Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Christmas in August...???

Do you start shopping for Christmas as early as June, July or August ?
I do...
I've started right after Christmas of one year, when things go on sale for MUCH CHEAPER,
for gifts for the NEXT Christmas.
I've done it for years....financially, a smart thing to do.
Our family is large...

2 children + 2 spouses = 4 
7 grandgirls + 2 by marriage = 9   (duh)
3 grandboys + 1 by marriage = 4
2 GREAT-grands
and ANOTHER ONE that will most likely get here BEFORE Christmas...due the 10th
We are blessed and so so thankful.

I did some Christmas shopping while we were on our 
New Mexico-Colorado Trip.

If you guess what they are....*shhhhhh
don't tell..:>)

I love seeing what other people are buying for Christmas gifts so
I wanted to share this gift idea with you.

A SHOWER WRAP with large fluffy towel to match..
I will add a great shower gel and lotion from BATH AND BODY WORKS.
A wonderful scented candle and a tiny box of chocolates..
That WRAP works for when you step out of the tub, too.

This is a gift for a friend and I think she will love it.
I love my shower wraps.

TARGET has these in so many GREAT colors and patterns.
I am so "into" turquoise right now that I headed straight for this one.
(yes, TEX, I know you are grinning...)

 If YOU have some great gift ideas, please share.

Mr. Sweet and I will make more of the
we made a few years ago.

The recipe is right on the FREEZER JAM PECTIN package.

SOOO easy and SOOO good.

Now, here is something that would make awesome little Christmas gifts
to family, friends and neighbors.....and the postman.
for these little MINI BREAD LOAVES.

I think the above recipe makes 4 mini loaves.

A jar of jam and a loaf of homemade bread
is a hard gift to beat.
♥ ♥ ♥
The strawberries are so good right now...
we'll make our jam and put it in little FREEZER JARS.
Into the freezer for about 5 months...then it'll be CHRISTMAS,
tie pretty bows on the jars.... and make loaves of homemade bread to go along with each jar
and we'll be in business.
 ♥ ♥ ♥
Gosh, ya'll....
we have only ONE MORE MONTH of summer...
then the kids all go back to school.

I do love SEPTEMBER, tho.  

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forget to 
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  1. I admire your early shopping! I never get started that early!

  2. shocked at the turquoise choice! (cough, cough). :)

  3. Wow- I feel so behind now..LOL! I better get busy shopping. There are 21 of us- so I need lots of cool ideas!

  4. I've bought a couple of things for Christmas this year too. I ordered some earrings for a niece when Nordstrom's was having their big sale. Oh, I got my son a North Face jacket too. Coming back later to see if anyone has shared some great ideas.

  5. I don't do much Christmas shopping....everyone just wants gift cards or cash here. I do love your idea of mini bread loafs and freezer jam!

  6. I know what's in those little boxes, but I won't tell!!! Kudos to you for getting started so early. Sally

  7. I was just thinking that I should start making some Christmas decorations that I Pinned last year and never had the time to do. I really love the wrap idea with the bath accessories, what a great idea!

    I recently won a Ramsign giveaway so I'm going to pass on this and let someone else be the lucky one! :)

    Jane xx

  8. I mostly buy gifts for Tiger now but look all year long for little things to give to my 'big' kids! Good ideas you have and I love the jam and bread!

  9. I bet my daughter would love one of those towel wraps. Thanks for the idea!

  10. Freezer jam.....I need to make some!!! Love catching up with all that's going on in your life!!!

  11. I love freezer jam. A friend makes some to giveaway every year, and I am always so glad to be on the receiving end of it. As for Christmas shopping in August? I have always wanted to be an earlier shopper, and this year I am DETERMINED to do it. I have my "Christmas allowance" cashed and stashed already and am ready to start. Hoping to put a dent in it by Labor Day.

    Hope the whole "best laid plans" scenario doesn't play out.

  12. I love the idea of getting an early start on gifts! I just need the ideas:@)

  13. I have in years past, but not this year. Love the treats, can I be on your Christmas list!

  14. I started thinking....now where's the Target here in NC! haha! I love those shower wraps! Enjoy your day my friend! Sweet hugs!

  15. You are so smart to get your Christmas shopping done early. We used to do it after Christmas also when the children were small. The homemade bread and jam look so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. Hi, BJ - I'm an early shopper as well, actually starting right after Christmas to take advantage of sales for those $10 gift exchanges and my kids Christmas ornaments (every year). Then I just watch for things. One daughter loves art (got that one) and collects pitchers (got it). One daughter loves jewelry (ran across a ring with mink trim) and candles (got it covered). My son is my problem for shopping. I would love any ideas about things for guys....the girls are easy.

  17. Aren't you clever...getting early shopping done.I have a similar number to shop for ...but I just wait till the last min. and then panic!

    You have given me new inspiration...Janey

  18. No Christmas shopping yet. We don't have any little ones to shop for. All our kids birthdays land in December and January, too. Boy do I feel behind. :)
    Those mini loaves and jars of jam are such a great idea!

  19. Yes bj, I do shop as soon as after Christmas sales begin. I have them hid away for all the family, especially Connor. It’s fun and I don’t get in such a panic when it’s time to prepare for Christmas. I love to shop my favorite places for tea towels. They make wonderful gifts for weddings and all occasions. Your jam is getting me hungry for a biscuit and it’s not even breakfast time! Have a great day sweetie.

  20. I always mean to buy Christmas gifts early but never do.

  21. I used to shop early for Christmas, but when the kids birthdays came along in September and November, I gave them the presents and had to start shopping all over again. I don't have as many to shop for as you do, but you are smart to start early.I love your ideas. Our kids love gifts of money, so that makes it a little easier, but I still buy them something.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. the shower wraps are a great idea, love that color as well, I made the freezer jam you recommended, it is wonderful! So much fresher tasting, you are very blessed with your large family!

  23. Some of my colleagues are shopping for next year January's Chinese New Year !

  24. A shower wrap is a great idea and I love Bath and Body Works.
    I go to their semi-annual sale and stock up :)

  25. Thank you for this wonderful post, enjoy reading your blog every week. I am beginning to start looking for sales for Christmas gifts.Please continue to share these ideas for your readers, love the towel wrap, going to use this idea. Also like all your recipes, they look yummy!

  26. For many years my dear, little mother always had her Christmas shopping finished before Thanksgiving. Now that she doesn't drive and isn't real well anymore, she is doing simple things she can do without much effort. Things that have meaning and make the 'receiver' happy. Me? Not so much! I need to start now so I'll be ready. My budget will be much happier! Thanks for the incentive.

  27. Great gifts BJ! I always swear I'll get started early and then I never do. We have given fresh bread and homemade jams and jellies to friends for years. It is always appreciated. I am thinking of hand made gifts this year, so I better get started!


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