Monday, September 1, 2014

awww....CAN IT !!

My new and very sweet blogging buddy, LYNNE, over at the IRISH GARDEN HOUSE
had a post about copying her friend in using bottles and cans for flowers...

The above is Lynne's copy.

I told her that, me being the biggest copy cat EVER,
have done the same thing after seeings others living in BLOGWORLD
doing it...

I happen to think cans and bottles and jars make ADORABLE flower vases...
much cuter than just regular vases.
...more charming

...more personality

and LOTS more FUN.
Of course, just like you wouldn't serve SPAM to a dinner guest,
you wouldn't use CANS or BOTTLES for flower vases.....                         was going to be a really FUN dinner party.

"Labels are for cans,
not people."
     Anthony Rapp
"I live out of cans a lot, but I try to indulge only in healthy canned food. "
      Dwight Yoakam
 "My first phone was two tin cans tied together with string..
and it worked pretty good...."
        Dolly Parton
         from last year.
I threw all my bottles, jars and cute cans away when we were packing
for the big move.
Now, I have to start all over.
"...pass the butter, please."

These are just a few of the times I've used cans and bottles for vases...

I'll have to reach back in archives to remember the others.


in the meantime, I'm gonna copy
Lynne's jar photo.

 and...BELOW is the next thing on my COPY CAT LIST...

I sure am going to have to consume a bunch of drinks out of
I'm workin' on it ...!!  :0)


ain't life grand !


  1. YES, it IS!!!! And I am SO happy you and I are enjoying it so much!!

  2. Woo-hoo, wish I was close enough to help you with the latest project BJ:@) Happy Labor Day!

  3. Girl, I wondered where you were. Love the new look and your new idea. Just drinking away all that good stuff so you can put flowers in the bottles. I think I will join you! Have a great week and hope you see you often.

  4. If it works I say 'go for it'. Those biscuits looks good. Making me hungry!

  5. Hi BJ,

    Funny. A copy cat copies YOU. Thanks for sharing some blue.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  6. You and your ideas to get the meals more interesting. You need your own cooking show. Today would have been my husband's birthday and he dearly loved Spam. You are a good copy cat.

  7. Gives me one more copy cat idea bj . . .
    Keeping it fun and sassy . . .

  8. I've always loved wine bottles and beer bottles they are actually pretty. Great repurpose. Yours are great.
    Have a good week.

  9. Another interesting post. Have a blessed day and a safe and wonderful Labor Day. Madeline

  10. I especially like the drink bottle idea!

  11. Ha! I definitely could copy you with the beer and angry orchard bottles, LOL. I like the idea of using cans and bottles as vases! Have a great Labor Day, bj!

  12. I never thought of using empty jars as an alternative to vases. Now it seems so obvious

  13. LOL! bj girl, you are cracking me up! My phamily makes fun of me because the counter in the kitchen is covered with empty clean cans and bottles and jars! HaHa for them! Yesterday the hubby and I cleaned the pantry out! Good that momma saved those clean pasta sauce jars the kids use! We filled them with bags of dry lentils and beans! Wink wink! Now you go to the liquor store and get yourself a bottle of red table wine! Now the key is you must by Bully Hill! They have a wine called "Love My Goat"! Our oldest son Jeremy has that empty bottle as he has this thing about goats! HaHaHa! Nearly his entire youth he would say "Oh the goat" and drive us all nuts! So when I found this wine I gave him the empty bottle and he saved it! Love, love, love these pretty displays!

    Just a prayer request please. My grandson Colton is going thru a really difficult situation is his life. Please pray and ask all your prayer warriors to pray for him too. It is such a sadness my heart is broken.

    God Bless you, you can always make this Colorado girl smile!

    Hugs, Anne

  14. BJ....I thought you were going to share a recipe for canning.

    I love those Smuckers Jars. It seems a shame to just toss them. I have some cherry preserves in the fridge....I'll have to make some biscuits to use it up, so I can use the jar for a vase. Oh, the things we go through for decorating.

  15. So sad I don't have a green thumb
    I am loving the look of the jars & cans.

    I also like the bird in the pie and you have given me another idea for my cast iron skillet.

    Happy Labor Day!!

  16. I am finally back visiting! bj- those cans are adorable. You are NOT a copy cat -you are an original cuz you always put your own spin on things. Thank goodness the next one you want to try isn't one involving liquor bottles....we might not see you for a LONG time!

    Have a wonderful Labor Day. It will be fun catching up with you- xo Diana

  17. Using cans for flower bases is a great idea, pretty pictures!

  18. I started using bottles for vases some time ago, because some were just too pretty to even put in recycling. One of my favorites is Barefoot's tiny greenish Moscato bottle. I noticed that you also like my 2nd favorite bottle (and the liquid in it, of course) is Angry Orchard. My youngest son served it with supper one evening. I buy it occasionally now.

  19. So cute! Part of the fun is finding just the right can or bottle isn't it? So it's kind of fun that you threw the old ones away. Now you get to be creative all over again. That hard cider bottle is going to be perfect for fall :>)

  20. BJ,
    Life IS, indeed, grand, dear friend!!!
    I love your cans turned vases!!!
    You find the most unique canned goods e v e r!!!
    My favorite is the Oregon Red Tart Cherries label!
    Now about those bottles and bottle cap votives. . .pretty darn cute!
    Happy Labor Day!

  21. Hope your holiday was fun with the family. Love your idea of using cans and jars for vases and you display them so well.
    Yes ... life is GRAND
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. My favorite is the silver can with black and white polka dots:) Simply gorgeous! HUGS

  23. Thanks for coming by! BTW my Fall linky should be up tomorrow morning. (if I did it right! ) LInk your fall posts during Sept.
    Have a great week!

  24. Hi bj, It took me all day to start visiting but I'm om it now. I have never used bottles, jars or cans but I love the look. I also loved the pie bird and could sure use a piece of pie after working hard cleaning our garage all day. Still more to go but we are getting there. What a cotton pickin mess. Yikes.

    Love you and your blue Monday post.
    xo, Jeanne

  25. Cute idea :) Happy Blue Monday from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  26. Lovely funny post,greeting from Belgium

  27. Such a clever way to add some interest to your home. Love the color and the labels can be a conversation piece. God job!

  28. Fun! Some cans and bottles are just to cute to throw away!

  29. I've been guilty of doing the same with cans. Fun idea!
    LOVE the biscuits shot!!

  30. Hi BJ! Soooo, I thought Blogland was FOR copy cats who are constantly on the prowl for creative ideas to use in their home and hospitality! I think I'm in good company with you - love the random bottles and jars thing. But, I have to decorate mine up a bit. Lovely photos - and that little bird in the pie - been wanting one of those for ages just for the vintage appeal of it!

  31. I'm afraid I'm too riveted by the pics of pies and biscuits to focus on the cans and jars. I'm starving after reading this!

  32. Recycling at its best!
    I want to invite you to the new home of Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) at each week at midnight Tuesday, EST. And you're welcome to share your blog button for your recurring link-up at the page devoted to Wordless linkups - just remember to use your main blog url rather than a link to an individual post.

  33. I love this post and I just know that my hubby is going to like that beer bottle turned posy holder idea ;-) Thanks for the inspiration!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  34. Hum just wondering what happen to content of those bottles. Cute Posts. Great idea for a country dinner party.

    Cathy <;)


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