Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday...

Mr. Sweet is sick...!!
A head cold and feeling so so rotten.

 sooo, now we can BOTH whine.

Easter morning found me feeling stronger and ready to do SOMEthing...
I've been sick for over 2 weeks and barely sticking my head out the door.
You get an A+ if you chose BOTH....

Not feeling quite up to doing MUCH, I decided to make us a 
for our Easter morning breakfast.

Our Stacy and girls brought us this beautiful vase of 
and they are so beautiful, they take my breath away.

Their fragrance fills our whole home with the sweetest aroma... 

I have a whole post featuring them coming up....:)

 This coffee cake is really good...
a tad too sweet for me but Mr. Sweet says it's not too sweet for him.

streusel topping ...
brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans

...into the over, 350 degrees, for about 20 minutes.

We watched more of THE BIBLE mini series
while our cake baked.

I have so enjoyed this series... John's heart must have felt when JESUS asked him to baptize him.
how JESUS suffered in the desert...
how Mary wasn't spared the pain of child birth...
"I'll make you FISHERS OF MEN...."
John the Baptist....
"Get up .....and walk."
"Ask......and it will be given"
all so intense, just thinking of it all brings a lump to the throat...
tears to the eyes and a heart beating almost out of my chest.
and so perfect to watch on Easter Sunday.

Our cake is baked
and ready to eat...

I'm not sure where this recipe came from...
I think this is it...
It would have been REALLY good if apples or applesauce had been added.

 Easter Egg Colors little plates..

I pray your Easter is blessed.

xo bj


  1. i'm sorry you're both sick, now. hopefully better days ahead. :)

  2. Maybe being sick together is easier, all over in one go. The Bunny Napkin, sweetest ever. And lovely table platters. Enjoy your Easter, and rest up well, give Mr BJ lots of TLC, and I hope you get heaps in return.

  3. Hope you both are feeling better soon. I am sure that your coffee cake was perfect! Happy Easter!

  4. I'm so sorry he's sick ~ it really takes it out of you. The coffee cake looks delish and I'm sure it is! These movies do upset me and make me cry. Such a horrific act to take away all our sins ~ HUGE love that we cannot comprehend in this life.

    Feel better!

  5. So sorry you have both been under the weather! That coffee cakes sounds and looks delicious. Praying you are all on the mend soon.

  6. Hope you both feel better soon.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  7. So sorry to learn the two of you aren't feeling so well! I'm impressed how you effortlessly whipped up that coffee cake. The streudel topping sounds just like what my mother made. She'd have to wait to bake until I'd gone to bed, to keep me from 'filching' that awesomeness off the top of her dough!

  8. Happy Easter BJ. Love your Easter Header. Glad you are getting better but no fun that Mr. is now feeling awful. Tasty looking coffee cake.

  9. I hope Mr Sweet is feeling better soon and that you continue to feel better also. Easter is such a special holiday. I had the family over for dinner and it was so nice to have my Mom here to join us. I love having her close by. We are still on baby watch but little one will come when she is ready. I enjoyed The Bible series so much! I saw part of it today but was cooking dinner and playing with Tiger most of the time. The new part is on TV tonight. Sending you hugs.

  10. too bad you are both sick, but I suppose he would hardly miss getting it, thats a bad cold, you have been sick for a long time, a wonderful coffee cake and such beautiful flowers, I hope you both feel right as rain soon!

  11. Happy Easter to you and yours, BJ.

  12. You better find that bug and kill it. Not right both of you feeling poorly. At least, glad you are some better. When you do not cook, I know you are not well. Take care of yourself and Mr. Sweet. Was a very cold, cold Easter here.

  13. I hope you will both be feeling better soon. Surely a coffee cake that looks that delicious will have healing qualities for both of you. Very pretty hyacinths.

    Hoppy Easter!

  14. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. Hope Mr. Sweet soon recovers, too. The cake looks yummy! Easter blessings to you.

  15. Hope Mr. Sweet's illness is real short and that you are tip top soon! Happy Easter!

  16. Sorry Mr. Sweet is sick but I am SO happy you are feeling a little better!!!

  17. Little by little, it sounds like you're getting a wee bit better. So sorry that Mr Sweet is feeling poorly now.
    Your coffee cake looks good and very much like the one I made this morning for the crowd here.

  18. It's spring time, so get well both of you and enjoy the sunshine!

  19. Sorry you and Mr. Sweet are feeling YUCK:( Hope you both feel better with each passing day! I bet that coffee cake helps:) Hugs

  20. I sure hope you both get well soon. I'll keep you in my prayers. I had a chest cold for 2 weeks and still have a dry cough. It's miserable, I know! Take care. And give a bunny a hug! Sweet hugs, Diane

  21. I am so sorry that Mr. Sweet isn't well but glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. We can celebrate Resurrection Day anyway, no matter what! You always have the most fun things!! Love those plates and napkins. Ours were rather plain this year but we had a lovely day with my dear, little mother - church together, dinner together at our home and a long ride through the countryside. Take care and keep getting well, my friend.

  22. It Was thank you!
    LOVE the smell of hyacinth!! Flock is also fragrant...
    And I'll take a slice of that cake!!

  23. Good Morning BJ,
    I'm so sorry to hear Mr. Sweet has caught the crud, too. We've ALL had it here...both grandkids, DD & then me. Ugh! I think everybody picked it up on airplanes while on Spring Break, then shared it around.
    I can almost smell your hyacinths clear over here in Ohio. They are one of my most favorite flowers & I hesitated to buy some, as I have lots coming up in the front planting beds. Now I wish I had purchased at least one for inside the house ...I may have to go shopping.
    Your coffee cake looks are always making the nicest treats & your posts cheer me up every time.


  24. Get well mister bj . . .
    Easter blessings . . .

  25. Wishing both of you to hurry and get well so you can get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. (well, maybe after the pollen goes away, you can get out). No fun being sick. The cake looks delicious and as you said, add applesauce.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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