Sunday, July 27, 2014


One of the first bloggers to follow me and visa versa, was SALLY of Salmagundi.
I started blogging in late 2007
and I think SALLY started in early 2008.
SOOO, we feel like we have "come a long way" together.

On our vacation thru New Mexico and Colorado, Sally and I made plans to meet.

I was so excited...I've only met ONE blogger in my long blogging career. :)


that's the historic mining town, nestled in the beautiful mountains behind me.

SALLY lives about 50 miles from Cripple Creek so, I called her
 and she told us how to come to her town.

MAYBE I didn't follow her directions real good..

I don't remember her saying that we would travel 
A DIRT ROAD for 30 miles or so...
and many of those miles were just wide enuf to pass meeting autos...
and SOME only wide enuf for ONE car.

There were places where 'angles fear to tread' and 10 to 15 mph was
the top speed.

OK,.....I's a TUNNEL....thru A MOUNTAIN....
solid ROCK....FALLING ROCK...??? 

Since I'm a tad bit claustrophobic, I wasn't looking forward to going thur this tunnel
since I had no idea how long it was. 
"O, Sally....what I had to go thru to get to you !"

hahhaaa....not a long tunnel at all.

Of course,  when Sally told us to look at the map and she gave other clues how to get to her town,
we simply took the wrong road.
After all, we are such airheads.

We were trying hard to get to Sally and her Bob around noon to buy them lunch....

but we were late and they already had lunch with their grandson...
 so we all met at
and they had tea
while Mr. Sweet and I had a nice, filling lunch.

We were running behind schedule but decided to go with Sally and Bob to their pretty house for a little more visiting.

The above photo isn't very good....dark restaurant and shooting into sunlight behind them...
but Sally is adorable and Bob is a HUNK...!!;>)
They have been married 56 years, I believe she told me.

Sally is an awesome quilt maker...
just take a look at all those beauties behind her...
so colorful and warming in her pretty home.

She's a great homemaker.
She loves antiques, anything to do with her family, and she is so talented in many ways.

She has the most beautiful antiques...and Bob is so handy with his tools to transform
olden things back to beauty.

Also, I found out for the first time that Sally is an author...
4 published books, I believe, about quilting.

Bob has a beautiful yard and garden.

These hydrangeas made me
GREEN with envy..

so beautiful and I've never been able to grow them.
...amazing sunflowers...

The guys didn't stop talking for long...

and Sally and I knew so much about each other thru our blogs, it was like meeting up with an old friend.

A blurry photo but wanted you to see where she blogs...

in a pretty room with books and photos and all kinds of family LOVE shows everywhere.

(I dropped my camera on our trip and most of the photos have turned our camera on the way. )

(I'm a brave girl here for posting this photo that makes me look like a turtle)
♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks so much, SALLY and BOB, for your sweet hospitality.
We loved meeting you and seeing your beautiful home...
even if I DID have to come thru a deep, dark tunnel....!!!


  1. how awesome you got to meet them AND see their home! wow, a quilting queen!

  2. That is so cool that you kept going through that deep, dark tunnel to meet Sally! That cracked me up BJ. I'm sure you and Sally both enjoyed the visit.

  3. Now that was some adventure! What fun to meet a dear blogging buddy and you two are so cute! A turtle? Good heavens! The things we say about ourselves. I love it when the Misters get along so well, too! What a lovely home and garden Sally has.

  4. How fun to meet another blogger, even if you had to go through a tunnel to do so. Love the photo of you and Sally - a turtle? I looked hard and could see no resemblance at all. Sally is a very accomplished woman.

  5. Wow what a journey but well worth it in the end! I love meeting blog friends and have been so lucky to have met several! Sally looks like such a sweet lady and so talented! Smiles all around!

  6. How much fun that must have been . . . One more story . . . I loved it!
    Worth the drive through the tunnel to meet up with your friend . . .
    Some of the blogger quilters might like knowing the titles of her books . . .
    I LOL at your "turtle comment." No way, as pretty as ever!

  7. Sounds like y'all had an enjoyable time. My panic button would have gone off approaching that tunnel.

  8. I love meeting up with bloggy friends! So glad it was an opportune time for you all to meet!

  9. I have been on that road and like you - I thought we were lost! It is breathtakingly beautiful, though!! I think it's called Phantom Canyon Road. I used to go to Colorado several times a year - in another life. Skiing in the winter and fall color in September and summer vacations. I took Louis Dean once and we are going back this September. How did you like Cripple Creek? I haven't been there since the gambling arrived. It's wonderful to connect in 'real life' those we already love in the World of Blog!

  10. That is wonderful!
    I would love to meet up with a bloggy friend.
    Not sure I would like that tunnel...LOL

  11. BJ, how nice to meet your blogger friend.. The tunnel looks a little scary.. I can not get over all the wonderful quilts, she must be a fantastic quilter.. Great post and photos.. Enjoy your Sunday!

  12. How sweet that you got to meet her after all this time. I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to go through that tunnel..sounds like an adventure though!

  13. How wonderful to be able to meet up. Those quilts had me imagining what it would be like to be talented like that.

  14. Hi BJness! Oh, what a wonderful trip you've had. How nice to meet up with Sally! I've been following her too for a long time! You two look great and I'm always amazed at all of her historic and family things!
    Thanks for popping in to see me and I remember your really pretty Dutch things. I didn't know what pattern they were.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. How fun BJ! I know you both had a wonderful time. It's so nice to meet face to face with ladies who already feel like friends. :)

  16. It is always great fun to finally get to meet up with blogging friends! It sure looks like it was worth the side trip, despite the road conditions and the scary tunnel. I've been on some of those off-the-beaten-track Colorado roads, so IKWYM! I am swooning over her collection of beautiful quilts. Glad that you had a terrific visit!

