Friday, August 7, 2015


Altho some of the Indians (& probably others) sometimes smoked
 Pot...Peyote, to be exact,
this post isn't about THAT kind of pot. 

We're talkin' INDIAN POTS today....

Mr. Sweet and I have a small collection of Indian pottery that we bought years ago.

He was doing a job on the Navajo Indian Reservation
in Tuba City, AZ.

The olden pot with the handle is VERY old....

The little tiny round pot ...
a treasured piece because as Mr. Sweet was digging in dirt for pipelines, he uncovered this tiny treasure.
I took it to the museum and the expert on Indian pottery said it dated back farther than he could determine...he said it looked to be a child's pottery piece with the child-like paintings on it.

Very olden.

Their paintings are so beautiful...
all by hand...

  Loving all our Indian pots, rugs and jewelry......

you might can imagine how thrilled I was to get the above colorful 
Indian pot in the mail from the SWEETEST  blogger friend, MYRA.

" A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows
Or maybe like the ocean that gently flows
A friend is like gold that you should treasure
And take care of forever and ever"

On a note with the pot, Myra says,
"In the 1950's, my sweet mother used to 'trade' with the Indians and I noticed her notation on the bottom says this came from the JEMEZ PUEBLO."


"Myra, how did you know to tap into one of my collections...?"
I simply adore it....and thank you so much.

I promise to take the best care of it...and I also promise that we are going to really enjoy this new/old piece to our collection.

Yes sir-ree....she is surrounded with other POTS of different colors...
different shapes....
different personalities....
and look how great they are getting along with ea other.

Now, if only we, as people, can do the same.

...have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Lovely post and aren't bloggers nice?!!!! What a great addition to your collection. My Daddy worked on the Navajo reservation often and sometimes I got to go with him. Fond memories of my adventures with him. I have a degree in Anthropology from the U of New Mexico and have a few pots myself ... none as old as yours ... nice aren't they. Add the memories ... perfect! ox

  2. I never saw anyone that has so many interesting things. I have always admired this work, but never had any. They make such pretty garden accessories and gorgeous jewelery. Never could afford it. I am surviving the heat, but it is awful.

  3. Beautiful pots! And I like your jewelry pieces too. Sheila

  4. Love your collection and the rich history!

  5. We have studied a lot over the many years on ancient cultures ... including the "pottery" that they made or used....
    ... from these pieces (pottery) historians were often able to tell who these people traded with , thus learning a bit more of their history.... the phrase "just an old pot" is somewhat common among archeologists... normally meaning that they found "nothing" of interest....
    ... in Art .... had to study up on ancient methods of pottery as well... (Most made from "river clay" then fired)...
    So given all that... We are very impressed with your own collection... and have learned to have a better appreciation for the old "simple" crafts... A nice one is the small pot that your Husband is so fond of... Thank you for sharing these images and their History, dear Lady.... a very good post...

  6. Great collection and growing!


  7. Lovely collection with lots of great history bj!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. that is such a beautiful gift and a lovely collection, its beautiful!

  9. Love the jewelry and collectibles. Very pretty and the colors are lovely.
    Have a great weekend sweet BJ.

  10. It is a real nice addition to your collection and with a story behind it...what could be better? Great photos for us all to enjoy!

  11. Bj, Love your post. Such pretty treasures too. What a nice gift from Myra. Hope you are having a good weekend, stay cool. xoxo,Susie

  12. These are some true treasures!

  13. Gifts that arrive from friends are wonderful, and yours more so, a new pot to add, and will be with its friends too.

  14. Oh my . . . some real treasures there bj . . ,
    Including the new piece from your friend.
    I love the small pot your husband found . . .
    That one is extra special!

  15. I'm thrilled you like it, BJ! Those pieces I've kept from mother's collection (from Santa Clara and San Ildefonso pueblos near my hometown) are mostly basic black with the inlay carved designs.
    All these years living in a packing carton ... why I know your little colored pot is thrilled to be at your house. Wonderful photography!

