Monday, November 10, 2014


Once upon a time, a few years ago, my good blogging friend and yours, NANA DIANA,
wanted to teach me how to make gravy.

Now, NANA DIANA is known by other names in the Land of Blog....
Sweet Cheeks Grandmother
The Land of Blogs answer to LONI ANDERSON
and an extremely good cook. (She isn't a very good "boat person", tho)

I said, "Nana...I am MUCH older than you...I've made more skillets of gravy than I can remember....and YOU want to teach ME how to make gravy?"

Oh, I'll admit that I've had my share of lumpy creamed gravy...

 but after many...MANY...tries, I have learned how to keep the lumps out.
She said, "Oh, it's not THAT kind of gravy... 
not your run-of-the-mill, anybody* can* make type gravy."

(I puffed up a little at that !)

"No", she said.

and I said "OK... WAIT....WHAT...??"

Folks...if you've not tried SOUTHERN CHOCOLATE GRAVY
you are sooo in for the treat of your life.

and believe me when I say that DIANA KNOWS HER CHOCOLATE GRAVY.
Yes, ma'am,
she taught me a lesson or two.

I made the chocolate dream-come-true gravy when she first taught me...

but one day last week, I dreamed of it and as soon as my feet hit the floor that morning, I made 
BISQUICK drop biscuits...

there they are, browning nicely in the oven.
(most of the time, I like using the cast iron skillet for biscuits..not sure why I didn't on this particular  morning,..who knows)

While they baked, I started making that luscious, mouth-watering gravy
and it gets thick pretty quickly.

I think Sister Friend Diana used a gravy boat much like my vintage, ironstone here.
and there's no doubt that the cuteness made it taste just a wee bit better.

It has butter...sugar...COCOA POWDER, milk.....
SO thick and rich and good, it'll make ya wanna slap yo pappy !


I had a bit of gravy left, put it in a pretty bowl, into the fridge and it is DELICIOUS  eaten cold as it resembles
a thick, rich pudding.
Some of my story here MAY....or may totally true.
My beautiful friend didn't try to teach me anything...she just wanted to make sure
that, before I die, I had the chance to savor this SOUTHERN TREAT....
and for that, I say THANK YOU, DIANA....
Mr. Sweet says, THANK YOU, DIANA...

When you go over to get HER RECIPE, kindly don't mention my name...
she might put me in a boat, saying, 
"Oh, it'll be ok, bj...I know what I'm doing in a boat..." 
(you can read her boat story right here...) 

...the next time you are wanting something different, you might give this gravy a try...

if you are like me and LUV chocolate, you are BOUND TO LOVE IT...

My newest
tea towel....  

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XOXO, bj


  1. Oh my . . . Does that look GOOD!

  2. Chocolate food pyramid? One word, diabeetus

  3. so going in my recipe files we used to make biscuits with store bought frosting,,,yay, diana!!!

    jane w/ bad hand

  4. are TOOOOO much! LOL I am so glad that you like that gravy. My grandgirls love it,too! I had MyHero read your post and he said- She (you) sounds just like YOU (me). I said----that is the nicest compliment you could give me-cuz I want to be just like you when I grow up....or at least take as good pictures as you do!;>)

    Thank you, bj...for this wonderful post....No-if you get on a boat I will NOT be on it. The full story is-that two boats I have been on-the motors were completely shot (one motor was a BRAND new Volvo motor) one boat burned and one got stuck in Lake Okeechobee for two days...see what I mean? lol Love you---xo The Boat Jinx aka Nana Diana

  5. Chocolate gravy!! ohhhh man! Sounds delicious.

  6. Hahahaha! I love Diana and her blog. And now that I have officially been told by two people to make this, I guess it's time I make it happen.

  7. I love chocolate, but I've never thought of putting on my biscuits. I don't know if this northerner can wrap my brain around that idea! Lol. Love the tea towel tnough ;)

  8. Thanks Bj for reposting about this gravy, don't know how I missed it when Dina first posted it, but I have it now, Love the tea towel.

  9. I heard about this several years ago and didn't try it. Stubborn northerner! Your picture is so to get Joe to say he'll try it too.....he never wants anything sweet with his meal. (boring) I'll let you know.

  10. Never heard of it and I'm in Texas but....OMG! Making this!!!

  11. Now this I might just have to try! Chocolate anything must be fabulous!

  12. Bj, Oh yes, That chocolate gravy. I love it. My aunt Helen made the best I have ever eaten...Of course I have only had mommy's and aunt Ollie's. Not everyone knows how to make it. LOL I had read about Diana making it. Now you can make it. Wonderful. Oh I absolutely love your black and white checked containers. xoxo,Susie

  13. OK, I've been in the south for almost 35 years...first KY for 11 of them and now here in NC ...never have I ever heard of chocolate gravy! Hmmm, since I do have a sweet little gravy boat very similar to yours and SINCE I do love chocolate, I may just have to try this!

  14. It looks good . I guess if I had some one to cook for besides me I might try it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Oh my BJ, is this even legal??? Looks like it shouldn't be! I am soooooo gonna make this!!!!

  16. Mmmm I've heard of chocolate gravy, but I've never tasted it, bj. This should be on my to-do list for sure!

  17. I've always wanted to try the American 'biscuits and gravy'. The only common gravy in the UK is the one that you put on meat. I'm guessing if I want to try biscuits and gravy then this recipe is the one I should try!
    Alex - Blog

  18. I have heard of Chocolate gravy, but have yet to make it.
    If mine looks like what's in your gravy bowl it's got to be good.
    Plus, I should try making my Bisquick drop biscuits in my iron skillet.

  19. BJ, sounds and looks yummy. That Diana is about as sweet as a girl can get...or at least as sweet as that chocolate gravy. Just be careful with her though, you might end up in a WalMart commercial!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  20. I have never, ever heard of chocolate gravy! You learn something new everyday, huh?


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