Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bakers Racks and then some.....

I have a very talented new blogging friend, BROOKE, and she is showing her take on using a baker's rack in a slightly different but BEAUTIFUL way.

(O, and after you get thru looking at her cute 
"Bakers Rack turned Plant Rack", 
notice that LAKE out there...)

She has more great photos over there...and, would you tell her bj said HEY ?

Well, we all know how one thing or one picture brings to mind of something else...

and I thought about MY bakers rack and what I did with it last summer.

Mine wasn't as large as Brooke's...
it was a cheapy that came from BIG LOTS...
(and it sure didn't have a lake behind it)

It was black and I spray painted it in a Garden Green...

I put it outside, beside my potting bench and it worked like a charm...

 I left it at the olden house for the new gardener to use.

I will buy another little bakers rack and have it on my pretty front porch at this new house next summer.

I've only put a little table, chairs and a few plants on the pretty porch for this summer....

...very sparse, which isn't my style at all...
but, I'm working on it for next summer...
a pretty little table umbrella...
a few plants...
a pretty bakers rack for those plants...
AHHHH....I can just see it all now.

THIS first summer here has been hectic with still unpacking boxes and finding places to put the things I want to keep.
Just didn't have enuf time or energy to work on flowers and porches this time
but already looking forward to it NEXT SUMMER.
Thanks, Brooke...(I have a grandson named Brooks and I've had to go back
and take the "s" off your name and add the "e"..
Oh the mind of a senior citizen...:)
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  1. slid those frosted cupcakes right into this post. :)

  2. I do the same with a baker's rack I wanted out of my kitchen :)

  3. I pretty much did nothing new outside this summer except buy new patio furniture. Hopefully next summer I'll have the creative energy needed to do something...
    Have a good week...

  4. Pretty baker's rack. Nice plants. The cupcakes look so good. Looking forward to next summer and your post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. Pretty baker's rack, BJ! Love your cute table and chairs, too! I am sure you have big plans for next summer!

  6. I did nothing outside as far as sitting. I have a wee space but my umbrella was to big looking and chairs. So gave it all away.And besides the bugs were terrible this year.
    That looks a great idea your chairs and table. I also like how you put it to use for your plants the baker racks. You guys are very creative.I like your friends baker rack arrangement. I have the lake behind me like
    15 minutes walking. Now the trees are covering it in summer but soon the trees will be bare late Oct. So that's my story. I am sticking to it. Like your story and your blog and pictures. oh pass me a cake please.and I adore your cup.

  7. BJ, I think I gain a pound or two every time I visit you. The cupcakes are calling my name!

  8. Wonderful pics.
    I am tempted to get a garden ornament like that.
    And those tempting cakes!!!!

  9. Love all your sweet and food pics . . . how to you stay so little and chic! I'd be tubby Lynnie!

  10. It all looks great to me BJ. the cupcakes look yummy too.

  11. Great idea. I used to have a yellow bakers rake. Wish I still had it. Boy how did you keep those cupcakes from melting! BTW my fall linky is up for the month of September. Come and join me! Have a great week.

  12. Are you missing one cupcake? Well, blame me. It is almost 11PM. I'm having a snack attack. And then I see your marvelous, I said, simply marvelous cupcakes.
    JM, Illinois

  13. I have been toying with the idea of moving my baker's rack outside because this is a look I love. If I ever find the perfect piece to replace it in the kitchen, I will.

  14. I loved seeing the baker's racks - hers and yours! I used to have a yellow baker's rack on my patio. It was fun to add plants and birdhouses and things that made me smile. Somewhere, sometime, it went away and I'd love to have another one again.

  15. So pretty! I'll keep my eye open for a bakers rack at yard sales, now. And a window/mirror. I loved that idea, too!

  16. Well, your little baker's rack is adorable too, bj...but when I saw the cupcakes and stuff, I couldn't concentrate on anything else....they look SO good!

  17. Oh...and I forgot to tell you how much I love those sweet little piggies in your new banner!!

  18. The bakers rack is cute, but what I REALLY love is that little red house attached to the fence! Be still my heart, so adorable:>) Now pass me a cupcake!

  19. So clever to use a baker's rack out of doors. Never thought of that. And the cupcakes look so yummy (I love frosting soooo much).
    Thanks for stopping by.


  20. now that's cute! how's your summer ending friend?

  21. What a cute idea you've shared of Brooke's, bj. That was sweet of you to leave yours behind. Now you'll be looking for a new one for you by your pretty table.

  22. Definitely nice shelves forging, great design!

  23. Love it! I will be on the lookout for a baker's rack to use outside:) Cute table and chairs at the new place! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  24. Baker's racks are so versatile. We have two! One is used for decorative items in our great room and the other is used by DH in his office for books.

  25. So cute! I admire your energy! Think you've accomplished tons this summer!


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