Saturday, May 2, 2015


I am cleaning house this week end......bwaaaaaaa

"My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, 
or block the refrigerator door, let it be.
No one else cares. Why should you ?"
For some reason....
cleaning out the fridge is one of my most hated jobs
 and I tend to put it off too long....
therefore, it's a bigger job than it has to be,
which goes right back to why I hate doing it.
This is the Good
the Bad
and the Ugly in the life of a refrigerator.

...things just stuck in there, willy nilly

 ...pretty pitiful.

When I die, I sure hope...

1. they don't find me nekked..
(that's Texan for naked)

2. my fridge isn't in a stinky mess...

After taking everything out...
the washing of the insides is finished... 
wiping off the bottles and jars and everything is ready to go back into COLD. baking soda to absorb those very unpleasant odors that sometime happen there.

Sometimes, it's hard to locate just where that smell is coming from...
I think they have nicer things than a bowl of soda to keep odors at bay now...
I just need to remember to look for them. 

I hate to just put everything back in loose form so
I generally use the little throw away foil containers to corral things.

 Bowls hold potatoes and etc...

hahhaa...I laugh at this shelf with the "drinks" on one side
and the sweet dairy on the other...

...if anything SHOULD get spilled, at least this foil tray
will catch it before it goes down to the next shelf...


Oh, yum....

if you like cream in your coffee and a little
sweetness, then 

AHHH, things looking so much better...

shelves all clean and smelling fresh....

Will it last a long time ???...
probably not...

"I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes and
 six months later you have to start all over again."
Joan Rivers
(hahhaa...ya gotta love this one)  

Oh, and a tip that you may or may not know...
 ♥ ♥ ♥
to keep your celery fresh... 
after you wash and de-string it,
wrap in foil and it will keep so much longer...and retain it's crispness.

while reading blogs after I finished this post and put it in draft,
and, guess what.....
of course, if you know KARI ANNE, you know that she wears bright red lipstick
and big gold earrings so HER fridge looks a lot better than MINE.

...what DID i do with those golden earrings and red lipstick...???

She says her sweet mother in law gave her great tips for her fridge...
when you go over to see for yourself, would you kindly tell her bj said HEY..??
Ya'll have a great weekend...
XOXO,  bj   


  1. i LOVE erma and totally agree. :)

  2. Must be Saturday morning. I also cleaned the fridge and did the unthinkable...tossed all those bottles with a smidgeon of this or a smidgeon of that. So much more room now! Your refrigerator looks great!

  3. I think it is time I cleaned out of refrigerator. Using the foil pans is a good idea. I am going to have to go buy some before I clean my refrigerator. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. This makes me know I need to clean my refrigerator!!

  5. It is no trouble cleaning mine as I have very little in it. Also, have a small refrigerator. When it just one, do not need much.

  6. I'm smiling BJ, wow you've got confidence to be so honest and show photos too. I think one of the reasons I purchased a refrigerator with a glass door is to keep neat and organized and hey as much as food costs why not put it on display. There is something better for food smells than baking soda. It's called Pure air technology which was totally new to me. Anyhow my new refrigerator has it ... So with being adventurous I had to try it out for myself. After soaking our Scallops in milk overnight and rinsing them off and seasoning them I placed them back in the frig until dinner time when I was going to cook them. GUESS what??? No fish smell was in the frig. Amazing ... Now if they could only come up with bathroom technology other than an exhaust fan!
    Have a delightful weekend and thanks for always being refreshingly sassy my friend.

  7. Oh my, that is one of the worst jobs, I agree! Your refrig looks great now, way to go on getting it done!

  8. I so agree with cleaning the fridge! I cleaned the whole kitchen from top to bottom last week and am so glad it's over. Thanks for the great tip about celery as I just threw one "uncrisp" bunch in the garbage. Have a great weekend!

