Sunday, August 18, 2019

I still love my hobby....

i started redoing furniture waaay back in 1959 !!

Before we married (but engaged 💘)....
he helped me refinish an antique washstand,

which i still use today in my bathroom.
it works so well beside the pedestal sink,
We bought it at an antique shop and it was pretty well used
so we stripped it and i wanted to paint it...
Mr. Sweet won out on this piece and we stained and varnished it....
I would paint it in a new york minute but
 if he is really looking down at me (which i am prone not to believe)
guess i might feel guilty.

HOWEVER...i feel that when we get to Heaven,
if a washstand is painted or not is something not addressed...😇

My vintage pine mantel, i painted white....and never looked back !!

When i bought these strong chairs at an estate sale,
i knew the 4 chairs woud be painted sooner or later ..
the black went so well with the black and white tile table Mr. Sweet made for me.

i found this shutter screen at a consignment store...

they were a dark wood and i used Texas Sky paint on them.

i love them to pieces....

 This gorgeous hutch had been painted a color i didn't care for...
so DARK French Gray........
much better !!

 This smaller hutch was painted with SW LIGHT French Gray...
and filled with blueness ♥♥♥

 ...a little cute magazine stand from Goodwill.
wood tone so it instantly became a light turquoise blue
and lives in my bathroom.

These have been but a few of the things i've enjoyed working with....
the latest, as in THIS last week.......

I again used SW LIGHT Gray as it's a favorite of mine. 

it was a lot of fun dressing it...
i am sooo happy with the way it turned out.

( sorry for not using capital letters where they should be...yay,
my cast comes off this coming thursday)



  1. Oh I loved it have a beautiful eye for color and decor...such a pretty, lovely home you have created! Can I please come visit???


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  2. All your makeovers are wonderful, even Mr. Sweet’s. You are giving me ideas...Not allowed to paint right now, but when I am, I’ve got a plan. What is SW? Sherwin Williams maybe.

  3. I remember you painting some of those pieces! I do love how paint changes up a piece! All of yours are lovely.

  4. Beautiful you are so talented.

  5. Yay to getting your cast off this week - watch out world she's going to be back painting something soon!
    Have a great week BJ
    Wren x

  6. You are painting with a cast on? You go girlie! I love all your painted pieces. I am like you. I painted my first piece in 1966. We were way ahead of our time, bj. lol
    Have a wonderful Sunday night. xo Diana

    oh- BTW, I placed you right next to Ron after he selected his table. lol

  7. Wow, BJ, I did not know you had redone so many pretty pieces. I love them all. Absolutely love that little desk. Blessings to you, xoxo,love you, Susie

  8. Dang, you are just so good at that!! If I tried my hand at refinishing something .... well, we won't go there! Love what you do.

  9. BJ,
    I love all the wonderful projects that you did!! What great transformations...I hoped to paint my bedroom furniture which was my mother's but with all the rain and humidity we have had this Summer, I put it on hold....Thanks so much for sharing your lovely projects..

  10. I have some wood pieces that could really use a coat of paint, but I don't even know how to start! I've seen painted pieces that chip easily. It wouldn't be worth it if that happened. I'd love to know some of your tips.
    Be blessed,
    Laura of Harvest Lane

  11. Love them all! I've long been a furniture painter too, back in the old days I would inherit/find/thrift old pieces and then go to town painting them up!!--at least they looked better, ha ha LOL. I remember you doing quite a few of these--the magazine rack for sure and the folding shutter room screen thing and maybe one of those hutch/dresser pieces. You have your home fixed up so PRETTY!! I love seeing what all new you've done!!

  12. You have some beautiful treasures! I don't think Mr. Sweet would mind whatever you paint, as long as it made you happy!

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  14. I have some things I would like to paint:) Wanna help me? Beautiful transformations! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  15. I can't believe you can paint with the caset on. You rocked it bj. Everything looks beautiful. I'm painting like crazy. Many projects I've wanted to get done and now I can.

    You must be thrilled to get the cast off.

    Enjoy your hard work


  16. I enjoy redoing furniture, as long as it's not too bulky and heavy.

  17. I love the pieces you have painted. What an inspiration you are! And to think you did your desk while your cast was still on - wow!!!! I love your antique washstand. Mr.Sweet was right - great decision. I have my mother's antique washstand. I'm using it as a side table beside my favorite chair in the living room. I've often wondered how I could live with a pedestal sink and now you've explained it to me. Thank you for sharing your hobby. I think I'll start planning a paint party here soon!

    P.S - By the way, after a very long absence from my blog I started blogging again a few days ago. Two new posts are up and I plan to be much more active again. Hope you'll stop by and take a peek.

  18. Oh girl...I love it all....every single thing!!! And of course my eyes went straight to those blue and white dishes...YES! My mercy've been busy. Oh I have to be in the mood to paint which isn't often but when I am in the husband knows to get gone cause I will paint him! LOL! Hugs and blessings to you.

  19. I love all your re loves of your pieces. It is amazing how much a little paint can really change things up.
    Happy New Week.

  20. I love all your makeovers, bj! I have a washstand very similar to yours that I bought as a new bride. I still love it! I have things I’d like to paint around here. Do you do all your own painting? I used to do project after project, but not do much any more. You’ll feel like a new woman when that cast comes off. 😘

  21. All your projects are beautiful. Great photos. I know you will be glad when that cast comes off. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Wow...I have the exact same desk and I have been eyeing it to freshen it up. Thanks so much for the idea. Can't wait to get at it. And congrats on getting the cast off. I know we need them to help fix our bones...but towards the end they are really irritating. Thanks for a great post. Veralynne

  23. You are so much braver than me when it comes to refinishing furniture. I am scared that the colours I chose would just not suit the piece at all.

    God bless.

  24. My dad was a painter (wall type that is) by profession and as a result I've always believed a coat of paint or a new color can work wonders! Love these all. xxx J.

  25. Love the before and afters. You have done well.
    I wish I had your energy. Wishing my kitchen table and chairs could get a redo.
    Wishing you a lovely day.

  26. Oh I love all of your of your furniture makeovers. They all look great and I love how you decorated each one. I hope all goes well with removing the cast.

  27. I'm back hope i can get this all try and do this blogging ,It seem life get in my way
    It was so nice to see your blog again
    Laura quaglia

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