  16. Dear Lady, we will (later tonight) find and re-post my artwork...
    mostly creepy skeletal "things"... and a few others as well....
    ... and we are Stacey / "Dr. Theda".... (52, since you ask about my age)
    ... and another good follower recommended that I "revisit" ( or "Review" ) older posts from my years of posting....
    Good Idea... So, that is what we will do for (the most part) this weekend....
    and you requested Art work... So we do try to please viewers... and it will be nice to look over some of my older stuff... with my nervous system "screwed-up"... cannot really do much Art these days ... tried a few time at least... was not very pleased with the finished works...
    That other comment (on Kentucky landscapes) was for Lady Booth... we did enjoy her blog... and could not Join there...

  17. bj, you have reminded me of a piece my mother found about 30 years ago on a trip to Arizona, and now I must go and find it and see if it has a mark on the bottom! I'm sure I have it somewhere in my stash. Your collections are so interesting and varied--thanks for sharing them. Linda

  18. Oh BJ your pots are beautiful and you have a nice collection. Also love the turquoise with it. I have quite a few pieces and I love them and try to wear them when ever I can.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. We admired the Turquoise as well, good Lady Mary....
      ... A great weekend to you and yours...

  19. Your new pot is fabulous -and how lucky to have a piece that is so old the expert couldn't date it. WOW!


  20. Great artisan work!

    BTW: peyote is a strong hallucinagenic drug taken from a certain cactus, and cannibis (pot) is leafy marijuana. Two different distinct things, just in case you didn't know. LOL not that I am a drug expert, haha, but I do know that. Hugs. ♥♥♥

  21. speaking of the Turquoise ... have you thought of having any re-strung...??
    you could add silver (not "plated") to them .... and ( as we said ...I know a Lot on ancient cultures...) Have a tribal Shaman "bless" it for you afterwards.... if this goes against "Christian" beliefs.... follow up with blessing by Catholic Priest....)
    a very good "protection" to have on you (especially in the dark)... we may know a lot of "scary"things.... but we also learned how to protect from "unseen" forces.... just saying....
    and Bless you and yours.....

  22. BJ,
    Your collection is very impressive and I am sure very valuable. Also love your Turquoise and appreciate your artful display photographing the pottery for our pleasure in this post. Your gift from your blogger friend is very thoughtful. I smiled with your comment about all the pots getting along. When you come visit you will know why. John and I just purchased a Pre Columbian pot and I put it with two antique Chinese wine jars and they play nicely together! Always enjoy a visit to your delightful blog BJ.
    Enjoy the weekend

  23. A beautiful collection! They call that serendipity ... I call it kismet... Hugs..

  24. Very colorful pots, BJ. I'm not so much drawn to this particular style, but I like them when others use them.

  25. Your collections of Indian pottery is very nice. Your display of them is very unique. Have a blessed day and stay cool. adeline

  26. Very cool collection. I love the bright blues. Have a wonderful Saturday. Stay cool.

  27. Your Indian pottery collection is spectacular and made more vivid by the stories that surround each! I received a gift in the mail from a Greek blogger buddy of mine and I can attest to the fact, that it is a gift made more special because it comes from a person that I've never met 'in person' but whom I think of as a dear friend! Have a lovely weekend, BJ.

  28. Hello my dear sister friend, Did you think I fell off the face of the earth? I might as well have as crazy as this house has been with company following behind the ones who are leaving as they arrive. Seriously, we have had the most fun and the most tired ever. Right now my sister-in-law and her hubs are resting in the cabin. Thus, a bit of time to visit you and a few others.

    We are going to see Charlie Daniels tonight at our local theater. We are thrilled.

    Your pottery post is awesome. I love Indian pottery and you have two wonderful olden pieces. Lucky you. My aunt Shirley collects Indian pottery too. She would love yours.

    I also love the very cute header of you and Deeds swimming in your pool. How lovely and relaxing you lucky ducks. LOL.

    Love you and miss you,

  29. Impressive "pot" collection. Really love the olden ones and they look so good with the newer ones and the turquoise. Great display.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  30. I have a small collection of native pottery as well. Nothing that is as old as yours however. They are very beautiful.

    God bless.

  31. the paint work reminds me of how terrible I am at art. It's amazing when people can paint like if it was done by a laser eye

  32. I love Indian jewelry and artifacts! xoxo

  33. They are beautiful collection of priceless pots. So nice to be blessed with a new addition to your collection. Happy Sunday!

  34. What a beautiful collection! Each one is so unique. Such treasures.


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