Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A GROOVY BEDROOM or aka A Bedroom Getting Her Groove On.....

When the seasons change, I, like most of you, like to change things up in my rooms.

Usually the first room I want to work on is my bedroom.
I LOVE my bedroom in the SUMMER HOUSE so much...
it's so big...and roomy....and comfortable.
I just love it.
All thru the summertime, I used the beautiful color of TURQUOISE
for my accent color....such a COOL, summer color.

My basic foundation colors in ALL MY ROOMS
is black and white....
polka dots...
doesn't matter to me as long as it's BLACK AND WHITE.

I nearly always have just a touch of red...
or sometimes, a LOT of red.

Red is such a lifting color and it can also be a "I feel a little naughty"  color that doesn't hurt anyone to have.     ;>)
...not to mention that it's a warm color
so perfect for wintertime.

♥ ♥ ♥

My favorite piece in the whole wide world is that shelf back there...
my sweet Mr. Sweet made for me.....
dressed in black and white stripes....trimmed out in a hint of RED.
and Mr. Sweet's is MUCH MUCH BETTER. :)

I love turquoise so much and a little bit of it will show up from time to time
in this bedroom  winter dress of BLACK, WHITE and RED.

Other than just liking the looks of black and white, 
absolutely ANY COLOR under the sun looks good with it...

P.S. Those amazing shelves in the background....
a whole wall of them...
$85 at the local thrift store
a few years back.
I was so happy and thrilled when I found them, I am not over it to this day.
One of my favorite thrift finds, EVER.

OK...back to the 
"reconstruction of a bedroom without tearing out walls and ripping up carpet"

...just a new pair of huge gold earrings..
a LOT of bright red lipstick and
a little perfume behind her ears..

I am going RED....

RED on my BED...

it's a much warmer color for the fall and winter....

it's a snuggly color....
an uplifting color....

First came the black and white french door roll-up fabric shades....
I used these in our olden house and because I kept the colors there in
they are gonna look great with my new bedding....
These doors have the blinds inside the double glass but these shades
are so .......CUTE...:)

  I mean, just LOOK at favors a brides long flowing train...
...a beautiful, FULL, 2 LAYER made of 100% cotton...
we ALL know what 100% cotton does....

yes, I read that it was made of cotton...
and yes, I knew it had the 18" ruffle with another ruffle under it....

It just never crossed my mind that when that KING SIZE ruffled, cotton bedskirt
was stuffed into a tiny box that I would be pressing,taking a sip or two of wine,  cussing,
to heck with the "sips" of wine, bring on the BOTTLE...
 crying, and stomping
before I could wrestle it onto that big bed of mine.
 WHAT..?? Did I think it would be in a box the size of a KING bed..?

  but.....we got it.

I say "WE" 'cause it took Mr. Sweet, son, David and moi to get it all on there.

but it's wrinkle-free (for now)
and it touches the floor on both sides and I'm happy.
I've always had the 15" drop and it was never touching the floor like I wanted.

I chose WHITE so it will go with ANY bedding in the future...and I won't have to TAKE IT OFF...!! 
EVER fact, that sucker may never even get washed !!

I still have a few things to add before my room 
totally has her groove on...
new black lampshades for my clear glass Pier 1 Lamps..

maybe something new for the wall over the bed
(I am going to try shopping the house first, tho)

I will work on it all this coming week because I am sooo excited to
FINALLY get all the bedding together.
(I've been working on it for over 2 years and I'll tell you the story
in the next installment of BEDROOM GROOVE...!!

 I can never seem to stop without leaving a sweet for you to enjoy..

Oh, yes...I LOVE homemade pies so much better than store bought frozen....
I sure do like to have one in the freezer for a 
get-it-out- of-freezer
spread a little butter on top...
sprinkle a bit of sugar....
lightly dust empty the container of CINNAMON on top of all that
and slide it in the over.


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  1. Oh red will be very cozy for autumn and winter. Sometimes when I don't want to iron a thing like an unruly bedskirt, I spray it good with wrinkle release and toss it into the dryer. I admire your tenacity! A cherry pie works well with your theme and I can't wait to see the results.

  2. Oh yay my red loving friend. :) Can't wait to see it all put together. Just forget about that bedskirt never has to move again.

  3. I don't have any red in my decor but I sure like it with the black and white in your home. The bedding looks sweet. Can't wait to see it! I agree that those dust ruffles are a real pain to iron. Thankfully ours is a queen but it's still not easy to do. Have a cozy evening.

  4. Oh those bookshelves are so fabulous. That was an incredible buy and I understand why they are still a favorite. Makes the room and the chair so inviting and cozy!

