Friday, December 11, 2015

...some cute Christmas homes....

I've had such a busy week that I am
taking time to just breath by sharing some of my favorite

I found most of them on the net and
 don't really have permission on all of them to share...
so if I am MIA thru the holidays, I'll be in jail.


I think this one is from the

I really love it and the traditional Christmas tree....'s such a neat room and cozy and "just feels like home".

The Endearing Home...
and, of course, I LOVE this ...the black and white along with gray...
colors in MY living room...I do, however, favor spots of COLOR....
I need a couple of chairs like that comfy one there...only in WHITE.

  This parsons chair loves I ordered one from a catalog that said WHITE...
however, it changed colors somewhere along the way between the
catalog site and my house because when it got here, it had changed to STONE....
which isn't WHITE, any way you look at it.
*heavy sigh

Just LOVE that little tree...

and the white Swedish clock....

and the white walls..

and no window coverings...

and the touch of RED

I love the white stockings...
the baskets... this the same house as the photo above this one...???

THIS room isn't a CHRISTMAS room...but just look what a fabulous job
they did with their closet door.
How smart is that if you are are needing a little more storage...
if I had one as cute as this, my door would stay open ALL THE TIME...
how cute that it's painted that luscious yellow... 

 Isn't this just a beautiful chest...a bright blue looks perfect in THIS room.

The cutest stockings...very country but precious...

and, look at that tiny tree in an olden wooden box. 

*heavy sigh... 
I love EVERYthing about this beautiful, comfy-looking room

Here is her sunroom...
"be still my heart..." 

While I generally like the lighter, brighter WHITE rooms,
I do like the room above....of course, it reminds me of a mountain cabin.

If I had a sunroom, or a glassed in porch, 
 I would like the comfy chairs...not necessarily in floral, tho.
How pretty all the wreaths are....
or ....
are they over the top. ??
noooo....I LIKE THEM....they say MERRY CHRISTMAS to me.

omyGOSH ...
Sooo beautiful...homey...welcoming...that vintage gateleg table...
the quilt block above the mantel...
the skis in the Christmas tree..
and of course, THE PLAID wrapping paper must be noted...:)

and, this darling room belongs to my  blogging friend, CAROL .

 She is so talented and makes a lot of her own decorations.

(I ran and got my vintage scales and am looking for something cute
to go on them....I need another tiny tree, like she has on HER scales)

She is the one that made and sent me the adorable JOY stocking ..

You should go over and visit Carol...
she has lots of really cute ideas...
and pixies all over the place....

fabulous inspiration....
 I love this time of year when we can share all the beautiful CHRISTMAS
thanks for stopping by.

I love 
Princess Sassy Pants
and her cute drawings...
mostly her wise words.  

xoxo, bj 


  1. So much eye candy here! I appreciate all the creativity!

  2. Beautiful!!! Can't decide which one I like the most. I definitely love that Christmas cottage feel!

  3. These homes are so beautiful. *sigh* Sometimes I think trolls live in mine.

  4. I will *SIGH* right along with you BJ! What a beautiful collection you gathered for us to look at...all different yet all very festive.

  5. BJ, I loved all those rooms. I like how different we all are ..yet can still like someone else's style. I would have known Carol pretty house. I just love her home. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  6. Oh BJ the holly jolly rush and folly has one wanting to exhale and breathe in beauty. Guess what my sassy friend you have done just that with this post. Love it all!!!

  7. There is some awesomeness!!
    I love that Swedish clock.
    Not crazy w/ all the white.
    But, I love that clock!

    Merry Christmas!!

  8. Not a big fan of lots of white except in summer when it looks cool. In winter climes, it just looks cold. Sorry about your chair covers. The disappointments of life. Gotta shake off so many because they are not important. Love the advice from a Christmas tree...glad that it's okay to tilt.

  9. Thanks, BJ for sharing all the beautifully decorated Christmasy rooms. I am really at a lost when coming to decorations so I will just enjoy looking at others'. Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Beautifully decorated rooms BJ. I love each and every one of them. To make my room complete.... I could really use a fireplace.

    God bless.

  11. Some inspiring homes BJ, thanks for putting it all together.

  12. I just loved seeing these! Merry Christmas!

  13. Wow, some impressive places. I love all the light through the windows. Delightful.

  14. Bj, this is a beautiful post! I like every one of these rooms, but especially like the ones with big windows with light streaming in.
    Thanks for sharing all this inspiration. Loved this!

  15. I could enjoy Christmas in any one of these, but I do love the sunroom with the wreaths on all the windows. Merry Christmas, Bj !

  16. I love all of these, especially the white ones with lots of red and green. I have to say that normally I admire white but I can't live in it but it's so cheery here. I do love the "mountain" room. I have such little light in my house... sigh.

    And three cheers for titlting!

  17. I loved all the rooms. Very festive. I am glad to see that some people decorate as much as I do. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. Great collection of photo's. Thanks for sharing them. I surely hope you don't go to jail. I might be there with you at some point! We'll get my DIL to bring a cake with a file! Did you see my post with the cake? Well have a wonderful weekend. I'm off to sew binding on a quilt!
    Merry Christmas!

  19. Hi, Bj. The white rooms are the same. I think they dressed it up when it was in a magazine. It's the instagram of Dreamywhites. I think it is photograph of a vintage find for her home based business.

  20. I love taking a peek into homes, bj! Thanks for sharing all the prettiness with us, and I sure hope I don't have to visit you in jail, my friend!

  21. So much inspiration ... I like them all. I am really struggling with getting Christmas done this year. Maybe too much inspiration. Seems my creativeness has gone somewhere else. Getting a little done and I will be happy with that. I know you will have a wonderful Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. Wonderful inspiration rooms. I love all the touches of red. I also love Carols house-it is so homey and bright. Thanks for sharing all the lovelies!

  23. Great post . . .
    So many ideas . . .
    I liked the Coca Cola crate filled with greens and old blue canning jars . . .
    I like the windows free of coverings too . . .

  24. All these dream homes to enjoy are one of the most fun parts of the season. SO many great ideas ind inspirations. Too many wreaths in that sunroom? No way! That photo has been a favorite of mine for years!

  25. I enjoyed all of your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  26. BJ,
    Do you know how much I adore you, dear friend???
    A bushel and a peck!!!
    You made me literally laugh out loud at your comment about being in jail!!! Ha!
    All of these homes are absolutely gorgeous!!!
    . . ."but the loveliest sight to see, is the holly that will be, on your own front door"!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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