Saturday, October 6, 2018

A new smile...and a mug....

Have I mentioned to you guys that I just
 had all my upper teeth pulled ??

I was so scared, it almost made me sick !!!

My teeth and gums were healthy enuf....
but bone loss made the teeth so loose.

They pulled them all and then put my new
upper dentures right in.

The 3 things that made it bearable....
my girl held my hand thru it all...♥ ♥ ♥
the sweet, adorable and young dentist...
my mouth was so deadened ♥ ♥
      and 15 minutes of 
Laughing Gas  (I was NOT laughing)
and I never felt him pulling the teeth. 

 OOO...see that cute mug with the J on it ?
and black and white...
and turquoise...

Well, when I saw it at BIG LOTS the other day
and KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was MADE for me,
I brought it home 😍 
I mean....J for Jean
and all my favorite colors...

What a cutie pie.
I know a lot of people like all matching cups and mugs...
I like them all different... 
(I need to do a post on all my coffee cups)

cute little handle...

and a little turquoise J on the inside.

Seems like my coffee or tea just tastes better from a cute little mug.

 and cute mugs aren't just for hot drinks...

 They can hold anything your heart desires...
any thing you just love...
any thing that makes you happy...

and I am having a WATERMELON as I type....😁

All this cuteness for less than $4.00,
and all......

I love ya'll.....


  1. A smile can’t be beat! That’s a pretty mug, I agree, everything tastes better in a pretty cup

  2. I'm so glad your teeth pulling went well. Laughing gas helps for sure. I love your new mug. I also have a lot of mugs and each one different. It's like each morning I say, how do I feel today and which mug says that. I'd love to see all the one's you have. Hugs!

  3. Give yourself a week or even less and you will be smiling all the time and loving your new beautiful smile. It's a very big choice and you're a brave girl. I'm very happy for you. Smiles are my thing! People will say something like, Oh, she has the prettiest blue eyes . . . I'm like, I never notice, but I love her warm friendly smile. You have always had that . . . now it's probably even prettier.
    God bless you, sweet friend.
    Connie :)

  4. Love your new mug. Will be waiting for the post on all your cute mugs. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  5. Oh dear...just lost the comment and I was saying such sweet things...

  6. BJ, I hope you are doping well. You know I just get antsy hearing the word dentist. Not a big fan of sitting in that chair. :( Love your new cup and you are so right....things seem tastier in our special mugs and cups. I just told a young girl recently , that the best thing we can wear is a smile. Wishing you a speedy healing. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. I hope your mouth is starting to feel better now. Bone loss in the mouth is such an annoyance. I lost a back bottom molar to bone loss a few years ago. Since then, I've been keeping my fingers crossed!

    I like having all different mugs too -- no matchy-matchy for me! Your new mug is delightful.

  8. Your new mug is adorable and how is your mouth feeling ???? Hopefully youre recovering quickly! so many soft foods are absolutely delicious, so enjoy that part!! LOL Ice cream, jello, the baked 'taters you mentioned, soups,scrambled eggs, PUDDINGS!!! Hope you're doing okay, keep us posted please! Hugs!

  9. Loving that smile bj . . .
    Happy for you!
    Love the mug . . .
    It was calling for you . . .

  10. I had laughing gas during a teeth filling many years ago. I don't know where the term comes from, but all it did was make me very very calm.

  11. Oh! It sounds awful, but you have such a playful spirit that shows through. I sure hope your mouth heals quickly! Your mug is adorable! I've was away six weeks this summer, and then I never got back into the swing of things. Thank you so much for asking, BJ. You are so kind. xoxo Su

  12. BJ, your new cup is very lovely as I'm sure your new smile is...and I am smitten with that coaster the cup is sitting on too!

  13. Oh my! I just went in for a teeth cleaning and the dentist kept having to calm me down! Love the cup and I really love/want that vase (black and white checked) to its side. Where did you find that?

  14. May the Lord bless you!!! as you adjust to your new teeth! You are an inspiration to all of us with your cheery attitude through some tough times.

    Yes, by all means. Write a blog post about your collection of many coffee mugs. I want to see them!

  15. Goodness! One of my sister's by choice is having bone loss and has had 6 teeth removed and implants done. Perhaps she should have gone your route! You will be smiling all the time. Love the turquoise, black and white design and of course, the J. I'd say you deserve several more mugs! You found a good one!

  16. All this cuteness for $4....that's awesome in itself. I enjoy all the great bargains out there. Maybe too much.
    I hope your dentures do you well. I'd been scared also.
    d from the prairie

  17. I too love mugs and will get a kick out of ones that catch my eye. I especially love big mugs. I had my teeth removed for the same reason in July, unfortunately my dentist was neither cute nor ethical and took the mold for the dentures when my mouth was swollen, and they do not fit. I’ve been fighting to get my money back. I have a new dentist who is willing to testify that they are far too big and the bite is very bad. I’m glad you had such a good outcome though.

    1. Hi, Mary...hope you come back by to read this. With no blog and you are a NO REPLY emailer, this is the only way to say thank you for coming by.
      So sorry about your new teeth. They told me to start with that they may not get the fit the first time but would make a denture to wear until swelling went down so I;d not be without teeth....these are a tad too long so they will make a new upper.

    2. Hi BJ, I’m glad your experience was so positive, the few friends I have who have dentures all have had positive experiences and have given me moral support. I’m keeping positive. Last night was my first time reading your blog, I found you in Sandra of Diary of a Stay at Home Mom’s blog recommendations. It cheered me up :)

  18. And just like that... new teeth:) SO happy for you and I know you are happy that you did it. LOVE that cup and the price is perfect! Have a blessed day dear B.J. BIG HUGS!

  19. I got my upper plate in August of this year and I couldn't be happier! I can chew like a normal person and not a squirrel now, and I ate corn on the cob for the first time in probably 40 years! I can smile without having to hide my bad teeth!

  20. And you have a beautiful smile dear BJ. So glad you done well with your new my my 2 1/2 year old grandgirl would say. Adore your new mug! I like Big Lots. Haven't been in a while. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Hi BJ, I had a weird thing happen this morning. I was replying to the comment you left on my blog when your comment disappeared. Very strange I've never had that happen before. Anyway you asked about saving seed. It's very easy. Just be sure that the plant has matured all the way and that the seed is developed. If it's flower seed they mature on the plant, but if it's melon or tomatoes something that has the seed is inside then just be sure the fruit is mature before saving the seed. Then remove it . . . I put mine on a paper towel for a few days they need to be very dry before you envelope them up, or they will mold. All ways air dry, not in the oven, microwave or dehydrator. When they are dry just put them in an envelope and label for next spring. Have fun! Connie :)


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