Saturday, February 6, 2016

...don't know about ya'll...but I'm ready for SPRING

This whole entire post was inspired by

my little tiny hutch that I bought with
a HOBBY LOBBY gift card from daughter, STACY
it's one of my favorite pieces of fun furniture.

the little baskets hold favored cookbooks...
Pioneer Woman.......Paula Deen.....

a couple of cast iron beauties help decorate the little hutch

and that's the little
wine sack
that Mr. Sweet tucked into my Christmas stocking last year....

I have used it several times and can't bear to put it in a drawer...need it out where I can see it.. :>)

I love starting plants rooting in water and this dining area is just perfect to do this...

lots of sun.....
a sun room of sorts..:) 

I do love this room...
also, some of you will remember that we have a tiny greenhouse 
and it is totally FULL of plants right now. 
Updated post on the shed coming soon.

and since I just LOOOVE
plants in drawers....

...looking at it reminded me of SPRING...

Now, who would have thought to use an old ladder for this purpose ...?
 Not me...I am far too un-imaginative...
but it's
.....a BRILLIANT idea.

luscious little pink chest....

see all her little starter plants in the DRAWERS..

there's so many different kinds...

you can use olden doors with hooks and things to hang your tools
and put a metal/wooden shelving in front of it to hold your posts and plants...
just about ANY kind of table works, too...

Needless to say, I am watching out for an old door to paint BLUE and stack up all these cute pots...and a #36 to hang on it.

I do love this !

 Every single one is as pretty as the one before....

For years, I just had a little $15 metal stand that I used at our olden house....

Then, one fine day, Mr. Sweet, being the sweetest,
brought home this cart to be magically transformed into
a SWEET NOTHINGS potting bench...
and I fell in luv. 

I filled the drawer with little plants and loved the look..
This cart is metal and after being outside for a couple years,
it's all faded and pitiful.
I doubt it will look any better with spray paint, but it's a MUST-TRY
so when the weather is warmer and no wind blowing,
I will give it a try.
OK...I can see I should have named this post
I can so get off the mind races too fast sometimes...

but I just wanted to show you this purchase from  WALMART...

I saw this EDISON LAMP on another blog and HAD to have it...
(I am sooo hopeless)

it's a scented wax burner and I just love the looks of it.

 Ya'll have a fabulous new week.


  1. Such a sweet gift--you styled it so cute, too, BJ! The plants are the perfect touch...I'm learning how to not murder mine! Your outdoor bench is perfect. I've been wanting one for so long, maybe this will be the year. I have an old step ladder we never use and was all set to paint it ands it last summer to hold plants and then never got around to it. And you know our warm weather doesn't start till May so it's total dreaming right now.

    I hope you are having good temps and days in west Texas! :)

    Jane x

  2. I am haunting Pinterest for potting bench and fence and gate ideas. It's become an addiction! I love your little red potting bench. I hope you are able to keep it, especially when you like it so much!

  3. Your blog header is absolutely fab! And those potting etc. photos make me long for spring and summer - desperately:))

  4. I love your hutch, BJ. It's so pretty and unique. And potting benches...that's all I can think of lately. I really want a potting shed, too, and am looking at plans for the retired guy. :)) It would be my little retreat and if anyone was looking, they'd know where to find me. lol. This post was fun to look at with my morning coffee. hugs, Deb

  5. I have an idea for a potting bench, but really no place to put it. Think I need a portable potting bench perhaps.

    God Bless.

  6. Your spring looks welcome here! Despite the fact that we're to have an early spring, according to that groundhog guy, and despite the fact there isn't too much snow on the ground -- more green than white -- I still feel an urge for spring to come! Once my friend arrives next week and we celebrate the last of Christmas, I will take down the winter trees and start to bring up the cheery colors of spring. I really do love that bench -- and its size. Very nice!

  7. BJ, That is a sweet little hutch. I love your ferns too. I thought the old ladder potting bench was clever. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend, Bless you,xoxo,Susie

  8. Ah.....diving into spring at BJ's! Where DID you get your green thumb? So rich in color and inspiration!!! Big hugs!!!

  9. What a darling hutch! I love how you have it styled. You KNOW I'm ready for Spring, it's supposed to hit 46 today and then go down to the 20's for a while. I am craving green right now. I put some of my lovely outdoor Boston ferns in the basement this fall, but out of sight, out of mind, they are dead as doornails. Finding anything green that isn't too dear is pretty hard this time of year. Can I say how much I am coveting that greenhouse you have right now? It's ok, we are ready to leave for church and I will repent when we get there ;)

  10. I love your sun room. I think we are all getting excited for spring. I am even though I need a little more snow.
    I like the plants in the drawers, too. The pink chest is sweet. I am wondering if I will get looks when I bring my rusty old wagon outside. No one can really see our front side unless they come down to see the pond. Thanks for sharing all your pretty pics.

  11. I always love your blog post, Bj, they are always so informing and inspiring. I too am ready for Spring, I am NOT a winter type person. I love the outdoors, playing in the dirt!Can't wait. I must make myself go to Walmart and look for that Edison lamp wax burner.

