Monday, March 30, 2015

More Waffles...???

I love waffles....
always have.

I've posted about them several times because, to moi,
they aren't only tasty.....

they are pretty.....
worthy of many many photos.... 

aren't they so fun ! 

My mama didn't make waffles thru the week when I was a child 
but we had them almost every Saturday morning.

I won the BEST waffle iron a few years back....
and I've used it for waaay more than waffles.

My blogging buddy, RUE, loves waffles, too...
and she kindly allowed me to steal photos of her pretty waffles...

 I just LUV her waffle maker...
the design is so pretty.

Oh, Rue, this looks just like a stack of beautiful flowers...


.....don't they look sooo good.
"Thanks, Rue."

Some of you may remember her original blog from several years ago...

We like fresh strawberries with ours, too, Rue.

When you go by to see her pretty blog, you'll find out that
SHE is also pretty...looks a lot like one of my favorite actors,
and please tell her bj said HEY.

I think my favorite of all waffles are
One of my best friend's mom always made them for us when I spent the night.
I can still see Mrs. Reed, in her 50's apron, asking,
"how many can you eat, Jean?" I always wanted to say,"25" but
settled for 1.

I didn't have enuf sense back then to ask for her recipe...
I just assumed she'd be there to make them for us
*heavy sigh
She passed away years ago...
and just last year,
my friend, her daughter,
lost her fight with cancer.

and don't be a FROZEN WAFFLE SNOB...

They are totally delicious and my freezer is NEVER without a box of them.
Have you ever warmed one and then added plain ole CREAM CHEESE...
just knocks your socks off...

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  1. Hi bj - you know, it's funny, it had probably been at least a year since I had waffles.....but this morning I had them. I think that's serendipity, yes I do, ma'am! All your pics makes me wanna go in the kitchen and make some more.


  2. You know it's been forever since I've had waffles.....but I made them this morning! SERENDIPITY!!

    Your pics (and Rue's!) make me wanna go in the kitchen and make some more! YUM!

  3. I enjoy waffles too! The waffles with the strawberries look like dessert.. YUM! Have a happy week!

  4. you've sold me! I have never had a waffle iron so I think I should get one, I have never eaten frozen ones either! I will look for them for sure,

  5. BJ, I'm going to try your pecan waffle recipe. Sounds wonderful!

  6. BJ, we have a waffle iron, and I drag it out now and then for a special treat. For some reason they taste better than a pancake, even though they are from the same batter! ;-)

  7. Okay, can you give me a rough guesstimate on the milk? I so need a waffle-maker! I love to see your photos aNd I enjoy the conversation, too.

  8. You're such a sweetheart bj! Thank you, my dear friend. You made me blush :)

    Those pecan waffles sound delicious!!


  9. I only like the little eggos, I think the big ones don't cook right

    1. ...just to say here to my friends...I just LOVE this guy, Adam...his blog is full of true facts and humor and movie grades....and his precious Daisy, whom he is about to marry.

  10. I like waffles, but prefer pancakes. Te way you feature them would make anyone enjoy.

  11. I don't even remember the last time I ate a waffle, but you're making me hungry for them! I need to track down a new waffle maker. I like them with butter and syrup. And they better be crispy. Nothing worse than a soggy waffle. :-) Yours look delicious!

  12. BJ, Pecans and sour cream in your batter... I'm wanting a waffle!!!

  13. I haven't had waffles since Christmas brunch. You got me thinking, darn you!

  14. I don't have a waffle maker. I do love them when we go out to eat breakfast. At home I cook pancakes ,they are really just as good to me, just not as pretty.

  15. I love waffles too! Don't make them often maybe I am just lazy.
    Have a good day,Bj!

  16. I have never had pecan waffles BJ...definitely going to try ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  17. A piece of ART... that you can eat:) Enjoy your day dear BJ! HUGS!

  18. You're right, they are so pretty! Do you know I've never had a waffle iron? Yikes, I know! Or an Eggo? I need to get some waffles!

  19. I had a waffle iron years ago. Do not have one now. I have eaten Eggo waffles and they were good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Mmm...waffles...I have that waffle maker, I think I need to get it out and make some pecan waffles!! Have a great week! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  21. I do so love waffles , had some this morning with my hubby before he went to work.
    The pecan recipe is wonderful .

    Sad news about your friend losing her battle with cancer!

    It's always a joy to visit here!
    Have a lovely day :)

  22. Well, I do love me some waffles and yes, I do frozen ones too BUT while we were visiting in Florida a couple of weeks ago, we made our own Belgian waffles in one of those cool irons that swivel...they were SO GOOD! You can make waffles our of some stuff that isn't even supposed to be made into a waffle...I saw a whole website with nothing but weird stuff...but looked delish!!

  23. We had waffles every Saturday when I was growing up also. It was just a ritual. We still love waffles and a couple of years ago I bought one of those that you flip over and love it. The pecan waffles sound delicious - will give them a try.


  24. Your waffles look really delicious. Mr.Z. eats the Eggo frozen waffles usually every morning except when I fix breakfast ... which is not very often. I will eat them with jelly or jam, but too soggy with syrup. Enjoyed your pictures.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  25. Homemade waffles sound wonderful . . . I used to make them when my children were young but not for years.
    Maybe it us time.
    This inspired me!
    Happy Easter bj . . ,

  26. Now I'm starving! LOVE waffles and yes, my favorite are pecan. :) You have a lovely waffle iron. I have one like Rue's, the heart shape. So fun anytime but really great for special occasions.

    Hey, speaking of Eggo, you need to try the "Extra Fluffy" ~ I think that's right. Excellent!!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday ~

  27. Yep, my waffles come in the same box as the ones in the last photos. Haha. I have never made them from scratch and haven't bought a box in a few years but we did enjoy them at our Daughter's home this winter. And we use real maple syrup on them. Yum. I was tempted to buy some yesterday but walked on by the cooler. Too much fat and sugar with all the yummy toppings on them. We have to behave. :( Enjoy!


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