Wednesday, May 22, 2019

AN ADORABLE RERUN........4 grandgirls graduating at the same time !!!!!!!!!!!

When you are blessed with 10 grandchildren,
you remember the birth of ea one as if it were yesterday....booo hoooo

seems you go to bed one night and they are all little...
next morning, they are all grown up...     booo hooo

Three of our girls are graduating from high school...
and one from Texas Tech University
Green for the high school graduates....
red and black for the TT graduate.
They are all so beautiful, it takes my breath away..
I shopped and wrapped and signed cards all day for these girls...
and after I had it "all under control",
I had a mini tea, all by myself, thinking back over the
wonderful years I've been blessed to share with our girls.  booo hooo

O, I know I have years left with them....and that is such a blessing...
but when they are little, you are with them so much more...
before they grow up and realize there's other people in the world
besides mama, daddy, brothers and sisters...
grandmas and granddads....

I had picked up this bread while out shopping...

This is the first loaf I've bought and it is so good, I can't even describe it...
I buttered a couple slices and slid them beneath the broiler...
I got out a pretty tea cup and the LADY GREY tea....
I even added a cinnamon stick..
If you get a chance to try this amazing bread, I sure hope you will...
it's absolutely delicious.
So many memories came flooding back as I sat remembering all the
times I babysat...
the times they all spent the night and we all slept in the same bed...
the trips to the zoo....and to the park to fish...
OOO...and those trips we all took to the beach each summer....
of COURSE I am more than thrilled that the twins, ANDREA and BAILEY
and their cousin, BRYNNA are going to Tech in the fall...
I am so thankful that they will be right here.
LACEY is taking on a new job....and she will stay right here, too.
Oh, yes....I am so proud of all of them...
but *shhh..I still miss all the little girls running around..
just can't help it...

I am so very proud of all my grands...


  1. SO sweet!!!! I can't wait til one day I have grandchildren and I hope I am as cool as you are.
    4 Graduates! WOW! NExt will be a few more college graduates then weddings. You have many more milestones to step on.
    Congrats to your girls. They are beautiful indeed!!!
    Oh the bread....Yum. I will have to try that!

  2. Congratulations to them and you and their parents. Exciting new adventures await them. Always makes my heart happy seeing closeness in families. So important.

    Never saw this bread. Cinnamon chips oh my goodness how good. Beautiful tea cup too.



  3. Congratulations to your beautiful grands! It's bittersweet isn't it BJ? I've always had a sentimental spirit but the older I get the more sentimental I become and the more I cry! Even happy tears! Life is indeed a circle and I am so thankful to be a part of such circle. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Congratulations Grandma! Isn't it sweet seeing them going forward and pursuing their dreams.

  5. What beautiful granddaughters! Yes, I feel wistful sometimes for the wee little boys my grandsons used to be, but I sure am glad for who they are becoming. You have so much to be proud of with all your grandchildren. (Golly, those bumper crop years sure are a blessing and could cost a gal a fortune. 😉) Love visiting here, my friend. Have felt as if I have been comfortably sitting at your table for a long time now...

  6. Oh my gosh bj how exciting. Your grand girls are so precious and have done so well. Congrats to them. They do grow up so fast.
    Have fun celebrating this special time for them.

  7. How very proud you must be, BJ...We are getting ready to have our first grandbaby this September - I surely hope the days go by slowly (at least I can pretend they will). ♥

  8. B.J. your granddaughters are gorgeous, every SINGLE ONE OF THEM!! wow, such pretty girls and yes, they sure do grow up so so so quickly don't they!!? Love all their pictures and invites/announcements, each one shows each girl's personality and interests, love that! Sure enjoyed this pretty post and you always make such pretty pictures of FOOD, my friend! LOL makes me hungry! LOL That's a pretty teacup too.

  9. Congratulations to your graduates! such an exciting time.

  10. I know you are so proud of the granddaughters and yes they do grow up so fast. I so enjoyed this post your photos are great. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  11. You are blessed, dear bj! Sweet memories and I know you'll have more great memories with these beauties!

  12. How wonderful that they all graduated at the same time. You are very blessed.

    God bless.

  13. They are all just beautiful. I am glad you are blessed with all those memories. I am, too,and while I am proud to see the girls grow up and change I sure do miss that 'little girl smell' that surrounds them when they have played long and hard outside...and snuggle down next to you for a cuddle and some love. Sweet, sweet memories that only other grandmothers really understand.

    Have a wonderful night, bj. xo Diana

  14. Congrats to all those beautiful girls!! Oh yes they do grow up so fast and right before our eyes!! I understand the boo-hoo!!!!

    That bread looked amazing!


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  16. Sad? All I can think is that you will soon have lots of great-grandbabies around in a blink of an eye! Oh how lucky you are. With just 2 grand girls I know I will be waiting a long time for another baby to rock.

  17. 4 graduating at same time? Holy smokes, bj! That's something else!

    And yes we can be happy and sad at same time. We KNOW how fast the years go by.

    My nephew graduated college 2 weeks ago and his sister last week. Wasn't I just changing their diapers? Seems so.

    Nice to be back to blogdom - hope to continue, God willing. Big hugs, missed ya. ♥

  18. Such a special time for your family! It's also a time of new adventures. That bread looks good! I bet it would make really good French toast.

  19. I know what you mean, bj! My oldest will be graduating this coming Friday. It goes by so quickly! Your granddaughters are just beautiful! The tea for one with your yummy bread looks perfect for reflecting on the years. 😘
    P. S. I agree about being happy 😊 and sad 😔 at the same time.

  20. It shows how much you love your family. Congrats to your girls.

  21. Congratulations to your adorable girls!That teacup is gorgeous!Hugs!

  22. I am feeling a little bit the same way these days.....
    our grand quads will be 7 on Friday. We used to be their whole world. Now we are a part of it and that's as it should be. Still, that wild love of young children is intoxicating.
    Your girls are all still so very special to you and you to them. Y'all are still making memoiries together and I love watching you do that through your posts.
    I need to reread this one to see just where you got that bread!


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