Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nov. 8th Photo Challange....TREES

Hi, Everyone...

It's time for another PERSONAL PHOTO CHALLENGE with DONNA.
(BOY....the months are FLYING by.)

The prompt this month....

These trees are in the little lake at the park by our house on 14th.
I have no idea the KIND of tree...CYPRUS ??
and you can see how LOW that little lake is by the water mark
on the trunk.

Just hauntingly beautiful to me.
The next photo is of the MOSES BASKET sitting here.

I found it at a thrift shop and took it to the park for a photo shoot..I put it in blooming weeds in front of those awesome trees.

(just wanted to share the basket with you.)

My precious DEEDS, baiting her own fish hook.
She is so independent and I love that about her.
This was taken a few years back...she was so little and cute...
SHE IS STILL CUTE but....not so little anymore. 

Those trees in the background...
Cottonwoods, I think....

My sweet girl and I fished all day but because the water
was so low...I'm not sure there was even any fish in there.
We never did get a bite all day.
Be sure to go over to DONNA'S for more interesting shots of TREES...
and would you kindly tell her bj said HEY ?

 Dear Donna,
I know I have too many photos for your party but I just took this photo of the rain we are getting and the reflection of the trees on the concrete ......well......
it just HAD to be added.


  1. i'd think those were cypress, too. neat water-growing trees!

  2. Those trees in the water have such interesting trunks. Fun photos, BJ.

  3. Haha, you know that I never discourage enthusiasm, so no worries on the number of photos! I'm glad you included the photo of the watery reflection. It shows you are creatively paying attention! I had to chuckle at the expression of Deeds in that one photo. She's baiting that hook, but it doesn't look like she is enjoying it! (I used to apologize to the worms and minnows.) Love the cyprus. Such a cool tree. And the basket is a beauty! Thanks for joining in on the challenge, bj, and the shout out to me. I know you are busy, busy, so I appreciate you taking the time.

  4. Great photos of some beautiful trees and lovely granddaughter and the basket. I really like the last photo. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  5. Great tree that first one is. Better said, great trunk . . .
    Happy you included the reflection picture!

  6. The rain is as pretty as the trees. Those tree trunks are very interesting by the lake are very intriguing.

  7. Great collection of trees, bj! Glad you included the reflection!

  8. You gotta love RAIN in TEXAS!!! That's always worthy of a photo!!

  9. I love trees! Your photos are amazing!

  10. Those trees that you think are Cyprus (I have no idea, either) are really awesome looking! I was sorry to see the little lake so very low, though, that's kind of scary. And your little girl (granddaughter?) is precious in these photos. I do believe those are cottonwood trees, I saw them near the Kern River in California and these look the same. Thank you for sharing your trees!

  11. Great shots. You guys didn't get any fish bites... but I bet you had a great time! : ) Happy Sunday Bj

  12. Those photos are so fresh. Your granddaughter in the blue dress is adorable. All of them are lovely,especially I like the fifth.
    Have a good new week!

  13. A from post from you as always. Deeds does look dedicated on her fishing trip - sorry they weren't biting - but yes, must have been a fun time together under the lovely trees.

    Hugs - Mary

  14. A fun collection of trees and the watermark on that tree is way higher than where it is now. The Moses basket is sweet, aptly name too. :-)
    Deeds looks right at home fishing by herself.

  15. wow that basket looks brand new

  16. Beautiful, beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing them.

  17. BJ: That is a striking shot of the lake with the trees around it. They are all so pretty and Deeds really is growing but still SO cute..Happy Sunday..Judy

  18. Hi BJ! Love the shot of the wet concrete and the reflection of the tree. I hope that all is well with you!


  19. BJ so many different views and ending witht he reflection just brilliant!

  20. BJ, Love your photos. That is sad about the lake water level. Your granddaughter looks precious fishing. That will be a keepsake photo. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. wonderful basket.

  21. Hi BJ. the cypress (?) trees are so interesting looking and it's hard to believe they should normally be in the lake water. I guess you are lacking rain there except in your last photo. ;)

  22. Wow bj, these are really interesting trees...never have seen trunks quite like them. So glad you are getting some much needed rain! Have great week!

  23. Great photos, BJ! Grandkids grow so fast, don't they?...Christine

  24. Enjoyed all of your photos, a great variety, all interesting. That shot of Deeds fishing is a beauty.


  25. Incrível as árvores que vivem praticamente dentro da água! Dia delicioso, obrigada por compartilhar com as fotos!
    Um abraço!

    Incredible trees that practically live in the water! Delightful day, thank you for sharing with photos!

  26. Awesome photos! Love the unusual bark on the tree and I love the reflection too.

  27. Enjoyred your tree shots and your girl fishing, so cute.

  28. My favorite picture is of Deeds sitting in the chair as seen through the trees.


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