Sunday, November 30, 2014


"We like a lot of stuff; we're not in great shape. We didn't get a good night's sleep. We're a little depressed.
 COFFEE solves all these problems in one delightful little cup."    Jerry Seinfeld.

~ Coffee ~


I can't even remember when I DIDN'T drink coffee.
My mama loved daddy loved it...
and they gave it to me....HALF MILK....plenty of SUGAR,
most of my young life.

This is my favorite coffee of all time...
it comes in so many DELICIOUS flavors and I love them all...
especially Old Fashioned Donut.

Original Blend is what I buy the most, so that the OLD FASHIONED DONUT
will always be a real treat for me.

I've bought FOLGERS for years and love it, too.

I have found that the
is my choice of late.

Never bitter, even when I make it stronger...

just a good, all-around taste of the worlds
most famous coffee.

I like my coffee with some kind of sweetener.....

I do without the cream my mama used in my childhood coffee....
(well, SOMEtimes I put a little whipped cream in my cup....*shhhhhhh)

but here's a way to "sweeten the pot" (well, CUP, really)
that I find just delightful.


Drop one into your cup of hot, steaming coffee and be carried away on a delicious coffee trip.....

“I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now.”
Louisa May Alcott, Little Women  

Have you noticed that coffee or tea taste BETTER in a cute CHRISTMAS MUG....???

I adore Christmas cups and haunt the thrift shops for really cute ones.

Throw in a toasted biscuit 
and I am a happy camper !!

" HI, SANTA....." 
♪♫♫...he knows when you are sleeping...
he knows when you're awake..
he knows if you've been bad or be good for 
GOODNESS sake... ♫♪♪'s another way I like to Sweeten The Cup....

COFFEE flavored ice cream...

a scoop (or TWO) into a hot cup of your favorite coffee and
you will swear you've died and gone to HEAVEN.....


and it sure doesn't hurt if I have a waffle, orange slices and....
bacon...!! :>)  

  during this busy time..i will be pulling Christmas posts from the archives...
good photos of good times, good foods and good drinks never get old..
so feel free to save time (and energy) and show us some of your past posts.
I, for one, would LOVE to see them...


  1. It's only right that I'm drinking my cuppa as I read your post!

  2. Hello BJ! Your blog is always full of great 'stuff.' Just like you, Momma and Daddy had to have their coffee and always shared a cup with me, full of milk and sugar. I drink it black these days and my day is always better with a cup of coffee in my hand!!

  3. Oh I wish we could join you! Top O' the morning to ya'! Love this!!!!

  4. I love Werther's originals, I'll sure have to try this, thanks for sharing, Bj!

  5. I too love my coffee! I'm a French Roast gal with creamer! I love all my Christmas mugs and I'll be getting them out today for sure!

  6. i love folger's classic roast. that's it. nothing fancy. just a spot of milk to take the edge off. :) and i drank coffee since i was a kid, too.

  7. Good Morning, My post have been hit and miss lately. I thought I would take some time to catch up with friends this morning with a hot cup of tea. I have enjoyed catching up with you and your family. I alternate between coffee and tea. Sometimes I think I drink entirely to much coffee. I know I don't dare make a pot or I would drink the whole thing. Where has the time gone? Much to fast. Have a wonderful Holiday Season. I can't wait until the 27th my boy will be home. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  8. BJ I say YAY to coffee! It's how I start out my day.

  9. everyone seems to love DD coffee

  10. You are so cute and you speak true!

  11. My favorite coffee is Pike Place roast or the House Blend from Starbucks. My afternoon cup of coffee is Tully's Hawaiian blend. I have to have a heaping teaspoon of coffee mate in my cup of coffee. Cream, whipped cream, ice cream - all of those would spoil it for me. I wish I could drink it black! This was a very nice and colorful post.

