Sunday, November 3, 2013

Can't show you ALL of it.....YET's a few snaps of the master bedroom fireplace mantel....

 I know...

I KNOW it's SUMMERY.....

 I KNOW there's my mother's cut crystal vase....

wicker mirrors...

a paper bag from

look at that luscious color....  

and, YES...that IS a bicycle pillow,
all propped up there, snug and cute..
and I DO know that bicycles are SUMMERY.....

and a glass pitcher, filled with SEA shells and all kinds of summery things....

 It's all just ridiculous, 

I KNOW....

I wonder...

 could this summery mantel  be  inspired by sitting


and, looking out my dining room doors and seeing THIS
every day......

along with temps in the high 70's...

...just MAYBE all these combined makes FALL a long, LONG way off my mind right now.

Maybe later....much

I just thought....

I haven't served you much food since I've been so busy,

flittering here and there....

trying my best to ....NEST.

It seems cooking and baking is not on my mind right now...
and that is VERY unusual for MOI....


have one of my FAVORITE store-bought cookies...

go on !!
take one...
you know you want to.

on second thought....
have two....
or three...
...they are so fine !!

 XOXO, bj
I'm joining and supporting these great parties... 


  1. Makes me happy thinking of you living with that beautiful view. It's been cool here, but we have sunshine. Perfect autumn days here.

  2. Oh I definitely see the influence of the water and those wonderful colors on you. That's a good thing, right? Calming, serene, peaceful, relaxing...all perfect for the bedroom.

  3. Pretty is PRETTY!!! That's all that matters!!! Don't you already KNOW that???

  4. i think it looks nice. i'm not one for seasonal decorating.

  5. I knew you wouldn't let us down in the food department! Your mantel is fun and fresh! I envy you! :)


  6. I am so thrilled that you are making your new home perfect for you. I can just tell in your posts how happy you are.

  7. Hi BJ,
    I think your mantel is beautiful. I love that bike pillow. How adorable! Yum on the cookies. Now I am hungry for a snack!!:)

  8. I took two, is that alright? :) and thank you!
    Summery or not, it's nice. You sound a wee bit lost but you will get your legs. It's a big transition I know. Hang in there, sweet friend. Your ends will all come out even.
    It's all turning out beautiful!!
    Big hugs!

  9. I love your sweet mantle. I don't care if it IS summery- It is summery sweet. I love the color...and oh- how it makes me miss my Florida pool! xo Diana

  10. The mantle looks great BJ! I say decorate any way you'd like and enjoy-it's your home:@)

  11. It looks lovely, and why not have summer in autumn!

  12. A very pretty and happy Summer post, so cute, lol! Well, you got the weather and the pool, so why not! You have a great view hon. Have a lovely week and enjoy your wonderful weather all you can!

  13. Love the colors BJ and you can see them in your pool. Your new home is beautiful. You will get used to everything soon. Remember you were in your other home a long long time. Have a great week.

  14. I like seeing the summery mantel and photos. I love your new view and home. I would love to have that weather year round and skip winter. Lovely post, have a happy week ahead!

  15. I love the weather vane so much. I need a dip in that pool:)

  16. Who could blame you for that mantel with such a lovely view of that pool and temps so wonderfully warm? Love the colors you used.

  17. Lovely pool BJ, may it be warm and sunny for you all week!

  18. How wonderful to be settling in and enjoying your new home spaces! And yes, I would like a cookie (or two) while I admire your beautiful mantel, LOL.

  19. In Florida your mantle would fit right in--year 'round! I like it! Thanks for sharing your blue.

    Happy Blue Monday, BJ.

  20. How wonderful of you to share. We are waking to frost on the gardens. So go on and enjoy wish I was there.

  21. i love that red sort of peacock pillow. awesome colors!!! ( ;

  22. What a lovely view. I would be thinking summery things too!

  23. Wonderful 'blue' post and photos for HBM ~ thanks for the 'goodies' too ~ carol, xxx

  24. I'm still here. :-) So glad you've got your blog back! it's beautiful.

  25. I can see how it would be hard to decorate for fall when the temps are warm and you have a pool just out the door. I still like the display any way.

  26. Wow, my Michigan mind can't even comprehend that kind of sunshine and warmth this time of year, I would have a hard time getting in the Autumn mood too! On another note, you have a mantel in your bedroom? How cool! I just know you're going to doll it up gorgeous for Christmas:>) What fun you are going to have. The current display is pretty, no matter what season it reflects.

  27. Your blue inspiration in the pool is summery for sure. Your mantel is lovely and I decorate with bags sometimes--they are too pretty to toss. Glad you are getting things all together-yes I'll have a cookie.

