Friday, May 1, 2015


This is a looong post with lots of photos....
of PIE....YUM

Thanks so much to all who came by to wish our girl, 

She was kidnapped by that pretty one up there and met up with 2 more friends
for an awesome weekend in FREDERICKSBURG, TX.

P.S. Stacy has the bluest eyes you've even seen...
and with some colors of her clothing,
they take on a turquoise color....just beautiful.

We had a family gathering to celebrate her birthday on THE DAY.....4/29
and she requested PIES instead of cake...


...the strawberries are sooo juicy and sweet right now...
just perfect for a

 This one went right into the fridge until time for the party.
went on top....

Mr. Sweet and I brought some of the pie home, so I was
able to show you how pretty this pie was, wearing it's sweet, delicious, billowy WHIPPED CREAM.

Red and White has ALways been a great color combo....


Lattice has always given me grief...

   never can make it look really pretty but it always tastes good.

I think there's such a thing as a
lattice cutter to use on your crust.

I add butter, sprinkling of sugar and CINNAMON on top of the crust before
sliding this delight into the oven....
and I could just nearly eat the whole pie..

The little Blue Pie Bird that lets the steam escape from a crusted pie
wasn't really needed with the lattice but...
it's so CUTE...and I wanted CUTE for Stacy.

Now I've had a Coconut Pie recipe that I've used for over 50 years...
my sweet mother in law gave it to me and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD good.

HOWEVER, that frisky little sassy NANA DIANA has been bragging about HER
Coconut Pie
so I said, "Oh, Diana....BRING IT ON..."

 her recipe called for part milk and part HALF and HALF...
at this point, I was tryin' HARD to make MINE better than HERS...

 I used milk and WHIPPING CREAM...

I KNOW....

it looks just like CORN...

but, it's not...

it's COCONUT..... 

I can't even tell you how delicious this pie is....

Once we started having fun at the party, I didn't get a photo 
of it, all dressed in that luscious whipped cream....

I left the pies for Stacy and her crew...
and happened to think of my little blog helper,
so I called, said "if there's any   Coconut pie left, would you
take a pic and send it to me so I can add it to my post?"

"Of COURSE, Memaw...and you are lucky...this is the very last piece."
She even made a STAR out of the whipped cream.
"awww, thanks, Deeds"

"you did an EXCELLENT job...."

You can go to NANA DIANA'S BLOG
for this great recipe.
If she gets TOO sassy about sharing it with you,
tell her bj said "we know how to do a search in your little white box, next to the B in the left top of your blog......
 'cause YOU are the one that told me about it..."
tee hee....
I'm tellin' ya'll.....


  1. Your pies all look amazing! I am now craving them for breakfast! :)

  2. Two of my favorite pies, strawberry and coconut! That is awesome!

  3. What time can I be kidnapped! A trip to FREDERICKSBURG, TX. love that place! Oh my heavens, those pies look scrumptious! Think it's time for me to bake some pies!

  4. BJ, I'll have the strawberry pie, for hubby would go for the coconut cream. Have a great weekend.

  5. Me, Oh, Myyyyyy, I LOVE PIE! (in my best Andie McDowell voice, singing to Michael the Angel)

    What a terrific idea, and what LOVELY confections. When Chris and I got married, we had a lovely wedding cake, and a big backyard barbecue, and all the sweet Church Ladies I'd worked with for so many years got together and brought pies of every description---it was like Martha Stewart and Martha White had whipped up HEAVEN right there on the lawn. I've never seen so many people so awed and interested in studying the buffet and sampling and getting whole plates of different kinds.

    I have a new friend today---one of yours dropped me an e-mail this morning---a total surprise, in answer to a plant question Jeanne had asked last week, and I'd asked someone else, whose blog my e-mailer read. That lived in the house that Jack built, but you know how I ramble.

    Shane, from RL&B sent me a note, and joined Paxton People as a follower, as well. Lovely.


  6. too cute - with a little help from deeds. :)

  7. Wow what a great post. The pies all look delicious. Hope Stacy enjoyed sampling each and everyone of them. Have a blessed day and a great weekend. Madeline

  8. OK BJ now you have me craving a slice of pie of your yummy Strawberry pie, Well all the pies look yummy, but the strawberries fresh and luscious are calling my name. Your Birthday girl does indeed has very beautiful Blue eyes.

  9. I LOVE Fredericksburg!! Can't believe you didn't hide somewhere, maybe the trunk, and go with them. :) I'd love to have some of either pie right them all! My mother made a killer Cherry pie and I'll never forget the taste. Have tried to recreate it, however, still doesn't taste the same. Do you think she added something else besides the love?

    Enjoy your weekend! We've had the most perfect weather this week but seems the storms want to return next week. I say No!

    Oh yes, I think my daughter would be in a contest with Stacy for the bluest eyes in Texas! :)


  10. Oh my, Stacy is a lucky girl to get three pies for her birthday!! I think I'd have to have a slice of each of those pies. Now I want to go whip one up in my Kozy Kitchen!!

  11. OMG....First off, Happy Birthday to sweet Stacy! She is a Beauty!
    Second of all, PIE!!!!Hahaaa
    Lord girl! They both look Delicious!
    Happy weekend!

  12. What could be better than a pie marathon? I'd eat all those pies, and when I say that I mean I'd take them all in the corner and not come out til they were gone. I know I'd regret it, but I have a weakness for pie ;) Deeds did a great job with her photo!

  13. LOL- Thanks for the shout out- You KNOW I have to give a bit of sass and grief to everyone that stops by. I bet that pie was so rich with heavy cream that you could have rolled in it! lol Those strawberries sure look good, bj. We wont' have fresh ones for at least another 6 to 8 weeks here. Our season for them is very short and getting the good ones is like getting the brass ring on the merry-go-round! Hope you have a great day- My new motto is : EAT PIE! lol xo Diana

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Those pies look heavenly. It is a long walk to your house from here. lol

  15. BJ, Sending birthday wishes for your cute girl. Those pies are so pretty. I love seeing those big delicious strawberries. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. What a great birthday celebration for Stacy ... being kidnapped was a really fun idea and then getting birthday pies. They all look delicious. Coconut cream sounds good.

  17. Oh my . . . looks like "pie heaven" to me!

  18. Eep!!! You always make me leave your page hungry. They really are pretty pies. Happy weekend!!

  19. Just sitting here drooling over these luscious pies, Bj, Coconut just happens to be one of my favorites, If we were neighbors, I would be a regular visitor at your home, as the baking and cooking aromas would flow from your kitchen to mine. ~smile~
    Wishing Stacy the happiest of birthdays!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Those pies look delicious, and I want to try the coconut! xoxo Su

  21. Hi BJ! Oh, I can always count on you for the most delicious food and your pies look so so yummy! I love a good coconut cream pie! Are you telling me Diana's recipe is better than yours? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Oh my goodness, bj. I might have to close my eyes when I come to visit for a while as I am on a serious de-fluffing regiment for our son's wedding! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  23. What a lovely lot of pies! (I always aske for a blueberry one and rarely get it.) I am staying away from all recipes for a good long time. Talk about damage control! I see that Deeds takes a mighty fine photo of food...a skill she probably inherited from you!

  24. Oh my goodness, those pies look SO delicious! My favorite is coconut, I sure would like to taste that pie:) Have a blessed and beautiful day dear B.J. HUGS!

  25. I'm hankering for a piece of that strawberry pie!!


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