Thursday, September 4, 2014

Heavy Metal Mustangs

Since I've been out and about, looking for interesting GOOD FENCES and/or gates,
I've found many more than I ever knew of around our town.

I found THIS fence on the way to a WEDDING and we stopped just long enuf 
to get a few photos...but not many.

 It looks like SOMEone had fun, making these
 two magnificent horses out of METAL...

...and a mighty fine job they did.

I love the manes on these METAL works of art...looks like they are blowing in the wind.

and speaking of A WEDDING...

 The informal reception tables were so adorable ...
burlap running the length of the long tables.

I wish I could have gotten pictures of all the tables together
but there was just too many people in there.
I couldn't even get photos of their cakes..

All the glowing candles in different sized jars, nestled in burlap
were just magical....
something so simple and inexpensive turned out sooo good.


gotta LUV


If I looked that adorable in a swim suit, I'd try walkin' the fence, too...

Thanks, Tex, for a great
party each week.

and speaking of FLOUR....

ever make


O HONEY.....


  1. I like the mustangs! Wow, lots of work for the artist, but well worth the effort. Nice wedding decorations, too!

  2. Mustangs, What a work of Art! Love the wedding reception tables,too.

  3. i would love to have big Hilda's shape...the tables are really beautiful and such a creative way to decorate... also in the jars the candles are a really safe.
    those metal horses are magnificent... someone has great talent.

  4. Haha! Have to comment on that bikini body first. Love it. And I love metal artwork. Those horses are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amazing metal sculpture/horse mane/fence/gate . . .
    Wish I had been invited to that wedding, looks delightfully lush!

  6. slipping big hilda, decor AND sweets into the post - so very BJ! :) love the gate and the metal mustangs! great find!

  7. Pretty decorations! Love that Hilda picture, and the metal made horses are so cool!

  8. Wow that was interesting look of fences with the horses mane gate made. Thanks for putting in on good fences. I too like the wedding ornaments.

  9. Not sure if my comment went through. Somehow it disconnected. Anyhow. Back again to try.

    Those fences were done with T.L. Care alright. I enjoyed that. Thank you for putting them up for all to see.

    Drop into my blog when you have time. Nice to meet new people on Good fences.

  10. Wow the metal horses are really a work of art, just beautiful. I love the wedding decorations. I have never made thumbprint cookies yours look so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Oh BJ, you make me smile, sweet lady :) Love your fence pictures - the iron work is beautiful! I hope you have a sassy day as well! Hugs to you!

  12. It is nice seeing someone have a wedding reception with out all the fancy stuff. Great idea. One thing for sure, no matter how many fences you find, there is always something to eat.

  13. Wow...what an awesome entry with those cool metal horses...HEAVY METAL for sure! I love the burlap and candles in the jars too...such a warm and welcoming atmosphere they give!

  14. Those mustangs are great! I like rustic wedding settings like those. Very inviting. I should have known you'd get me in the end with something good to crave! Have a wonderful end to your week...

  15. wonderful fence and gate find BJ. Those metal horses are wonderful.

  16. Oh yes those Metal Horses were so worth stopping for. Stunning iron work. Seems burlap is very popular for "country casual" weddings. Big Hilda cracks me up. She certainly is balancing well.

  17. Great post and I loved all your photos. The horse sculptures are right up my alley, I enjoy anything like that. Also loved the burlap decorations at the wedding, and everything else you posted. Big Hilda, gotta love her too :) Have a great weekend!

  18. Oh those horses are great! very well done. Thank you for visiting my Girl in the Cornfield Good Fence.

  19. Those are lovely mustangs, great captures too.

  20. Oh, I am in love with those metal horse sculptures!

  21. That is one really cool fence, love the horses:@)

  22. Now THAT is a gate. I am so impressed with the talent that could make that. The wedding photos are so pretty too.

  23. Just put a burlap runner in my table today, and my granddaughter is having her wedding in a barn venue! Nice fence, good find!

  24. The Mustang ranch gates are sublime ... The artistry in iron work is amazing, thank you so much for sharing this. Oh and the sweet unpretentious wedding table setting is refreshing. Also thanks for sharing the photos of the wedding. Burlap, mason jars and candles who knew it could be so beautiful!

  25. Haha, where in the world did you find that sexy photo? Very charming! Love it! The mustang fencing is really neat. Great art work. You are also right about the wedding table decoration. It's simple and very sweet.

  26. Glad you are getting out and finding beautiful fences to share. That gate really makes a statement. So nice to see people do a wedding without spending so much money and it looks great with the burlap and candles.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. Those horses are fabulous! What a statement they make - perfect for a ranch!!
    I love all the burlap people are using, so fun and casual yet it can be done up so elegantly!
    Have a sassy day yourself girl!!

  28. Now that "Hilda" just -cracks me up-!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.

    LOVE the mustang fence/gate!! And the burlap decorum and candles are perfect.

  29. What a wedding! So pretty! I don't think I have the recipe for thumbprint cookies! They look great!

  30. Some people are so creative! Do you suppose the owners smile every time they've occasion to pass through their gates? (I hope so!)
    Love 'Big Hilda's' attitude!


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