Sunday, January 17, 2016

♥ Banana Nut Muffins ♥

I made these this week and, boy, are they GOOOOD.

I used a NEW Banana Bread recipe
but wanted to make muffins and....
so I did !
I remembered that my Aunt Lillian made a cake using mayo years ago...
and it was so moist and good.
So, I went for it...
AND...I've never, EVER made Banana Bread without pecans so I added those.


Is this not the prettiest ceramic muffin pan you've ever seen ?
My great blogging friend, PATTI, sent this to me for a 
and I just LOVE it.
"Thanks so much, again, Patti"

I've been buying adorable cupcake liners for several years and love displaying them in a tall jar in my kitchen....

...aren't they colorful and fun.

and I wanted to show you my cute new measuring cups...

on the clearance table at

also picked up a darling new white dish on sale there and will show it to you soon.

As you know, to make a really GREAT Banana Bread or cake,
the bananas need to be really ripe for that sweet, intense flavor.

I had 2 dark bananas left and peeled them, into a ziplock freezer bag
and into the freezer for another batch of muffins when I get a couple more
ripe bananas.

These turned out so moist and LIGHT they nearly fly off the plate.

My next recipe for the banana muffins involves SOUR CREME...ummmmm

I hope you have a BANANA NUT MUFFIN kind of day......xoxo

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  1. Wow, those look so yummy. Love the papers and the dish.

  2. Love all of your paper liners - and banana muffins - YUM!! Happy you are enjoying your baking dish!

  3. Love the muffin tin, liner display and oh how I love the owl measuring cups ... I just love a good bargain find at Pier 1 !!!! Love the aroma in the kitchen when baking banana muffins !!!! Those look yummy !

  4. I actually woke up to the smell of muffins, it was a good day

  5. Sounds and looks delicious, I enjoy banana cake and banana loaf. And if the cake should last so long as to go a little dry, well I heat it in the microwave and add cream or ice cream, instant dessert :)


  6. These sound so delish. Mayo is after all, eggs so I can see why that's an ingredient.

    Thanks BJ!

    Jane x

  7. It is the prettiest muffin pan that I've ever seen. xoxo Su

  8. I remember making 'mayonnaise cake' years back and it was so moist and yummy. I think of coarse that would work for muffins. The muffin pan is super, extra special. What a special friend.

  9. Love Banana Muffins, but instead of nuts I use chocolate chips!! Very pretty muffin pan, I would be afraid to use it.

    God bless.

  10. YUM! I remember that GORGEOUS cupcake pan, I was and still am JEALOUS:) I will have one of those muffins, purty pleeze with my morning coffee! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  11. Don't those muffins look appetising! I have never seen such a pretty ceramic baking 'tin', it would inspire me to bake!

  12. Your baking tray, measuring cups and cupcake liners are all so cute. Makes baking so much fun and interesting.

  13. I bake muffins but they are from a package and in an old muffin pan. In fact, going today and look for a better one. Nothing fancy at my place, but do enjoy seeing your neat, creative ideas.

  14. What s gorgeous muffin pan!!! I love banana nut. I wish I could somehow make only the delicious crusty muffin tops. They should invent a really shallow muffin pan. But maybe then it would just be a cookie. Lol Loved your colorful post, bj.

  15. What s gorgeous muffin pan!!! I love banana nut. I wish I could somehow make only the delicious crusty muffin tops. They should invent a really shallow muffin pan. But maybe then it would just be a cookie. Lol Loved your colorful post, bj.

  16. Hey BJ,

    Patti is a kind and generous blog-friend; what a terrific ceramic muffin pan! And . . . it's blue-tiful!

    Thanks for linking in today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  17. I love uour measuring cups! You have a joyful kitchen! And tasty too :))

  18. Banana nut muffins, one of my favorites! Love the ceramic muffin pan. That's a good idea on displaying your muffin (cupcake) papers, I just may have to do that.

  19. Cutest muffin pan ever. I wish you'd posted this three days ago, before I threw out my blackish bananas, too squishy to eat! They would have been perfect!