  17. It is good to meet a long time blogging friend. You and Sally had a good time I know. I have traveled many roads like the one you described. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. We were thrilled that you came to see us!!!!!! I felt bad for days about the miss communication on the directions to our town; but now you have another story to tell about your Colorado Adventure. Hope it was worth it. Next time, we need to plan more time together -- I'm sure we have a life-time of stories to share. Isn't it amazing how blogging can bring like-souls together? Sally

    PS: Since I was so negligent in taking pictures, I've put off posting about our visit but will do it now!

  19. What an adventure! Thank goodness your sense of humor prevailed and you were able to connect with Sally. Why, the smiles on your faces (Mr. Sweet's too) are precious.
    PS - I'd have been a bit panicky on that round-a-bout as well! Good thing it was daylight, huh?

  20. You actually went through that tunnel , You are braver than I am. So nice you could meet. I don't know she is located. Is it near Durango. A turtle, know way.....just a pretty lady.

  21. How lovely for both of you bj. You eventually made it even with a 'detour'. I'm pleased you had such a nice day.


  22. How precious, seriously - so so glad you did this, for all of you.

    Now Bob and Sally need to come visit YOU! : - )

    I would love to meet a fellow blogger.

  23. You both look beautiful my friend! I'm so glad you met Sally! Look at the quilts she's amazing! It made a good memory for your trip! And we love seeing our blog buddies! Sweet hugs, Diane

  24. SO cool! In the MySpace blogging days, a group of us met in New York. We'd only been blogging together a couple of years (MySpace's heyday didn't last much longer than THAT!), so it was nothing like the long-term friendship you guys have had. It was weird to meet these people you felt like you knew.

  25. aww, so glad you have a new friend - that you got to met in person finally ... that is a long time to know some one ... i love bloggy friends. looks like a gorgeous time for you both!! ( :

  26. BJ, thank you for taking us along to meet Bob and Sally. You really did take the long way there, LOL! Don’t feel bad, we all make a wrong turn sometimes. How sweet of Sally to invite you to her lovely home for a longer visit. I loved seeing the quilt collection, the hydrangeas and sunflowers. I love to meet blogging buddies, so much fun. Maybe I’ll meet you someday, I sure would like that.
    Have a great week.

  27. Wow how exciting to meet one of your blog buddies! I wish we could all get together and meet up! You look like you have known each other for a long time! How funny to go through that tunnel. What a story! Take care and have a nice week.

  28. What fun to meet a fellow blogger. Good for you. MB

  29. Oh wouldn't you know you'd be on the wrong road! That's how life is, but it turned out so well.

  30. This looks like an amazing day! It's great you two met! Blogging truly brings out our soul mates. Loved her quilts and collections. I'm with ya on the claustrophobia! Glad the tunnel was short!

  31. What?! You could never look like a turtle! You both look lovely. And, I am really thrilled that you got to meet and visit.

  32. I enjoyed taking a trip to a great place, Colorado. Suzanne's place is North of Cripple Creek. I have been down that road with a dark tunnel.. It is near a little place called Hartsel. Glad you had a good time and back home safely.

  33. This is such a precious story! Thank you for sharing it. :)

  34. You are a brave one...but certainly not a turtle. So much fun to meet other bloggers. I have met two. Sally and Bob seem to be very busy creative folks. I enjoyed the tunnel!

  35. Hi BJ,

    I love that Sally! There are not many people with MY name! We do have so many things in common. (long marriages, family)

    I think we three started at about the same time! (I began blogging in June, 2008.)

    Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  36. BJ,
    I agree. . .it'samazing to meet a fellow blogger in person!!!
    I've had the opportunity to meet one since I began blogging, too!
    Cripple Creek, Colorado was a place "Mr. Ed" & I enjoyed
    with our sons while stationed at Fort Carson,Colorado.
    Thanks for sharing the photos of your meeting with Sally, & Bob!
    Great to see you and "Mr. Sweet" crusing through the mountains!

  37. Its so awesome that you got to meet Sally!

  38. What a fun end to your vacation! I remember Cripple Creek I've been there a couple times when I was a teenager with my parents. Such a fun time you must have had. And the guys seemed to hit it off. She does have some beautiful quilts! We're both a little green! I am so happy you had so a great time. So need to meet your friend! Thanks for sharing and coming by to see me and my Blue quilts. Have a great week, Sherry

  39. So nice that you were able to meet. Love that sunflower photo!

  40. What a lucky girl you are to have met Sally and hubby. What an adventure finding their home!!!! Some great pictures especially the one of the sweet bloggers!!

  41. Bj, I am so glad that you and Sally got to meet! Love, love meeting blog friends! You two are both so darn cute. I bet you hit it off fabulously! I did know that Sally had written books. She is an amazing quilter. Glad the guys had fun and that you made it through that tunnel. lol! I went to Cripple Creek about 10 years ago when me and my 4 sisters were visiting our cousins in Colorado Springs.

  42. How neat that you met a blogger friend. It was fun seeing the photos.

  43. I LOVE meeting blog friends in person! It always seems like we've been best friends for years. What a treat to meet Sally and her hubby and visit her home.

  44. How fun that you were able to meet, and your very first follower! As always BJ, your posts delivered a good dose of smiles! :) Thanks for sharing your sweet story on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  45. I have only met four blogging friends so far...and each was a blessing. I thought you both looked great..and it was obvious that your husbands had a lot in common..especially when you mentioned that he loves to fix things sounded a lot like your own sweet husband. Nice looking men, both.


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