  5. If I could have that pie and ice cream I would not mind ironing that bed skirt...I too hate ironing them but theres no way around it...loved the post, I always change it up for winter as you all your colors and always know it's you when I see the black and white...hope your lovin your new home...

  6. You had me laughing out loud about sipping the wine and ironing that bed skirt BJ! You know I love me some red!

  7. Oh bj, you are just too cute for words!! I can just picture you wrestling with that bed skirt. It sure does look pretty though. I can't wait to see your bedroom changes. I'm with you on loving's in my bedroom, too. It's such a happy color. I do love turquoise, too, and it's perfect for summer. That cherry pie sure looks tasty. Thanks for the sweet ending.

  8. BJ, You deserve a piece of pie after that bed skirt. I love your colors. I also love those bookshelves. Great find. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. I've been waiting for two years for the black/white/red bedding to show up on the blog. I remember you assembling it all together back then. Can hardly wait to see the room all put together. Sally

  10. Well you know how much I love red - I have red in every room and I love love t. Your bedroom is looking great. I put my red/white quilt on the bed for winter and will change it out for Christmas. I also love back/white too.
    That cherry pie looks yummy. Can hardly wait to see the end results.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh I was laughing about the wine and words over the dust ruffle. I have many a sin to account for over dust ruffles!!

  12. Oh, I shouldn't laugh ... I really shouldn't. Yet I could just SEE you wrestling with that d*** dust ruffle. Come to think of it, I think I had one of those, but it mysteriously disappeared. (Insert guilty emoti-con.)
    I'm no designer, but suspect you can never go wrong with black and white -- it's so classic, you know? So looking forward to your next bedroom installment! :)

  13. Yup that shelf is wonderful, looking forward to seeing photos of the finished bedroom with punches of red. I truly enjoy your sassy style and personality!

  14. I had a comment going a bit ago and POOF-Gone!
    anyway----I have always loved your mix of black and white AND that shelf that hubby made for you. I have never had black and white but I can appreciate the simplicity of it and the drama that can be created by throwing another color in there. I loved your aqua summer accents but will also love the reds for Fall and winter.
    Can't wait to see more- xo Diana

  15. I've only used a bed skirt once, but got rid of it after getting the stomach flu. It suffered the most damage of anything in the room when I could control my vomiting.

    Do think they call it a bed kilt in Scotland?

  16. I love red too!!! Can't wait to see the room once you are all done. I love those book cases, I've always wanted a library wall.
    Have a great day.

  17. wowzers, that was a monster bedskirt for sure, but you whipped it into shape , yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

    lovin the look in your new room and your color/pattern choices..

    when I finish this kitchen, the breakfast area is next and then the Bedroom. so I may be back for some tips on how to put mine together....

  18. I LOVE the red and black colors!

  19. Oh, my, BJ, looks like you have touched on each of the links listed for sure. I'm not much on black and white, but sure do like the blue.

  20. Looking forward to seeing your finished decorated bedroom. Love the wall book case and the shelf that Mr. Sweet made for you. The pie looks so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. I love black and white and pops of color! Your home is always so cute and I love how you change it up!

  22. I love red and black too! You won the lottery when you got the shelves at the thrift store! I'm going to start looking for shelves right away.

  23. She's lookin' good BJ! LOVE those shelves. What a find!

  24. Now, that looks like a comfy sofa.

  25. The room is gorgeous but the PIE got my attention!! Thanks for the cinnamon & sugar idea!

  26. There were lots of fun things in this post. I love the red with the black and white décor, too. Also, your bookshelves look great and you got them for such a great deal, too. If it's one thing I love, it's a good deal... :)

  27. Love your pretty bedding. I know you are anxious to get everything in place and pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  28. Oh your bed is going to be just gorgeous - I love your shelf too - and those blinds - OMG - I need those blinds !!!

  29. I really love how black and white goes with everything, and is so crisp and graphic on it's own. It really makes swapping out colors easy.I love the bedding and you KNOW I love that shelf that Mr. Sweet made ;>)

  30. Hi BJ,
    I sure am glad that your wonderful pie made it to the party! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday and have a fabulous day!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Miz Helen

  31. I have always had a rocking chair. The better to hold a crying baby!
    However, now that our guys are grown....
    I would love to have a big comfy chair with ottoman, like in your picture.
    What better way to relax in a comfy chair than with a piece of pie.

    Good evening!

  32. I'm catching up - again! I always love to see your home and the great things you're doing there. You've inspired me to change up our bedroom a bit. It's VERY early morning here - still dark outside - so maybe I should wait until my sweetheart wakes up! I even have a plan, thanks to you. Now to see if I can really pull it off!


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