall here in Colorado. If I don't get over surgery soon, I'm going to miss it. Sally

  16. I am still holding on to summer. No color here yet, we get it late Oct. Love your colorful rug. I don't change mine for the seasons, too much work!
    Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by. I am sure you have a Bundt pan for Nov.'s challenge. Dust it off and start baking! :)

  17. PS, thanks for having NY on your table! I have a sister in TX, that's my only Texan thing! :)

  18. Yay!!!! Yay, fall my favorite time of the year! Happy weekend plans BJ, we have friends on both days, YIKES back to cleaning and prepping!!!

  19. Love your fall additions! I do love Fall and comfort food so I was happy to see that delicious looking stew at the end...

  20. I lost all my desire a long time ago to change with the season. When you are by yourself, it does not matter. Just thankful I have as good health as I do. I love soup and stew all year long. I certaintly do have the likes of your treats, but enjoy seeing what a treat Mr Sweet gets every day.

  21. Hi bj!

    I baked a fresh apple cake today. Delicious!
    I am all about apples this Autumn.
    Last week I made baked apple pudding. Kinda like banana pudding :)

    Happy Autumn!!

  22. Your fall colors go great with your rug! Where did you get the lighted pumpkin? It's so cute :>)

  23. The rug looks great with your fall colors BJ! I just made some stew last weekend myself-enjoy:@)

  24. Well bj ... you did it again !! inspired me to decorate for Fall (love your lighted pumpkin) ... bake Apple Pandowdy ... (whatever that is) and cook some beef stew (yummy) ... I am ready for all three ... plus some cornbread for the stew.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen ... love the rug and glad that it fits in with Fall too.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  25. I've heard it a hundred times, but I have no idea what pandowdy actually is. Beef stew, however, sounds yummilicious! I love your rug, and the lit pumpkin is cute. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  26. I'm soooo relieved that Autumn is here! .... and that lighted pumpkin is just adorable!
    Mostly, I'm so intrigued by that b/w photo wall in your background. Did I miss it featured in an earlier post?
    I'm seriously in awe of your décor!

  27. I'm so glad autumn is here -- I hate summer! I've started making pumpkin *everything* and, as you mentioned, spicier foods. Making pulled pork today. I love you decorate with the seasons.


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