  20. Good Morning BJ, I am trying to catch up with friends this cold morning. Your banana nut muffins sound yummy and I really like your muffin pan and liners. The kids would have a blast picking from your stash as to what liners to use. I would like to try them, but with only being me I would eat them all. Not good. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  21. Joyful Kitchen is exactly the right description!! Your photos are always so light and colourful, and all your little vignettes are put together with an artist's eye.

    What a sweet pan, and even sweeter friend. Isn't it amazing the folks we've met and come to love and enjoy through this weird collection of wires and machines and air-waves?

    We had quite a few loaves of Banana Bread from my mother's recipe this Christmas, enjoying them at breakfast, or with a cup of coffee mid-morning, or a sweet bite after a salad lunch. I typed up the recipe on my very first computer years ago, on her very last visit up here to see us. I sat and typed as she dictated, and then we printed out a bunch for the family.

    I can just see her face now, head thrown back and laughing at the last line I'd added at the bottom: Makes two loaves. AND SEND ME ONE.

    Good memory this iron-cold morning, with the house still sort of disarranged and out of sorts after Caro's bad health scare and hospitalization last week. But she'd feeling all well and rarin' to go back to work. Blessings abound. And lots for you, too.


  22. Wow, mayo in banana bread? Now I have to try it! The photo of your gorgeous muffin pan and those darling papers just made me smile. So pretty and colorful. Just what I need in this bitter cold weather.

  23. My mouth is watering for some banana nut muffins, love all the new treasures you have, Bj! I have heard the mayo makes cakes very moist, thanks for sharing the recipe!.
    Enjoy your week,

  24. Love the muffin pan and what a fun collection of liners. Didn't see or read 'glass jar' at first and was giving you credit for a great balancing act-haha.

  25. I love banana nut muffins! And I also love your muffin tin. Very pretty.

  26. What a pretty muffin maker dish and wrappers, bj! This recipe sounds good--I haven't used mayo in baking for many years--I have to try this recipe.

  27. Thank you for the delicious recipe and the muffin pan is a lovely gift, so pretty!

  28. Oh I love the muffin pan and those adorable liners...of course the muffins sounded and looked yummy too!

    Donna Donabella@GardensEyeView
    and LivingFromHappiness

  29. Mayonnaise as a secret ingredient? Who knew? Love the ceramic muffin tin and those cute muffin cups!

  30. I am still hosting Mosaic Monday BJ, I just prefer to link to the party myself from another post I've put up.
    Your new ceramic muffin tin is very nice! I made a chocolate cake once with mayo but mostly use sour cream in some of my muffin recipes.

  31. BJ I adore your love of play in feathering your nest. Very pretty muffin pan, reminds me of Pennsylvania Dutch with the designs. Me too loving fancy cupcake liners, pretty pretty. I just used leopard ones. Banana Nut, hmmmm, enjoy the taste, haven't had for awhile...

  32. BJ,
    Adorable cupcake papers, dear friend!!!
    Your friend, Patti, is very thoughtful, indeed!!!
    I, too, love banana bread and muffins with a lot of butter!!!

  33. Oh I saw those spoons at my Pier One. They are so cute. Your a lucky girl! Love the jar container.
    Your new muffin pan is cute!
    Enjoy your yummies!

  34. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM I wish I wouldn't have eaten that last banana this morning, those muffins and the recipe is worth a try- they look so good (and itis such a challenge to bake moist ones!)

    Do you still have those colorful teacup measuring cups you won from Finch Rest? If I recall they'd kinda match that awesome muffin pan you were gifted! Your collection of liners is awesome - great idea to just have a bunch on hand to display like that! : - )

    Hugs! ♥♥♥

  35. All I can say is yummy. They look delicious. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  36. Delicious looking muffins! The pattern on your ceramic muffin pan is so bright and pretty. You got lucky when you foud those cute little measuring cups.

  37. The banana muffins look yummy and the muffin pan is the cutest I've seen. Love it!

  38. bj, I am just drooling over your muffin photographs! Thank you for including the recipe!

  39. First of all, George and Barbara are making me feel so young! Wait until I show John...he was born the year they married.

    If I can ever keep a banana or two long enough to use in baking it will be a miracle. I remember those mayo cakes...they were good!

  40. Why is it when I look at bj-sweet nothings I am so hungry I take a bite out of my iPad!
    How do you stay so slim . . . girl!?!


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