  9. Aww Bj, now I have to clean my fridge. ! I don't like celery so that won"t be a problem.

  10. Uh-oh, your 'uggg' photo looks pretty bright and sparkly to me.
    Not lately, but my own fridge has been a repository of 'science projects.' The man hates to throw anything away!
    But thank goodness, he doesn't mind cleaning that appliance ... and I'm pretty sure he won't mind my suggesting he try using those foil containers. :)

  11. I just did this recently along with the pantry. I'm so sorry to say that a few things had expired. :( Foolish way to lose money and food ~

    I moved furniture a bit yesterday and vacuumed along with "swiffering". Today's project is changing bed linens, laundry and a few other things. Don't think I'll do a "lot" ~ LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ just beautiful here today!


  12. Hey BJ! Your fridge looks wonderful and all clean and organized. I'm like you, I don't go there to clean as much as I should. I'm sure you're just teasing because I think you're perfect!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Housework is repetitive, you could do the same thing every day, or every week, or even a monthly routine, and then it starts all over again. Photos of your fridge.. why not let us all see, and then look at our own. Have a restful weekend, now the baby wait is over. Well done to Kate, looking smart and as beautiful as ever... as they left the hospital, they now have .. what was called ' A pigeon Pair" many years ago.

  14. Smiling and nodding in agreement all the way through this post! Bj! Enjoy your weekend,

  15. Bj, I try to clean around in the fridge often. My girls used to get mad that I would tell them to wipe the egg trays . LOL. I laughed at Joan Rivers house cleaning complaint. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. I pity whatever/whoever it is that's blocking my fridge:@) I hate housework too, nice to have things in order though-enjoy!

  17. That looks great now, bj. I hate that job, too. Why is that, I wonder? Going over to Kari Anne's blog, too. Hope you have a good night-x o Diana

  18. I am another one that dis likes housework, and does not clean like I used to. Wanna come clean my fridge? LOL
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  19. Good Job BJ! And thanks for the tip on celery---foil, who knew? (not me).

  20. Would you please come up and organise my fridge......please? It is my most-hated job in the house! Worse even than the oven, because that is self-cleaning and only requires a swish with a damp cloth.
    You are a Domestic Goddess!

  21. I really like that idea of corraling stuff in those cheap foil containers!

  22. Why is it in this keeping the refrigerator clean . . .
    I get it all clean and purdy and yammo . . .
    Time for a clean up again!
    The culprit . . . leftovers . . .

  23. Yes, I like an ideal way for the flavors do not mix, beautiful photos !!

  24. This cracks me up because I recently was thinking the same thing myself.Just when you think you've got it under control, you dig for something in back and find a science experiment! You are most definitely making me smile.

    Thanks for coming by The Marmelade Gypsy on Pink Saturday and for the follow! I'm returning with a follow!

  25. Good Sunday morning bj, We are recovering from having a surprise birthday party for my sister Diane. Thirtyfour people and they all had a place to sit. Yikes. It was a great time and she was shocked to see her son and family from St. Louis and her daughter and grandson from Hawaii. Also her oldest daughter and family. I have been too busy to do any visiting. sigh!. On top of that a wedding to attend for my nephew. Whew, I hope to get rested up today.

    Your fridge looks identical to mine. Even the same brands. HA! I too wait way too long to clean mine and it is a darn old chore to say the least. I like the idea of using trays. A great idea bj. and recycling at it's best. I recently had a bad smell in my fridge and I was shocked to find out it was some leftover chocolate pudding. It was stuck way in the back and awful. I will try the celery thing because I always end up throwing some away.

    Have a beautiful day my dear sister friend.

    Love, Jeanne

  26. The pantry is my nemesis. It needs to be about twice the size for it to be functional. Those of us who really cook and bake need more things than those who don't, most of which do NOT stack! And, of course, women with kids and husbands have a much bigger job of things. When I lived alone, things stayed blissfully clean.

  27. I agree that is one of the top ten things I hate to do! Erma always had so many funny sayings - I miss her wit and humor! Your fridge looks great.



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