Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm through playing THE SOFA GAME ~

I've wanted  needed a sleeper sofa since moving into the SUMMER HOUSE....

I've searched PINTEREST  (where else) for ideas...
I've surfed the net on a million furniture sites....
I've gone to every single store that sells furniture in our town....

(internet image)

I've thought about 
but as I brought sample pillows home in WHITE..
put a white sheet over the leather sofa we have in the media area of the living room...
I finally reached the conclusion

WHITE does not fit this house...
just not the look I am after.....I need a tad bit more color...
an anchor....

(web image)

This is pretty...pretty to look at but I have to think of

Plus...I've just not found the one
white sleeper sofa
that made my heart skip a beat...

I  knew that when I found the right one,
I would know it instantly....
I knew I would fall totally in love and just had to hope and pray
that I didn't have to sell body parts to pay for it.
*heavy sigh

I walked calmly into probably the most expensive furniture store in our town.
I didn't WANT to go in...
I didn't NEED to go in...

but....I did.....
and THERE SHE WAS....  

in a color called SMOKE...
 AND....I fell knee deep in luv....

I love the SMOKE color...
and this photo from their website is a true color of the sofa....
a light but not wimpy gray.... 
a thick fabric with a corduroy look...
really great texture to add to our room.

We bought the sleeper sofa with a gel mattress..
it should be very comfortable for overnight guests.

I want the chairs...
no room for both...
i don't really LIKE matchy-matchy...
maybe the stripe....later....
I don't know, tho...the solid looks mighty good with it all....
the store tells me I may put the chair/s on layaway...??
I had no idea of furniture layaway....pretty cool, tho, for us poor folks. LOL 

3 weeks delivery on the sofa as they upgraded, at my request, and gave me
the $100 extra gel mattress for the same price....but had to order it.

In the meantime, I am looking at rooms on Pinterest (where else?)
with gray sofas....

THIS is the look I would like to have...

I am in such a state of LUV, I can hardly stand it...
( end lamps with GRAY shades...and've been wanting to paint the little hutch but not sure of the color....HELLO....turquoise...
* NOTE...I have found MERCURY GLASS lamps and GRAY shades...
ooo, swoon swoon... 

I have a leather ottoman but it's more of a caramel color..
and not on pretty legs...
can you change out legs on ottomans ...?
and wouldn't a large, dark basket look good on it..?
I'll try it and see...
(I can tell I am going to be haunting thrift stores and etc..)

 THIS PHOTO shows me that I can use any color under the sun with my new gray dream sofa..... 

(bj, keep in mind the BLACK LAMPS & SHADES..) 
I said I've already found my lamps... !

some of you may remember that I have a couple of small BLACK & WHITE
chairs....they should look good with gray. 

 I love the grays and turquoise colors together...
but just a BIT of the turquoise.
The good thing....this all looks good with my existing black and white things.
*NOTE....I ordered a gray plaid like the one above from Target..
swoon swoon
and don't you love those gray and white pillows...??
well, I know you do IF you even like the color gray...
I've never had ANYthing gray in my house....and look at me now. 

While surfing the net, I found this pillow...just love it.

Yep...I am up to my neck with GRAY LOVE...

YES, MA'AM....
I am going to love my new gray sofa...
"hurry up, gray sofa, and get here in a hurry...."  

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  1. Congrats on finding your sofa. Gray is such a versatile non-color. Years ago I went through a gray phase; then into a beige/tan phase; now thinking about gray again. Just a little fickle. Hope your sofa gets here soon! Sally

  2. Gray is a great choice, because it goes with everything. xoxo Su

  3. Waiting impatiently for the final photo after it arrives.
    BTW, that's the second gray-haired hunk in one week (but whose counting?)

  4. Super colours, and ottoman legs, they should screw into the base, and any hardware store would have a variety of choices. New Grey? Hope for those of us in this "hair shade" brigade!!!

  5. Yay! Glad you've found the perfect sofa! It is so pretty and I like the stripped chair too! You have such good decorating taste and can't wait to see all of these new things in your house.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Whatever you do, it'll be beautiful! And your home will look better than your inspiration photo or, at least, that's been my experience here.

  7. I love gray and was thinking of that color for a new sofa myself but was given this navy/denim sleeper sofa so I'll make that work. Can't wait to see the colors you add to the gray!


  8. Perfect . . . I like your SMOKE much more than the white . . .
    What fun it will be to play up your new room!

  9. So excited for you, lady!!!!!

    Hey you know you can add bun "feet" to your leather ottoman and add wheels easily enough...dyi...just saying.

    Love your choice of sofa, congrats!

  10. Love the sofa BJ and I know that you will be very happy with it. The room will look beautiful and you will be so happy. Can hardly wait to see everything put together.
    Have a great week.

  11. I am ooing and awing over those photos! Love your choice, should look great in your beautiful home!

  12. Oh yes, that gray sofa is perfectamundo:) I know you will enjoy it and have it looking just right in your home! Have a blessed and beautiful day, HUGS!

  13. Hello, oh yes, I love the sofa and color your chose. Very pretty, and the chairs are lovely too. Happy Monday, enjoy your day!

  14. So happy for you that you have found the sofa and colour of your choice and liking. I love gray too, easy to match with any colours. Have a great Monday!

