Monday, December 29, 2014

MORE CHRISTMAS SNIPPITS around our house....

Hello, all... 

I have so many Christmas memory photos and just have to
add them to my BLOG JOURNAL for future generations to see.
If I don't put them HERE...
they will be lost, for sure.

So, please suffer thru this for me...

Candy Cane Candles and Grand-Luv Cookies.

Sugar Plum Tables and little trees in RED BOOTS


Sweets for the sweet....and Christmas Cake covered in Chocolate

Little sweet kids with Santa...a long time ago...

 ....the most awesome WASSAIL BAR, ever...

Santa Clauses in all shapes and forms




Never once forgetting the real reason for this blessed and miraculous  season
I wish I could tell you that this is my LAST Christmas post...
but I HAVE to show off my family....I just HAVE TO..and I know you understand. :)


  1. My brothers had a photo with the creepiest santa ever

  2. Oh yes we understand and you still have till January 7th when the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated!

  3. Those wonderful ideas all deserve to be saved and shared. Christmas season lasts until three Kings day, January 6, so keep em coming, happy new Year.

  4. Suffer? no way! I love every picture. You know how to make Christmas!! More please

  5. Such a happy post, love seeing your decorations and Christmas love.
    Happy New Year too.

  6. I totally understand the preserving of the memories...hubby loves my blog for that if anything! I love your colorful home and Christmas decorating. And the sweets...sigh. You almost have me wanting to bake again. Almost.

    Jane xx

  7. I could never suffer from reading your blogs, Bj. They make my day! Bring them on!

  8. My blog is my journal too and I SO understand that the pictures MUST be posted:) Keep 'em coming Sista! HUGS!

  9. I am so glad you shared this with us! I simply adore looking at everyone's decor and yours is just precious! That little nativity is too cute! I do believe you love Christmas a bit more than I do...bravo for displaying all of your decorations throughout your lovely home! Hugs to you BJ and wishing you a lovely and Happy New Year!

  10. BJ, such lovely photos, and you are obviously enjoying the holiday. Have a wonderful 2015!

  11.'s no doubt you had a blast...WONDERFUL photos! Happy New Year!

  12. Keep them coming bj. Enjoyed this post with all the Christmas pictures. Will look forward to seeing more. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. BJ I enjoyed seeing your home and all the wonderful decor, food etc. Enjoy the day!

  14. Dear BJ, Happy Holidays, thank you for dropping in at The 12 Days of Christmas at Lunch Break; I enjoyed your sumptuous sharing of Ruby Red photos today

    much love...

  15. Hello bj, Your past and present posts are so delightful I have been enjoying every photo and every word of the Christmas magic that you do for the holidays. Your decorations are so festive and your Christmas cookie post was adorable. I truly love seeing the happy times you spend with your grands. I wish my grands lived closer to me. We do have lots of happy times with our children and grands but this Christmas it was just Bill and me. We had my sister for Christmas dinner and that was a blessing. However, two of our children and families were here Yesterday for a big dinner of 14 and it was a happy time. We (you and I) are blessed with a big loving family that love being together.

    Have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year. I wish you 'Joy and Peace' in 2015.
    BIG hugs,

  16. What happy memories of Christmas! Yes, I look forward to more Christmas photos. Your family is wonderful and I love it when you share them with us. This is such a beautiful way to document your life for your kids and grandkids. Great idea!

  17. I am hoping that SOME day my children will appreciate my blog and all the memories stored here. Right now, neither one looks at it. However maybe it will be a record for our sweet little Colleen! I am still sharing my Christmas too, shared the Nativity today. Happy almost birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yes, I love, beautiful photos, a nice way to decorate Christmas!

  19. I never tire of seeing your sweet posts, bj! I love all your decor, goodies and old timey pictures.

  20. Thanks for sharing your family at Christmas time with us. Fun to see what you are doing and having fun with your girls.
    Happy New Year ...
    Happy Birthday too.

  21. There was "no suffering" involved with this post. It was fun and so festive. - Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and of course a Happy New Year. Looking forward to sharing with you in 2015.

  22. I was sad to read the note about Martha's husband passing --my prayers fro her and her family.

    Iyt looked like a fun and festive Christmas was enjoyed by you and your family, bj! Hope you have a very Happy and healthy 2015!

  23. A lovely post. Fun. Happy. Vibrant.
    Like you!
    Happy New Year, BJ. Keep up the great job spreading the fun and loving life you live in. And enjoy your Birthday the big way.

  24. Yes - I understand. Post away! I enjoy the pictures. And - I've never heard of Wassail. It looks like a spiced apple cider drink. Do you serve it hot or cold? What is it?

  25. I love your candy cane candle.
    My mom had a red boot like you have.
    Oh the memories!! Keep the photos coming!

    You are always so good at posting photos and I enjoy looking at them.

    Happy New Year!!

  26. You just share whatever you want, ma'am! Your Christmas is festive and fun, as are you.

    I wish you a very happy birthday - and a new year filled with good health and joy for you and your loved ones.

    Hugs and best wishes, bj! ♥

  27. I always enjoy seeing your are so good at setting them up and taking them! I can see the love you have for Christmas in these special photos.
    Happy Birthday to you and Happy New Year!!

  28. BJ, BJ, it is, after all, only the 7th day of Christmas! Merry On!

  29. Funny that I should keep track of you on Good Morning America (100 wrecks in Lubbock) and wonder if you're safe! I'm so glad we're blog friends! We almost came to Lubbock to see Mattie this weekend but the weather is frightful here too! Hoping you have a wonderful beginning to 2015!

  30. BJ,
    Great Christmas decor!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    So sorry to hear of the passing of your friend's husband. I am sorry for your loss as it is especially sad this time of year.

    Wishing you a Happier and Healthy New Year!!


  31. Enjoyed reading your lovely Christmas posts. Don't ever apologize for pride of family and playing in your home at Christmas time.
    All the best from Bernice in Ontario Canada

  32. Can't seem to get this blogging figured out.

  33. BJ, I am on this post because I read on someone else's blog that you had a birthday!!! Hope it was very, very HAPPY!

    Love you,

    Sheila :-)


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