Monday, March 4, 2019


I do love coffee....and have since a little bitty girl.

My parents drank it and from an early age, my mom
would fix me a small cup with lots of cream, lots of
sugar and a few drops of COFFEE......

A few years ago, I bought a large KEURIG coffee maker but just never learned to like it.
I loved how easy it was to make a cup....and it was nice and hot....and easy clean up...
I couldn't find a coffee I liked in those little K-Cups.
I tried them all but the flavor of coffee just wasn't there for me....

I finally gave the KEURIG away and bought a 4 cup drip coffee maker
and I was happy.

but, as they say, "all good things must come to an end"
and my little coffee making buddy died on me.

No way could I not have my morning coffee, so off to
WALMART to purchase another maker..

and "what to my wandering eye did appear"
but a miniature KEURIG...
that used the K-Cups
I was in total shock...
no idea one maker could use either one of the coffees....
yep....only $19.95

 I bought that little thing so fast.....
 Then I bought some McCAFE K-cups in the
Light Breakfast Blend...
and it is absolutely DELICIOUS  !!!!!
It has a great coffee flavor
and, in fact, so satisfying  that I've not used the GROUNDS setting yet. 

 Even if it doesn't last a long time...
at that price,
I can replace it if I need to.
♥ ♥ ♥
It's just perfect for me....
even when Mr. Sweet was with me,
he didn't drink coffee as he had
cluster headaches and the doctor took him off caffeine years ago.

Have a wonderful day....
Love, bj


  1. BJ, I have the inserts to use regular grounds in my large Keurig. I sometimes fill them up the night before and insert one ready to go the next day.

    Enjoy your machine. You certainly got a great deal on it.

    God bless.

  2. A girl has to have coffee:) I am enjoying my HOT cup right now. Cute little coffee maker, and a great price! Have a blessed and beautiful day dear B.J. HUGS!

  3. I LOVE the smell of coffee, but to me the taste is the worst in the world!! I cant even eat coffee ice cream, coffee jelly beans, etc!! But the smell of it in the morning is wonderful - - strange, huh? And I do not need caffeine in the morning, never have!

  4. How perfect! I'm going to look for one next time I shop. I would love to have one and know a friend that needs one too! We love coffee in our house!

  5. I have had various models of the Keurig, and using a small one now that just makes one cup. Some I liked and others not so much. I like my coffee hot and these makers do not seem to do that. Guess I overlooked the one you have. Will check it out. Stay warm my friend.

  6. What a cute coffee maker! First thing I do in the morning is start brewing! As soon as I finish my coffee in the morning, I start looking forward to the next day's cups!

  7. That is just perfect for you!!!
    I make our coffee the night before so all we have to do is stumble to the pots and turn them on. We have his and hers coffee pots and different coffee! Works for us!

  8. I often use my favorite blend in my Keurig. One doesn’t have to depend on those K-cups, though they certainly are convenient. Your little Keurig is just so cute!

  9. BJ,
    A perfect solution to your perfect cup 'o coffee!
    Oh, my. . .just smelling coffee grounds in the morning makes me happy!
    Like you, I love coffee!

  10. I am glad you found a new coffee maker that give you both the k cups and grinds. I have never been a coffee drinker but I love the smell of coffee brewing. Glad you can love your cups of coffee again.

  11. So funny... you DID start young! I gave up caffeine and reall, haven’t found a decaf I like so I mostly drink tea. Our keurig died so I got the side by side that does a k cup and a pot. My hubby is a heavy drinker lol!

  12. Such a great price bj. Our Keurig allows us to use grinds too. Only kcups I drink is cinnamon sugar which is seasonal so I stock up and Spiced Pumpkin. My husband use eight o'clock kcups we get at the grocery store. I love a great cup of coffee in the morning



  13. I never drink coffee, probably never will.

  14. A fun post and great pics. I am glad you go yourself a new

  15. Wonderful photos. Enjoy your new coffeemaker and your coffee. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  16. How delightful!Cute post.We drink coffee every morning,coffee is very popular here in Brazil.Hugs,dear bj.

  17. I so agree: liquid that smells like fresh ground heaven. LOL. There isn't a K cup big enough for my morning dose so I stick with a 12-cup drip coffee maker. I don't drink all of that, but it's nice to know it's there, just in case. :-D .Cute photos and quotes!!!

  18. I love my coffee too...😊
    Looks perfect for you...enjoy!
    Linda :o)

  19. Yes, can't go wrong for 20 bucks! I'm contemplating whether to buy a Keurig too -- and a reusable "Keurig cup" filter basket for my own ground coffee. People like that because you don't end up with all the landfill waste those regular cups produce.

  20. Glad you found a replacement just right for you! We went back to our Bunn after trying the Keurig but our kids are able to use our Keurig so it was a win win.

  21. I am a tea lover, I like it hot and sweet, no cream please!! I don’t like coffee, I wish I did, I could use a blast of caffeine in the morning!!

    Sweet images!!

  22. Just perfect for you bj ... You make everything look so pretty. I may have to look for that and start drinking coffee again. Then maybe I could give up cokes. I know ... BAD!!!
    Audrey Z.

  23. I love coffee too. We use both a Keurig and a drip machine. I am so glad I like coffee. Don't care for tea. Enjoy this blog.

  24. OK I need one of these for my camper! I have coffee every day. My mom used to let us have creamy sweet coffee when we played tea parties. She would fill up the little mini coffee pitcher up and we would sip from our tiny cups. It was always fun. Little did I know it would lead to addiction!!!!

  25. Waking up to a good cup of coffee is a must . . . that tasty hot drink just puts a smile on our faces first thing in the morning. We have tried so many flavored coffees but always come back to Folgers. I do like a french vanilla creamer in mine, but Steve likes his black.
    Sweet little pot, so happy you found it.
    Thank you for your prayers, you are a blessing.

  26. I love coffee too! I make it super strong, and then foam milk in my frother to cut it. It makes every morning worth waking up. I have not been able to embrace the Keurig the way so many others have. That coffee just tastes weird to me. I really like grinding my own coffee beans and using a drip maker.

  27. Hi BJ, I am not a coffee lover but my sister in law sure is and even my daughter. My Mom and Dad would always drink it and I am not sure why I never caught on to it. I like mostly ice tea, and diet coke. I know that's it's horrible for me.
    Have a great week!

  28. My parents and both my sisters drank coffee when I was growing up but somehow I ended up a tea drinker. Go figure. What a great find, a Keurig that uses k-cups and grounds. I know you're a happy camper with that machine!

  29. YUM...COFFEE! My best time of the day. So glad BJ you found yourself a little pot like you wanted. Good for you. 20$ too! GREAT price. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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