Sunday, December 2, 2018

Christmas Bits and Bobs

  I love December...

not just for Christmas but just because it is a happy month for many reasons....

the bright lights in the cold air...
snow...(can't wait for our first one of the season)

people are smiling almost all the  time...

it is one of my great-grandboy's birthday month...

and, it is MY birthday month, too;.

Happy Birthday, was such a fun party....I love you, Super Hero !!

 and, little bro, Hudson, came to the party all dressed as BAT MAN 
and sporting smiles to every one...I love you, Bat Man...

Remember, in case you get tired of baking, roasting, grilling, mixing.....
there's always BLUE BELL STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM that's full of
strawberry chunks.....
and it's soooooo good.

 And, if you ever wake up just STARVING for a homemade biscuit...
and stumble to the kitchen (♪♫ to pour yourself a cup of ambition ♪♫♫)..
(I love Dollie)
and find out you have NO MILK...
don't give up on that biscuit....

this very thing happened to me this morning....

I ran to GOOGLE...
How to make a good biscuit without milk...

and it told me I could use water with a bit of butter added... I did !!
and added sour cream....

My sweet and adorable blogging friend, LISA, said her mom made 
Drop Bisuits
and Lisa and her siblings would be about half mad 'cause  
the biscuits were a little crumbly and couldn't be split for jelly....😁😁😁
(see what I mean when I say she is adorable !!) 

Ever notice how much better your hot drink tastes when it's
served, piping hot, in a sweet CHRISTMAS mug...??

Hoping you are having fun getting into the spirit of things...
I surely am...
and I am so looking forward to
that's when our family comes to my house for
great food and drink...
gift giving...
picture taking...
game playing...
laughing and loving...
and just being in the hearts of each other.

I miss Mr. Sweet...and always will...
but I am blessed and thankful to have a family that misses him, too.
We hold each other up....and that is such a reassuring thing to know. 

We are ever mindful of the Birth of our Jesus Christ. 
 We love each other because HE loved us first.


  1. What a sweet post! I loved that adorable little Batman. He was my son's favorite as a little boy. I know you miss your sweet husband. Christmas is filled with the happy memories... and that little ache for the way things were... Tomorrow I wrap, and then I will be mostly finished. Ready to enjoy three weeks for the real reasons of the holiday... Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  2. This is a beautiful post my friend B.J.! Those biscuits look so so so good, I do love biscuits! Your little super hero looks ADORABLE and yes, he sure is hanging onto that big bright cupcake isn't he? LOL So what day is YOUR BIRTHDAY? I can't keep all their "super heroes" of today straight either, ha ha...but I do recognize spiderman and batman. Oh yeah, and Superman, ha ha LOL Hope you had a nice weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh mr sweet is truly missed, I know how much you loved him,, your Christmas Eve sounds perfect and you got me thinking, I need to get some Christmas mugs, I think things will taste better lol !

  4. Happy Birthday to you both! Now I am hungry just looking at your biscuits.

  5. Batman was an angel to hold that cupcake for so long.

    My birthday is in December as well, and if I could have arranged it our Wedding Anniversary would have been sometime this month. However fate (university exams) wouldn't let me home in time so we married early in January.

    God bless.

  6. I think Graham was Captain America - very cute! I have a soft spot for little boys and their charming, funny ways...(: I put all of my assorted Christmas mugs out on my counter and I love their mis-matched cheery look. It DOES make coffee taste better. You find such vintage-y sweet ones at thrift store for a buck! Happy Early Birthday to you!!

  7. Yes, Graham is dressed as Captain America -- my favourite superhero too, birthday boy!

  8. I made buttermilk biscuits last week and thought of you! These look good too! I'm glad you have your sweet family close by! Holiday hugs, Diane

  9. Love this post. The photos are great. The biscuits look delicious. Your great grandchildren are adorable. I love December also. I miss my Karl also but am glad I have my children and their families to help celebrate Christmas. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. I can feel the happiness and brightness oozing out of this post BJ! Happy December and all that comes with it!!

  11. bj you're making me smile with your happiness. It's making me feel good to hear you enjoying again.

    Your boys are adorable. My husband has a late December birthday. I love this time of year. You always have adorable mugs



  12. bj, you will never know how important this post was for me today, so I will tell you. You made my day, you lifted me from down to up. May your light shine for all, and thank you for shining for me today. Sorry if that sounds sappy. LOL.

  13. Happy birthday to the birthday boy. He is so adorable. Oh those biscuits look so good. Your pictures are also so good BJ. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
    P.S. Oh I was given a new Christmas mug too. Need to start using it.

  14. Crumble or no crumble they look so yummy. I love biscuits with jelly and lots of butter melted. Yum!
    Happy Birthday to little Graham!
    Hugs bj.

  15. I like December, too. It is such an invigorating month full of wonder and excitement. Those biscuits look amazing!

  16. Hi B, I really should drop by here more often...what a great, uplifting post! I love all of it! Thanks for sharing. From me at Canadian Needle Nana.

  17. Yes Jesus Christ is the reason. From TN XOXO Trish

  18. What a nice reminder that December is more than just Christmas. My daughter has a birthday in December as well. My grandpas' was Christmas day.

  19. I'll drink to all that -- and especially your birthday month! It all looks so cheery here!

  20. As Ive gotten older, I like the drop biscuits! I have some recipes saved to try for some Italian cookies. I cant wait to try then hand them out to neighbors. Just waiting in a cookie cutter to come in that I ordered.
    Thanks for the shout out! Your as sweet as your jellies!

  21. Who would have thought! Biscuits from water. My biscuits are a bit crumbly, too. Do I not knead them long enough?
    Strawberry ice cream at Christmastime. Why not? Sounds yummy to me.
    It cheers me greatly to hear how you and your family support each other; how you celebrate and enjoy being together. And surely, the last 2 lines of your post must be the basis for your family's love for each other.
    Blessed Christmas to you all.

  22. What a fun post!! on my way to make those delicious biscuits you speak of... Have a blessed day

  23. Adorable pics of the kids...they are soooo cute! Love those biscuits also...they look delicious! We love homemade biscuits, gravy, bacon and some grits! :-) Have a great one! Hugs!

  24. Oh that Batman suit is the best! I love that age, the carefree fun of it all...and the wonder of season on full display! Enjoy those babies! And now I'm starving looking at all that delicious food. Especially those biscuits. Mmmmm...Merry Christmas!

  25. What a fun month of celebration around your place. I'm sure your family looks forward to coming to your home. The biscuits look wonderful! Happy birthday to your great-grandson and to YOU!

  26. Looks like December will be quite the month for you!! Good to hear from you! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop in!!

  27. I rarely use milk for biscuits. Water makes for a nice light biscuit and perhaps a few fewer calories. 🙃 Every time I visit, I feel like baking biscuits. Your little great is so cute. What fun that he shares a birthday month with you. Merry on down there! 🎄

  28. It's funny that you said strawberry ice cream for Christmas. I was just thinking the other day that it's time for peppermint ice cream. My mother loved it so in turn my sister and I developed a love. I passed that on to my children. We have a local ice cream company that makes it all year long, but we are purists and only eat it in December.

  29. I miss him for you, BJ. Also, now I want biscuits.


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