  15. Hi BJ,

    I think you're really going to love your new look. Turquoise is a color that never goes away; remember the 60's? I painted my kitchen cabinets turquoise. LOVE IT! Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  16. Hi BJ :) That sofa is such a beautiful color!! Turquoise is one of my two favorite colors, and I love all the photos you've posted :) Hope you're having a great week!

  17. So glad you found the sofa you wanted. All your photos are beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. I love furniture shopping and I think you made a sweet choice. Turquoise is my main color in my sewing room-love it.

  19. Looks like you made a great choice and it is such a fun feeling to be excited about decorating a room--Happy shopping!

  20. BJ great choice, I have two grey sofas (living room and sitting room) and I adore them. White isn't right for every home, gorgeous yes but some homes like mine need warmth and a tactile feel to be inviting. Love your choice in both sofa and actor.
    Today in Philly is hot, sizzling hot and humid!
    Sending kisses,

  21. Oh I forgot BJ I check Houzz for inspiration besides Pinterest. Happy shopping my sassy friend!

  22. That fabric looks so comfy. I love the choice you made and the addition of the gel mattress will be appreciated by your guests!

  23. I so wish that I'd picked a fabric on the sofa you will have. I bought microfiber- 2nd worst choice for a sofa I've made. (1st was leather- cold in winter, sticky in summer) I'm wondering about my eye sight because I see more of brownish grey than grey.

  24. BJ , Some gray may look good sitting on your new sofa. LOL. You crack me up. You could use the gray pillows and throws in winter and the turquoise in summer. So Nice. Gray is a natural's work with any color. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  25. You have very good taste. I am finally back in business.

  26. Oh Yea bj, you found your sofa, and the gray will be a great neutral for adding other colors. A gel mattress sounds wonderful, too. I can't wait to see it all in your home.

  27. Smoke is the perfect color...with blue accent cushions, of course!

    Blue, Blue Sky

  28. I had to LOL when I sae RICHARD's beautiful face looking at me!!! SIGH>>>>> I love the gray sofa and it is a pretty neautral that will accept any color!!! The lamps sound gorgeous too!!! Can't wait to see it all put together!!

  29. they are good neutral colors

  30. Congrats on finding the perfect couch. When you see it you know. Glad you found one you love. You will have so much fun adding color with the gray in the sofa. The upgraded mattress sounds pretty nice too. Your guest won't want to leave!

  31. It will look amazing! Love the color choices ;)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  32. I am falling for gray too. But I want to do my walls. I want a off white sofa. I know I'm crazy! This was a fun post.
    I was swooning over that gray hair. Ohhh La La! Don't forget my Fall party is going on! Come by and link your Fall posts. Have a good week. XXOO

  33. You have me convinced BJ - gray with a touch of black and aqua accents perhaps? Is there some link here to a pull out couch and Richard Gere? LOL What would Mr. Sweet think.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  34. Hmm, don't suppose that very handsome fella is an accessory for your new sofa?

  35. BJ,
    Gorgeous new gray sofa, dear friend!!!
    I agree. . .turquoise is an amazing color choice as an accent!!!
    Gray, turquoise and red would be stunning at Christmas, dear one!!! (wink!)
    And, yes!!! You can change out those legs on your ottoman!!!
    I purchase one with straight legs, but had the store put coasters on the bottom so it would roll!!!
    Thanks for sharing your newest purchase with us!!!

  36. I bet if you or someone you know is a handy carpenter you can change out the ottoman legs. I love the sofa -- the color is lovely and I agree about the anchor. And adore turquoise anything so of course I am smiling a lot! It's difficult to find sofas (or chairs, for that matter!) So many seem to be designed for very big rooms and I have fairly small rooms so it is a tough hunt! Three cheers for finding exactly what you wanted!

  37. Great choice! If you'd like, I'll come and be the gel mattress tester ~ :)


  38. We need a new sofa soooo bad and I've been stalking grey ones for a couple years now. Can't wait to see photos of it in its new home!

  39. Hi BJ! :)
    I love your sleeper sofa choice and love the color!
    We have an IKEA sofa and I put a gray slipcover on in the fall/winter and love how cozy the gray is and you are right any color goes with gray. I use turquoise too, and love it.
    I love your lamp color choice too and can't wait to see it all put together!

  40. PJ th is is definitely the way to go... Even my grey hair matches with everything!!

  41. I would never have thought of a gray sofa but I like it and the turquoise....

  42. Beautiful style and color! Love Richard Gere thrown into the colorful post! Sigh! Have a greta week and come visit soon. Hugs Anne

  43. Always such a huge decision and once it arrives you always hope it will look grand. My husband chose our last couch and love seat and I get to choose the next ones ;)

  44. I LOVE your gray sofa! I bought our sofa 6 years ago and wanted grey desperately, but there was very little of it around then. I should have been a little more patient because the next year everything was grey! You have some gorgeous grey inspiration in your photos.

  45. Beautiful! How exciting to be getting a new piece os furniture!
    I'm sure it will all be lovely!
    Thanks so very much for joining me for Something to Talk About!

  46. I love your concept BJ, and with mercury glass lamps! LOVE!!! The whole thing is going to look gorgeous and yes, gray is so neutral anything goes with it. I think your black and white will look so fresh paired with gray!


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