Friday, February 5, 2016

Bacon & Buttermilk Pancakes....Great Balls of Fire !

Is there anyone on the face of the planet that doesn't love PANCAKES..??

I love pancakes almost as much as biscuits...

Most of the time, I like jelly instead of syrup
and this
is out of this world good.

see all the good bacon bits all thru the pancakes...ummm

 The great thing about this recipe..
it's quick....
takes almost NO ingredients... 

 ....just add water to
and I LUV adding these REAL BACON BITS right into the batter..
(i'm such a SEMI-HOMEMADE kind of gal) 
I also always add a capful of Pure Vanilla...
and a tiny bit of sugar.... 
Fry 'em up, butter 'em and use your choice of syrup or jelly
and ENJOY 

Totally RANDOM....

I surely am enjoying our new soft gray sleeper sofa...

right now, during these cold months of winter, I am using reds and clarets...
they are so warm feeling...

 When the days start getting hot during the summertime,
I will switch out the red pillows for the turquoise ones..

I know I've posted these photos before but I'm still so proud of the sofa,
I wanted to make SURE you've seen it...LOL

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  1. You sure got me hungry for pancakes. I haven't seen the strawberry-preservers,may be because I kinda go for the jams!
    Love your sofa,Bj!
    Have a good one!

  2. make it so hard to stay on a Paleo eating plan girlfriend. My mother used to make waffels and put strips of bacon in them, so I know just how good the two things can go together.

  3. I simply must request an invitation to breakfast at BJ's! Have a lovely weekend dear girl!

  4. Oh those pancakes look soooo good! I am not a syrup girl but I love to coat them with mounds of sweet butter. Yum! Love the sofa! Where did you get it at? I have been looking for a new sofa for our living room for a year now. Can't find anything just right. Lots of maybes. Love that one though!

  5. I love that red and gray combo, too! So cozy looking. When my kids were small and I didn't have enough bacon to split between them, I would cook it, crumble it into batter, and made bacon pancakes. I added a teensy bit of bacon fat to them, too. They slurped them up! I will have to remember the vanilla trick - I bet that makes a boxed mix taste more homemade. Semi-homemade is the way to go!

  6. BJ, everything here always looks to pretty and so delicious! You're making me hungry, and I've already finished my breakfast. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Oh, PS. I LOVE that cow in your header, but then I've told you that before I think. :-))

  8. I use that pancake mix too -- it's the BEST! And last night I tried that recipe for baking powder drop biscuits made with mayonnaise -- delicious! I'll be making them again!

  9. The pancakes look and sound delicious. I love the red pillows on you beautiful gray sofa. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. I enjoy pancakes once in a while. Want the old fashion maple syrup to go with them.

  11. Happy Friday BJ, I love your header, I love your xoxo pillow, I love pancakes with turkey bacon and I Love you!

  12. I have never heard (or thought of) putting jelly on pancakes! But I should say we DO put jelly and powered sugar on our crepes...which are basically REALLY thin pancakes! Love ther idea of the bacon bits IN the pancakes. Girl, you can COOK!!!!

  13. I'm a real maple syrup girl when it comes to pancakes but I am always up for trying new things! I have even tried lemon juice and sugar on pancakes because I saw it on a blog - it was very good, but more like something you'd have with afternoon tea than a hearty breakfast. Do you fry your pancakes in butter? They look delicious!!

  14. Yum, yum and yum! Your pancakes look so good. Yes, I love them and could eat them anytime of day, but I don't. Only on a special occasion do I partake, but usually it's a cold winter day. Love your pretty grey sofa, bright pillows are great for the season.
    Happy weekend.

  15. BJ, You are killing me girl. :):) Those are the fattest pancakes I have ever seen...they are as thick as a biscuit...oh those preserves sound tasty. Blessing for a great weekend at your house, xoxo,Susie

  16. To those easy pancake mix, I just add an egg and some pecans. The egg seems to make the pancakes a bit more tasty, and the pecans.....well, they are pecans!

  17. A Christian mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Owen, 5, and Bill, 3. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson. If Jesus were sitting here, He would say, "Let my brother have the first pancake. I can wait." Owen turned to his younger brother and said, "Bill, you be Jesus".

  18. Those pancakes look so good! We're having breakfast for dinner tonight!

  19. We went out to breakfast the other day and I had a pancake the size of my plate - and yes, I ate the whole thing :-) Greta idea to add some bacon bits and vanilla!!!

  20. Well...we all know everything is better with bacon! That's a good idea bj!

  21. Those pancakes look so good! And, so does the sofa!

  22. I am not really a pancake eater, but I bet I would eat those ... with preserves, of course. They do look so pretty and delicious. I love your sofa too. I likely need a new one, but not in my plans anywhere now.
    Have a great week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  23. I was going to make pancakes for supper tonight, you know the old breakfast for supper thing. Yet I ended up making French Toast instead. Smothered in maple syrup and butter. Mmmmm.

    God bless.

  24. Okay, true confessions here, but when I saw that header I nearly swooned. I certainly sighed with relief. The new minimalist craze just doesn't make my heart go all pitty-pat.

    I love your new sofa. It's the perfect neutral without being white. I know that you'll dress her up for every season and she'll be darling.

    (Bacon bits in pancakes...oh the decadence!)

  25. I don't think I've ever had bacon pancakes before, BJ, but yours certainly look delicious. Your sleeper sofa is beautiful and the colors you are using as accents are perfect! Thanks for sharing your secret semi-homemade pancakes recipe! Have a beautiful weekend!

  26. I always love a new recipe and this one sounds like a keeper! We like to eat breakfast for dinner so these can go on my weekly menu. Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Happy Pink Saturday! Love your new sofa.

  28. I definitely love a good pancake, not only for breakfast, but for dinner as well! Thanks for the great recipe!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  29. I love pancakes, too. (Not much in the food category I don't love...ha!) Your sofa is a beauty. Enjoy!

  30. Your sofa is gorgeous as are your pillows and your flowers! :) Those pancakes are, indeed, quite tasty. Thanks for a lovely visit for Pink Saturday. :) AND Happy Valentine's Day :)


  31. BJ,
    I'm so~o~o glad that I made bacon and French Toast for breakfast,
    otherwise, I'd be having pancakes for dinner!!! (wink!)
    On my French Toast, I love to add a dollop of Cherry Pie Filling,
    a dusting of powdered sugar followed by a dollop of Whipped Cream!!!
    Yesterday, I made "Mr. Ed's" Famous Waffles for breakfast!!!
    Famous, because he's published in a cookbook!!!
    Lots of batter left, so~o~o. . .I made mini waffles for snacking with tea!!!
    I need to perfect my technique, but they are totally awesome!!!
    P.S. LOVE the new sofa with both hues of pillows!!!

  32. Now you have me craving pancakes! Im definetly a maple syrup girl! And lotsa butter!!

  33. Breakfast looks and sounds very good...

  34. Hi BJ,

    Yum. You have an ability to get all of blogland drooling!

    Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  35. YUM! I have not had pancakes in awhile and now I ahve the hankering for a big plate full, bj! I love your red accents--red is one of my favorite colors, as well as blue, and as you said the red is a good "heat up" color while blue is a "cool down" color. Have a wonderful week!

  36. Your food always looks so yummy BJ!
    My couches are the same colour - it change the cushions according to the season too - red always adds warmth so it's the perfect choice for winter.
    Take care


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