Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

The weather could not have been more perfect for our vacation
in beautiful Colorado and New Mexico.

...lookin' for a great breakfast place, I spied the Golden Arches.
We like to stop there for breakfast when we travel.

THIS particular McDonald's had this absolutely awesome mural
that picked me up and put me down right in my high school years.
1953 thru 1956

I wore that kind of clothes...full skirts, bobby socks and black and white saddle oxford shoes...

and I think that IS my boyfriend the blue car....
his name was JOHNNY....and he had that same cute hairstyle.


YEP...there's a 1956 Crown Victoria Ford Convertible ...
♥ sweet memories.....

I loved this cute McDoonald's
and had pancakes, bacon, orange juice and their lip-smackin' good COFFEE.

After breakfast, we were ready to visit with our friend that lives in "the Springs".

When Mr. Sweet was in college, this lady and her husband were his best friends.

Cotton died a few years ago and we've stayed in touch with his Joan.

Visiting with her was a pure pleasure and she and Mr. Sweet talked for hours about old times together.

It's always so nice to touch base with an old friend.

After the visit, we did a little sightseeing around the town...

is where kings and queens (and maybe even JOHNNY DEPP) stay when they are in the city.

A stone fence surrounds most of the grounds.

We didn't take time to go to the pretty pond they have on the grounds of the hotel...
last time we were there, we did, and fed the swans bread from the 
Sunday Brunch at the hotel.
In fact, the chefs there baked extra loaves, just for the ducks and swans.

(Photo from web)
The GOLDEN BEE is a bar and restaurant located beside the hotel that is so much fun.
 The Golden Bee is an authentic 19th century English Pub that has become one of The Broadmoor's most vibrant dining destinations.

We also didn't take the time to visit this great pub this time.
We did have dinner and drinks there several years ago and
all the ladies in the group were given a tiny golden bee pin.
I've just about torn my house up, looking for my golden bee... 
I'm afraid that bee has flown away, tho.
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Also a big HAPPY 24th Birthday to JESSAMY JANE....we love you, pretty girl.


  1. It's always nice to touch bases with long time friends.

    For our anniversary, hubby & I will be traveling to see friends.

    Happy Birthday to Jessamy!!

  2. When I take Daisy to McDonalds, her favorite breakfast meal was the pancakes and orange juice.

  3. I really enjoyed that mural....are you sure Johnny was your boyfriend? I thought he was mine

    Love the Broadmoor. They had a special and we stayed there on our 25th. Janey

  4. You have such fun when you travel and see amazing sights! Happy Birthday to your family! And enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Diane

  5. This looks like you had a wonderful visit. I would also love to visit the Golden Bee! Happy Birthday to Jessamy!

  6. Happy Birthday to Jessamy and Drew. My husband used to live in the Springs, but I snagged him away from there. We love to vacation in Colorado and Wyoming.. I LOVE the mountains.

  7. i like that they gave out pins! i like mcd's coffee, too. glad you could catch up with your sweet friend.

  8. Love the photo's of McDonald's and you did have a cute boy friend, LOL! I dated a boy with a 1957 Ford convertible!

  9. Ahhh, Colorado Springs is gorgeous:) Happy Birthday to those lovelies! Enjoy your weekend dear B.J.! HUGS!

  10. One of my favorite family friends lived in Colorado Springs and he spoke often of going for dinner at The Broadmoor. Nice to hear about your times there, my friend died two years ago . . .
    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl . . .

  11. Oh you did have yourselves some fun! McD's has good coffee? Really? Must try it sometime. (My favorite thing there are the filet-o-fish sandwiches...hmmmm...wish I didn't have to travel ten miles to get one! Mr.Sweet's high school friend is a cutie with a big smile. One last thing...Jessamy is such a pretty name. Nope, not the last thing...hope you find your bee.

    1. close paren after one! Why do such things drive me bonkers?!

    2. 'cause, my are a teacher. :)
      i'm pretty sure my ...'s and ---'s drive you nuts, too....but, oh, well, 'tis what it 'tis. :)

  12. That McDonald's is sooo charming! Doesn't that just define 'Americana'?
    How nice to see the Broadmoor! My parents took me there a LONG time back to see the Royal Lippizzan stallions perform ... something I've never, ever forgotten!

  13. What fun great wall art at the McDonald's. That Pub is calling my name. Sorry that bee has buzzed away from ya! What fun to catch up with an old friend. Have a wonderful weekend bj!

  14. What a fun trip report! I remember seeing the Broadmoor from a distance, but never up close. Sure looks like a great place! And we stop at McDonalds a lot when we travel. They usually have the cleaner restrooms (though Wendy's and Chick-fil-a rate better in those categories on average), and we both are addicted to their coffee drinks. I especially like their oatmeal for a quick breakfast on the road! Cute decorations at that store. Gosh, you were in high school in the mid 50s?! We're talking about higher math here, haha!

  15. The Broadmoor, what a wonderful place, with such history, I loved our visit there the patio is to die for and the common areas around the hotel are so beautiful...sitting on the patio with a wonderful drink is the Life of thanks for the pictures...

  16. So much fun to go to places that bring back happy memories. Happy birthdays to Drew and Jessamy.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. BJ, just love that mural! Sounds like you had a great time! Happy Birthday Drew & Jessamy :)
    Blessings, Cecilia

  18. Just got home from "The Springs" 30 minutes ago - a little too hot today, but fun none the less. So many good memories from childhood and young adulthood spent at the Broadmoor. Better go unpack - we've been gone a couple of days. Stay cool. Sally

  19. Ah, catching up with old friends, such a great way to spend some time away:>)

  20. Colorado Springs is a beautiful, unique city---love it there. The Broadmoore looks fabulous. And YES I wore those clothes too.

  21. You have made me hungry for McD's breakfast, especially their good coffee. Such a nice trip and a great reunion.

  22. Well I was in the equivalent of high school in England in the mid 50's too………and what a fabulous time it was. We loved to see American movies showing drive-up restaurants and drive-in movies - things we never experienced, but we copied your full skirts and petticoats. Our boyfriends never had cars, sometimes motor bikes….and I was banned from them by my cautious parents! Elvis was my hero - even my mum loved his songs!

    Your trip looked like a lot of fun. I've visited the Broadmoor on a trip through Colorado - it's a lovely place.

    Hugs - Mary

  23. Happy belated birthday to you, my dear!!!

  24. Now I do know where this is. Next door to the zoo. Love that zoo with all the giraffes. Happy birthday.

  25. Such fun to remember the 'good ol' days'! Staying with friends from long again is always a treat and the tour looks like something I would love to do. Glad you could enjoy your stay!


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