Wednesday, October 10, 2018

FALL In Love with Texas Blog Tour

I am joining other TEXAS bloggers
for this years FALL IN LOVE WITH TEXAS.

Our sweet  KATIE of Let's Add Sprinkles blog
has organized this fun hop for several years now.
Please go over and visit...
 I think the best part of Fall is all the cute pumpkins...
I've posted about them many times.
I LOVE em' all
fake...excuse me, faux...
but what really...REALLY gives a pumpkin it's personality...
a really cool stem....

Baby Boos are my favorite...
and they nearly always have really cool STEMS.

Some of my pumpkin photos are from archives... the Cinderella pumpkins.
I used floor polish to give these beauties the shine they deserved !!

Even tomatoes can strut their stuff
with a fabulous STEM on top....

Our days are warm...
early mornings and late nights are cool...

UPDATE on the weather here...
we've had lots and lot of fall rain and LOVE it...
also the temps are falling fast..!!

I am trying to hang on to summer as long as I can...

"They" are predicting a cold, snow filled winter this year.

I like winter...'
and I like the snow...
as long as I don't have to get out in it...😰

The older I get,
the harder it is to stay warm...
This little blue chair is so so special...
my girl bought it for me..
Thank you, Stacy.... I still love it.

Even the little ceramic BOOS are adorable....

I love the dark orange of this little fella...
and his strong, he-man stem....

and....because it's hard to do a post for you without COOKING for you....

 I made PANCAKES....
♥ ♥ ♥

and while they were cooking,
I started gathering table settings that go right along with AUTUMN.

pumpkins and  sunflowers...

 I was able to do all this fallness without dragging out
the 3 bins of FALL....
I may or I may not get out too much more this year...

Because the morning was just beautiful,
I took my breakfast outside...
 ♥ ♥ ♥

and the BUTTERFLIES were darting and feeding on the
flowers left in the Wild Flower Garden...
all the flowers are about gone now but I sure enjoyed them all summer.

How's THAT to enjoy with your

Thanks so much for stopping by here for a visit...
and I hope you will visit the following Texans...

This is a favorite photo of 5 of the 7 grandgirls
 taken a few years back at a TEXAS RODEO...

and TEXAS GIRLS love their boots....
and yep...I love TEXAS GIRLS.

Be sure to visit these other bloggers...they have all outdone themselves to please you.
Thanks so much for visiting me.





  1. Hi!What a lovely post!Adorable vignettes!Happy Fall!Big hug,Maristella.

  2. I love those baby boos and the Cinderella Pumpkins. I had no idea that floor polish can be used to shine pumpkins. Heck I neve even thought about shining a pumpkin until now.
    Great post and of course ill check out those Texans

  3. BJ, what a fun post. I know which of those little cuties is Deeds.:) Your little sweethearts have grown up. What cute pumpkins too. I have white ceramic that once had a candle in it. I will take the tiny pancake in the very center. Only because it's all crispy. I am not a pancake eater...but I have eaten tiny crispy ones with syrup.LOL Have a butterfly come to breakfast is a special treat from nature. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. So sweet bj. I love all your cute pumpkins. I agree. The stems are important. I'm so glad the weather is finally cooling down a bit. It's down right chilly this morning.

  5. What a fun post, bj, and just like you! I loved seeing all your pretty Fall decor, and you didn't have to drag in any bins. Your pumpkin patch is growing and spreading cheer. Happy Fall!

  6. I love the colors of Fall....and Texas of course! Enjoy your day!

  7. Lovely. You may be interested in my posts.

  8. Such a delightful post, bj! You have such a wonderful way of designing your photos with all of your pretty décor and adorable pumpkins. YES...the stems are the highlight! And your grandgirls are all so lovely! I sure hope to be getting some cool fall breezes soon!

  9. BJ your home is always so inspiring. I adore the cozy feel. The cheese server with the crown on it is darling!

  10. I love all the pumpkins and your pretty fall decor. I find the older I get the less I decorate. Too much work but I do enjoy seeing what everyone else does and yes Texas does it up big!

  11. Summer has overstayed its welcome here. If it doesn't die soon, winter will replace autumn

  12. Hi there, you gathered such a pretty assortment of pumpkins! Lovely! I'll be highlighting today's Texas bloggers on Instagram later today. Happy to be touring with you. Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  13. Your every post is such a treat! I love how you do your photos and your words! When I saw those three small white pumpkins, I was reminded of a post you did years ago. I may have been living in the camper down at Katy then. Anyway, I remember thinking the pic you did of them was as pretty as a painting! If I waited for fall weather before I decorated - well, I don’t think I’d get to decorate at all!

