Friday, November 1, 2013

Some of my FAVORITE PINKS...

Hello to everyone....

My heartfelt thanks to every one of you that have come by to visit...

to leave wonderful comments..

shown so much encouragement when I really need it....

linking up to follow along with me....again...

It's always hard to start over when you've lost something...Good family and friends coming to the rescue sure makes loosing control of my original blog



the color, like most, has so many different hues..
sometimes so deep, almost red...

This adorable page from a Country Living magazine with
the beautiful drawings, some in pink, hung on the inside
of one of my kitchen cabinets for years.

It is a SUSAN BRANCH art piece and I still have it and just might hang
it on the inside of one of my NEW kitchen cabinets....:)

It's such a FEEL GOOD thing to look at.
and....besides all that, the recipe is really great.

Not too much pink
here so I just added a pretty pink frame...:) 

I just LUV these little
white BOO pumpkins.

I haven't bought any this year yet...this is another photo from last year at this time.

Just so much "on my plate" right now, that I've hardly given decorating much thought...

just concentrating on unpacking boxes and finding homes for it all...

well, not ALL.

I've lost count of how many trips to GOODWILL with boxes full of things that
family and friends looked thru first.

It feels GREAT to have only 3 sets of dishes now instead of 10....hahhhaaa...

This beautiful pink roses photo is from last year....

The roses were so pretty that year..

They were the very last of the season and it was just before Halloween....

"two seasons colliding...:)

and, NOW....

AND my photo for WEEKLY TOP SHOT....

My beautiful DEEDS
and these awesome looking milk shakes.....!!!!!


Your Memaw loves you, sweet girl...

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  1. So the old blog can't be saved! Well, I'm glad you're soldiering on! I love the pretty pink pattern on your new blog background. Deeds is a beauty, and I wish I could help her drink one of those shakes ;>)

  2. Deeds is sure growing up! What a pretty girl.

  3. Deeds is so pretty BJ! Hope you had a nice Halloween:@)

  4. BJ, Deeds is so pretty. The milk shakes look yummy. Glad you are getting your blog back together. Have a great weekend.

  5. bj you are such an upbeat person! Love all the pink and your Deeds is so cute!!

  6. Pretty pinks, BJ. Your sweet Deeds is adorable. I bet one of those milkshakes is for her Memaw. '-)

  7. Hi BJ: Deeds is perfect. Love that great smile. Thanks for the new follow. Blessings, Martha

  8. My kids use to call their grandmother MeMaw too. You have a lovely granddaughter. I am Nana to mine.

  9. I'm glad your readers are finding you again. What a lovely smile Deeds has!

  10. Hi BJ,

    Of all your pinks, and they're all pretty, that strawberry shake is definitely the sweetest, as is your Deeds' smile!


  11. You have a very pretty granddaughter, that has a very sweet smile. Love all the pinks and your header!

  12. I have a Susan Branch cookbook and just love leaving it out and looking at the beautiful pages. Your granddaughter is a true sweetheart. Happy Pink Sat.

  13. Hi BJ I am so glad you are getting your followers back. We may have not met but you are one of my blogging friends that means so much to me. Your granddaughter is so adorable. Have a blessed day and great weekend. Madeline

  14. Lovely pictures. Your granddaughter is beautiful, that is a great shot.

  15. Hi bj, We are in Florida for a Gator football game this weekend. It is the Florida/Georgia game and that was our first date over 51 years ago. We can't miss this game. I hope we win. We will be here for about 10 days because there is another Gator game next weekend as well. It is too far to go all the way back to NC and back again. Two of our daughters live in Fl so it is great to visit them too.

    Love your pinks and it is great to hear you had a fun Halloween. Deeds is so pretty and I love the pic you shared. We do have some beautiful grands bj. I am waiting for great grands. Smile.

    I am glad your unpacking is getting to the end. I too narrowed my dishes down to" 3" sets when we moved. One more thing in common HA!
    Have a happy weekend. The roses from last year are stunning. Love the cute pumpkin too.

  16. Pretty pinks - but gorgeous granddaughter! I have a climbing rose that is still kicking out a few flowers here in November!


  17. Now who wouldn't want to have a milkshake with Deeds?! She sure is cute. Who is having what? I think you're having strawberry in keeping with your pink theme.

  18. Deeds is the prettiest thing. Such a great smile. What fun to be able to share milkshakes with her.
    Well ... and all your pinks look so pretty.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  19. Love all your pink things!! Beautiful! Deeds is so cute!!


  20. Love the pinks! I can see why that last one is your favorite! That is a lovely pink!

  21. That last picture of pinks is especially precious!

  22. My favorite pic is so Deeds.... what a doll!! The ham sounds wonderful and I love the interlocking pineapple rings on top. I'll bet all the purging and hauling to Goodwill felt like a weight lifted. I did some of that yesterday. xo

  23. I wondered what happened to you. When you removed blog names from your sidebar, I took you off mine, so I didn't notice that you hadn't been posting.
    I am sorry to hear about your blog, how awful! Good for you starting over.
    Glad the move is going well. It looks lovely!
    Deeds is adorable!

  24. Hi BJ.
    Pink is one of my favorite colors too! I find it fun and cheerful. I think your last picture is my favorite. Grandma's are so special to us girls. A milkshake date looks like a great way to catch up.

    Thank You for dropping in at my blog.

  25. This is so beautiful! I invite you to participate in this year's 5th Annual Gratitude (word) Quilt. Instructions and a link that explains the origins of this project can be found at the top of my blog. In past years there have been participants from every continent except for Antarctica. I hope you'll join us:-)

  26. No worries BJ ~ we are all flocking back to visit you in your new blog home. Love that charming background you have chosen. I would love to use that in a room in my house. Deeds is so adorable, I just want to reach right through the screen and give that darling girl a hug! Welcome to your new blog home and you will be creating more happy memories here.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  27. Deed's Memaw is a loving person! Moving and getting settled is such a difficult thing. It's an adventure but the last time I did it I knew I could never do it again. I was 72 at the time and it was a struggle back then. I've now hired someone to do the lawn, the windows on a bi monthly basis and just had the carpets cleaned. Next is a bi-weekly or monthly house keeper. It will be a while before I do the last. I LOVE taking care of our home. Nesting is our thing, bj. Unpacking...mine was a nightmare. I hope yours goes better. My heart goes out to you with all you have to contend with. You have Mr. Sweet and that in itself is ...everything!!! I think we are all waiting to see your new home when you are finished. It will take some time but it will come together. Big hugs to you, bj and than you for stopping by, especially with all you have going on. :)
    Love, Mona

  28. BJ,
    LOVE all the PINKS on your new blog, dear friend!!!
    But, as've saved the best for last!!!
    Gorgeous GrandGirl!!!
    Thanks for your words of encouragement recently. ..
    they lifted my spirits!!!

  29. Wish I had a slice of that ham right now! That's pretty much the way my mother taught me to bake a ham (maybe she read the same magazine). I am adding your blog to my Feedly ... since I blog on Typepad I have never been able to figure out how to follow a google blog officially -- but I will find you through Feedly! I love your pink post and your granddaughter is beautiful.

  30. Those milk shakes and smiling face are sure to brighten any day!

  31. Deeds is lovely... and the milkshakes look pretty yummy! Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on the Weekly Top Shot, #107!


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