  28. if I had that view out my wndows beleive I would be having nothing to do with Fall decor either, hang on as long as you can, its SNOWING here today, those are the most unusual cookies, very interesting, lol!! I have yet to meet a cookie I don't like and I have never saw those here, very yummy looking!

  29. Hold onto summer as long as you like! Your mantel is pretty and if you like it that's all that matters. How lovely to have such warm weather long into the fall.

  30. Enjoy the view of your beautiful pool and the nice weather you are having. Love the summer mantel. It is cool here but the sun is shining. Have a blessed day and please take it easy. Madeline

  31. I think it looks light and airy! And if YOU like it, and love gazing upon it, THAT is what matters!! It is in the 50's here today and very windy. Needless to say, the trees are nearly bare and looking out the window it kind of looks like a golden snowstorm of the last of the leaves of the year cascading to the ground. That means more raking.... but that is certainly preferable to shoveling which is sadly ahead sometime, also!! Hopefully a LONG time away yet. Enjoy the pool view and nice temps!!

  32. Hi bj ... you have had too many guests before me and all the cookies are gone. I did not need one anyway, but thanks ... they look good. You mantel looks very pretty with things that you can enjoy right now. So happy that you are getting settled in and can relax and enjoy your lovely chair and view. The fern is beautiful too. Happy for your good weather. A little cool and damp here today ... wanting rain.
    Take care.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  33. Beautiful views of your pool! We are having our first chilly day (high of 72). Can't wait for fireplace weather...your mantel decorations are so pretty. Thank you for the sweets, also. :)

  34. Hi bj it looks so pretty, your mantel. I also love the look of your blog! I do hope you are settling in nice in your new home. How lucky you are to have such warm weather. It was 35 degrees this morning and I had to give the dog a walk after breakfast and we both almost ran! Do take care and have a good week.
    Julie at

  35. I envy you your 70 degree temps, it is 45 here right now:( I am wrapped in my big robe. and cozy socks. Love the mantle and wish I could go in the pool!!!!

  36. What a view, bj! I know you enjoy it each and everyday, too. The mantle in your bedroom looks beautiful. You're going to have a great time decorating it throughout the year. xo

  37. BJ,
    I adore those hues, dear friend!!!
    Costal Calmness after all you've been through in your move!!!
    I'll be back to see the reveal. . .
    and the cookie I took went perfectly with my cup 'o tea!!!
    Always so~o~o thoughtful, you are!!!

  38. Oh bj, you are in a little slice of heaven with that gorgeous pool outside your door. Love the mantel too. It all is just to awesome. I am thrilled for you my dear sister friend. I feel happier for your new digs every post you share about it. It all just gets better by the day.
    Wishing you and yours happy days always.
    xo, Jeanne

  39. What a beautiful view you have with that pool just through the window panes. I think I could get used to that myself! Love everything about your new home. You've done a fantastic job decorating. I'm sure you will love it there!

    I'm following you here now. I was a fairly new follower at your old address. Btw, your old posts and photos are still up on the old site that's still on my sidebar. At least they still were the other day. I don't know how far back the posts go, I haven't checked.

    Take care and may your days be happy ones in your new home!

  40. Love your new blog design and that little weather vein is so cute! Have a great week :)

  41. Thanks for the visit on my Blue Monday entry and for the advice :) I'll keep it in mind.

    It's so nice also to find a nice quote on the pillow about biking here on your page. As you saw in my blog, this past weekend just acquainted me to the fun challenges of biking and I'm loving it! And speaking of things to love, that jar of seashells is adorable!

  42. Wow that pool looks absolutely heavenly! It is starting to feel like winter here in Washington, DC and I am not ready. Looks like you have a great start decorating your new home! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  43. Hi Bj, I found you and thank you for telling me your new name. I love your blog. I just wish you would send me some of that 70 degree weather. It would feel so good, but we are only in the 50's and it is very damp feeling. The mantel is adorable and you know you can decorate any way you want. We have people who have already decorated their homes for Christmas even with the tree up. Your pool looks inviting and I don't really swim. I will be back Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  44. Hi Bj, I found you and thank you for telling me your new name. I love your blog. I just wish you would send me some of that 70 degree weather. It would feel so good, but we are only in the 50's and it is very damp feeling. The mantel is adorable and you know you can decorate any way you want. We have people who have already decorated their homes for Christmas even with the tree up. Your pool looks inviting and I don't really swim. I will be back Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  45. I love those colors and if my view included that gorgeous pool then I would feel all summery also! Enjoy and yes thank you to the cookies!


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