  14. Out of all the beautiful pics, I'm going to mention the one that got me drooling - oh how I would love to be eating those pancakes with you. I never eat pancakes anymore and they look so tasty.

    I did my drawing and the random integer out of 30 that came up was #10 which was you. I'm not going to post it right away because I just posted my porch blog tour post and I want it to get seen for a few days. But, I will need you to email me your address.


  15. Hi BJ, This is such a fun post. You have so many lovely Autumn things to pull out each year. I love, love, love all your tablewar,e especially those colorful place-mats. They are gorgeous!!! This is a fun Blog Hop, I'm looking forward to meeting more Texas bloggers and seeing their homes. I lived in Texas for a small portion of my life and the thing that I remember most is how warm and friending the people are. I got so used to saying hello to everyone I saw with the Texas greeting, "Good Morning Hon" (or afternoon, LOL). I moved back to Northern Indiana and was walking down the street and greeted a passer with a hardy "Good morning Hon", and got a dirty look . . . like who do you thing you are calling me Hon. It was an eye opener to how different our cultures are right here in the USA.
    Well I can say it to you . . . Have a sweet day, Hon!
    Connie :)

  16. I love all of your fall goodness in this fun post about fall and pumpkins. Your pancakes look so yummy. I love that butterfly and pretty flowers. Have a nice fall day.
    Julie xo

  17. Love all you cute pumpkins and fall decorations. Your pancakes look so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. This is absolutely precious! BJ, you sweet sweet lady, you always make me smile! And I will never look at a pumpkin stem the same way again lol!! Happy fall and thank you for always being an inspiration! xoxoxoxo, Andrea

  19. It's always such a pleasure to visit with you I love how you decorate, and your big as Texas personality just lights up a room. Thanks for being you!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. BJ, I love to visit your cottage! You make everything you touch cute.

  21. Love your fall bj. Such sweet touches in your decor. After seeing those pancakes I have a taste for pancakes lol! I might have to make those for dinner tonight. My kids when little use to love when we had breakfast for dinner. Might have to make Terry and I some pancakes.

  22. Wonderful post...looks like your doing autumn in a "big, glorious Texas way". Those pancakes look delicious!

  23. BJ, I'm with you. I adore just about every pumpkin. And it's the stem that I look for when selecting a real pumpkin or even the faux pumpkins that use real stems. The stem has to have a personality! Thanks for sharing fall in west Texas. Enjoy!

  24. Wonderful post . . . just like always . . .
    Loved all of your pumpkins !
    Good idea to use floor polish for a little shine.
    Love the Cinderella Pumpkin!

  25. Loved your tour, bj! Finally have a break from unpacking boxes and I’m trying to catch up with all my favorite blogs.

  26. The pictures are amazing! All the decorations are so pretty. The pancakes made me smile. They are a favorite of mine. What a beautiful place to enjoy breakfast outdoors! Thank you for your sweet hospitality. I enjoyed my visit here.

  27. That was some welcome rain, wasn't it? Your photos are all great, but it's the yummy homemade pancakes that I'm stuck on. I may have to make some tomorrow morning.

  28. Those pancakes look soo delicious, and how delightful to enjoy them with the butterflies entertaining! Love all your lovely fall decor, and I agree, the stem of a pumpkin is what really makes it special! Glad you are getting the rain there, hopefully not too much! Your tour is just lovely and I enjoyed my visit today :)

  29. A visit here always lifts my spirits and thank you for cooking for us, too. All this beauty and a pancake! 🥞

  30. I agree with Vee- a visit here does lift my spirits.
    I love all of your pumpkins and your fall decor and I have never met a pancake I didn't like:)
    Happy Fall BJ!

    White Spray Paint

  31. Love the napkin rings!! You sure do have a way with pumpkins.

    God bless.

  32. Hi BJ! Love what you've done for fall in your home!!! Then, too, I was wondering how you created some of your photos... Really cool, really fun. So much I'd love to learn! <3 Happy to be on the Fall In Love With Texas tour with you!

    Barb :)

  33. OH MY GOODNESS, SO many pretty Fall things around your home! LOVE it all and especially love the breakfast outside, wish I could join you:) Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  34. Beautiful!!!
    But honestly, you had me at the pancakes!
    Have a great weekend bj.

  35. love your post and your tip on the cinderella pumpkins!

  36. Oh that did tickle my fancy polishing your pumpkins with furniture polish! I am currently in the US and absolutely loving all the effort everyone goes to with their pumpkin displays!
    Wren x


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