  12. BJ, your house looks so inviting! It has practically been like spring here for the last two weeks! My daisies are actually blooming and my pot plants are all still with me from last summer. :)

  13. I'm itching for spring and for getting my hands into the dirt. There are plenty of weeds to pull in my garden before I can put in anything pretty. Your potting bench inspirations are great, and your own red bench is a cute one. Hope you can rescue it.

  14. UhOh, that Edison lamp matches the hanging lamp over my sink and the drawer pulls. Walmart you say?
    I'm awaiting your own picture of a ladder for plants. I sense it may come one day.

  15. Your plants are doing well. They really look good. I love all the planting tables. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. My choice is the "duck-egg-blue" potting bench, almost a hutch dresser.Spring, well,it has been SOOO hot here lately, I am very ready for winter, or at the very least, autumn, or as you call it, fall.This morning we have a wonderful 11 Celsius, so cool and lovely, How is that quilt fabric doing???

  17. You have an incredible talent for decorating!
    I love both the ideas and the photos.
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  18. Well bj ... looks like Spring has sprung in your pretty sun room with all the lovely plants. So wonderful that you can have plants in the house. Love your little hutch too.
    Audrey Z.

  19. Hello sweet BJ your post today has put me into a Spring time emotional mood of budding trees and glorious Soring flowers.
    Soon Spring will arrive with rebirth to the frozen ground. Love your hutch photos and heck I would put a wine bottle in the MC wine sack and display it. I have a white fox faux fur wine sack I purchased from Restoration Hardware and during the Holidays display it on our bar cart. Your photos are always beautiful.
    Looking forward to your greenhouse post,
    Happy Sunday

  20. BJ, you did it again with this wonderful post. I pinned a lot of pictures from this post so I can create a potting bench in the Spring. thank you for sharing.

  21. I just love your decorating style. It is for a real home and makes you feel warm and welcome. I am so ready for spring! It seems we get a few warm days then it goes bitter cold for a week. Just ready for warm. Today is putting me in the spring cleaning mood though. Can't wait to be able to open the windows and air out the house after being closed up!

  22. Awwww... you brought us all a bit of spring with this post. The plants in drawers look fantastic! Your entire space looks great and I do love your new piece of furniture.

  23. Love all the spring touches, especially your cute red potting bench. Happy soon to be Spring!

  24. I would love to have a potting bench too! I have to ask, is the FERN in your room from last summer???? It is GORGEOUS!!!! And the geranium blooming! OMGoodness. I imagine this room faces south? Love your shelf unit too! LOve it all!!!!!

  25. LOVE your hutch. So cute and what a beautiful fern!

  26. BJ - Your plants are all so green. Mine get kind of saggy and not too good looking at this time of the year. Love your little hutch and love your red potting bench,

    Have a great week.


  27. What a great almost spring post. This is just the thing I needed to read today as I coped with freezing rain. My seed catalogues are arriving and seeds and plants are on my mind. You have a wonderful eye for decorating; I admire it so much.

  28. Beautiful spring touches. Love your red potting bench. This is so inspiring. Love your decorating. I'm so ready for spring too.

  29. I've seen Edison bulbs as just standard ones for ceilings just recently. They're really LED though that's not a bad thing.

  30. Hello BJ, you are so creative. I love your racks and benches and I would never have thought of placing pots in drawers. They are so pretty. Looking at those plants photos, I would have thought Spring is already here for you.

  31. Good Morning BJ, I enjoyed everything about your post . . . so much that I just might start over again :) I'm ready for spring, too . . . but we just got rid of our snow this weekend and it is too early to think that we might not get another dropping of it. This will be my first year to use my little potting shed/greenhouse. Steve built it for me last fall and I am so excited to get out there and start planting. Your red medal cabinet is wonderful and I'm sure that you will be surprised at how much a coat of spray paint will bring it back to that amazing red. I love that little Walmart lamp; did you find it in the candle section of the store? It would be great in my living room and fit in with the touches of nautical.
    Think Spring and Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  32. Me too, I'm ready for spring! Love your étagère! Sheila

  33. I have an old wooden ladder just like that and it's going in my garden today! A very inspiring post, I loved ever photo!!

  34. I want a potting bench so bad. I love how you start your plants. Your sun room is perfect and so cheery. I am glad you like the edison burner even if the bulb is bright:)

  35. Love how you decorated your treasure from Hobby Lobby and all the pretty pictures
    of how to display plants. I know my dh can't wait to get out to gardening once again.
    Joy @ Books and Life

  36. BJ,
    I'm with you, dear friend!!!
    I've thrown in the towel on having any Winter here on the Prairie
    and moved right on into Spring!!!
    I've been adding touches of Spring to the Dining Room and Kitchen today!!!
    NOW. . .about that Mackenzie~Childs wine bag.
    Had you ever thought of hanging it on a hook to place those shopping plastic bags inside???
    Just a thought!!!
    Your plants are lovely and g r e e n!!!
    Thanks for all the out~of~doors inspiration for Spring!!!

  37. Now that put me in the spring spirit . . .
    Love all the green, plants . . .
    Garden potting stands . . . ladders . . . you name it.
    And the color . . . what a welcomed sight!


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