  12. I do not drink coffee any more but when I did I liked mine black with just a some equal in it. When I was a youngster my grandmother used to give me coffee with a little wine in it, it was so good. I liked Irish coffee too. Great post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. BJ, This is a cute post! I love coffee too - I drink it with 1/2 and 1/2. Have you ever tried the Jelly Donut Dunkin Donuts coffee? It's awesome! We also like Seattle's Best, "4", and DD Dark. I like tea too. Have a great week!

  14. You've just awakened a sweet memory, BJ! As a child ... once in a great while ... my dad would let me have my very own mug of coffee, liberally dosed with sugar and cream and a homemade German cookie for dunking. Shoot, I was probably in my mid-30's before I learned to drink my java 'black' -- and only because it was some foo-foo business dinner and I was too bashful to ask the others at the table to pass the creamer!

    PS - I just took down my 4 Christmas mugs -- mismatched, but sentimental favs just the same!

  15. BJ, This was a tasty post. I love coffee also. I always say I am a coffee connoisseur...true is I may not know the best cup..but I sure as heck know a bad cup...yuck. I hate weak coffee too. A strong cup you can add a wee bit of water...but a weak cup, no amount of cream or sugar is going to make it more coffee like. Enjoy yours . xoxo,Susie
    p.s. my dad loved those Werthers.

  16. I am not really a coffee person, I mean I can survive a day without one but I never refuse to a goid coffee invitation. If I have one, it's always extra creamy, something like your kind of coffee in childhood :) . I am currently experimenting on Barista coffee.

  17. I never drink coffee because of what it does to my head and heart, but I love the smell! Such a fun post. Werther's might be tasty in my tea, too.

  18. I never drank coffee until I got into my teens. I started off drinking it black as I didn't like milk or creamer. Now that they have flavored creamers I love them. My favorite right now, Peppermint Mocha.

  19. I love my two cups of coffee every morning - with CREAM!! Louis Dean tells the waitress to - "Just bring her the cow!!"
    Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite!

  20. when I was pregnant with our first son Jeremy I had to have Haagen Daz Coffee ice cream. lol. Always fun to see you here. We drink Folgers half caf. these days. Have a great week. Hugs, Anne

  21. I does wonders...but so does chocolate!

  22. BJ,

    Well, here's one more thing where we're alike; your favorite coffee is the same as mine! I've enjoyed Dunkin for years and years!

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  23. How cute! Love that Christmas mug, BJ. Have a great week!...Christine

  24. My gentleman friend loves coffee and we both love Werther's candy. I am gonna suggest to him that he drop one of the candies into his coffee. Wonder what he'll say and do. Should be interesting!

  25. Oh my . . . I am going to try that Haagen Das one . . . .(love, love that coffee ice cream, a favorite!). Off I go to dig out some old photos . . .

  26. Got to have my morning coffee. Love that Starbucks bold flavor, but usually have some K-cup brand on hand.

  27. I probably drink to much coffee, but I enjoy it. I want it back tho.If I drank that much water, would be better off. It is cold here again. Take care.

  28. BJ, you always have the best posts that are filled with a variety of fun stuff. I always start my mornings with a cup of coffee, but now I am dying to try it with a piece of Werthers candy dropped in the bottom of my cup. Thanks for the tip and enjoy the rest of your day... :)

  29. I love coffee too, bj! My Mom used to serve it to us as children with evaporated milk in it--lol! I use Folgers and or Dunkin Donuts, I don't care for strong coffee like Starbucks--too bitter. I will have to try the Werther's candy in a cup and see if I like it --bet I do! ;)

  30. I love it and the corner you put it in! I love the photos on the wall.

  31. Hi BJ! I have never, ever drank coffee!!! Just don't like the taste. That is why we have a Keurig, Joe can make a cup at a time and not waste any. YOur posts always make me hungry though, that waffle looks SO good! XO, Pinky

  32. I have a friend who changes out all her mugs for Christmas mugs! I don't even own one Christmas mug. I think I need to rectify that! I love your mirror. Great idea!


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