Tuesday, March 24, 2015

~ Bean Burritos

 RED BEANS are the start of GOOOOD things to eat.

A bowl of beans, with ham, is a favorite way for us to eat our beans.
We like cornbread with ours and fresh onions..ummm
My mother always fried a cast iron skillet full of potatoes and they
were sooo good. Since we aren't into much fried foods now, 
we do without the potatoes. (bummer)

Another favorite way to eat beans is 

You know...I have a recipe for flour tortillas from SCRATCH..
I made them ONE time and decided it was goofy to spend all that time,
when there's some delicious ones to buy at the market....
pop them for a few seconds in the microwave and you are good to go.

 Guacamole Chips are out of this world good. 

Serve them up with your favorite dip..
or, like I do sometimes, 
sour cream.

and enjoy...

Now, I like a few jalapeno peppers  with my BEAN BURRITOS...
but not many.....and not FRESH ones that are waaay too hot for me.

...a bottomless tall glass
of sweet Southern tea

A little cuteness on the table never hurts a thing...
it  always makes for a more enjoyable meal for me.
 My next post is about a fabulous and easy dessert
to top this meal off.

p.s. it just dawned on
me that this very well                                                        
could have been a
green St. Paddy's day post. :>)



  1. Mmmm...oh wow. You are making me hungry as well--and at 10 pm local time that's not a good thing! Maybe I should have waited till morning to see this. ;)

  2. I'm here, I'm here!!! I bet you thought I fell in, didn't you? :) I love your new color. I'm stuck in time..still loving the red.. I'm looking forward to the new recipe. I was born October 8, 1936. We are really close in age. I'm closiing in on 80, bj, and not real sure how I feel about it. Guess it really doesn't matter..it's coming, like it or not. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky? :) I love your baby picture!! You've still got that same smile! Haven't changed a bit! Still cute as heck!! Personality plus!!! :)

  3. Well I'll join the group. You're making me hungry too BJ. I am a Southerner and we do love our beans.

  4. Well I'll join the group. You're making me hungry too BJ. I am a Southerner and we do love our beans.

  5. I think you Texans have tummies like cast iron skillets! It sure looks yummy, though. Off to eat my gruel.

  6. I'll take ALL of it! Deliver??Hahaa

  7. Green chips....interesting, BJ. I can't get a taste for the jalapenos, but my SIL loves things the hotter the better. He was raised in Texas among the farm workers from Mexico a good deal of the time, so he has acquired a Mexican taste bud. I still love him.

  8. Will I ever get my energy back . . .
    Maybe I need "some beans" to fire me up!

  9. Oh that looks so yummy. I bet this would quickly become a favorite for my Cubano almost hubby!!!!

  10. I must look for the guac chips at the store -- they sound good. Never thought about using red beans in a burrito. You are full of good ideas to spark up a burritto!!! Sally

  11. Yes this could have been a St. Patrick's Day post. Everything looks so good, especially the red beans and Ham. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Yum! Can I come over for lunch? :) Happy day, sweet friend. Hugs!

  13. BJ, The bean soup, potatoes, and cornbread is what we used to eat almost daily growing up. You better have an endless glass of tea with those peppers. LOL. Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie

  14. Gosh, I shouldn't come to your blog right before lunch - that all looks so good, now I'm starving! lol

  15. Yes, why bother making tortillas when so many good ones are available. We used to have a market nearby that made them fresh everyday and I'd buy them there but they are not there any longer. I love everything wrapped in a tortilla!

  16. When I used to work in produce departments, people would always come in for avocados for guacamole making. When they would go fast (like during superbowl weekend) all we had were the really fresh ones. "Got any more ripe ones in the back?" would commonly be asked. Because we put out the old stuff last...

  17. Between this and the beignets, I'm starving right now! I'm glad it's almost dinner time here LOL


  18. I've got to check out those guacamole chips. They look sooooo yummy, as do those beans and ham! I have to agree with buying your own tortillas.


  19. This looks great, thanks for sharing!!

  20. Everything looks great, BJ, and it is a good thing that I am about to have some breakfast, I am getting hungry looking at your beans and ham! :)

  21. Oh, YUM!!! I have been hungry for some good old beans!!! We will have an Easter ham so I know what we will be eating the week after!!


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