Sunday, August 17, 2014

A FUN shopping trip....

There's shopping....
and then, there's ...SHOPPING !!
Today, I said, "I'm going to the grocery store...wanna come with me?"
and he said, "Don't mind if I do....and while we're out, 
I'm going to buy you a new CAMERA."


So, first we were off to Best Buy and I found...

an adorable BLUE  Canon point and shoot that has
a few more bells and whistles than my RED Kodak.

Besides...I dropped the red one a couple times on our trip
and it's taking blurry photos now.

The store had to order the new one and it will be here
the last of the week...
on sale, too.  Yay!

Lunch here...a hot dog and a junior-sized milk shake
and we were in HEAVEN.
Sooo good.
Wanting to buy a couple strands of the old fashioned STRING LIGHTS,
we hit
WORLD MARKET....a store after my own heart.

Mr. Sweet parked himself in a comfy chair while I did a hurried run-thru...
(I saw lots of things I want to go back and look at,

I love the look of string lights outside and we're
putting them up around the front of the pool house.

While I was running strolling thru the store,
I saw the jewelry display....and...
THE necklace I had been dreaming of.

This is the PERFECT necklace..
adjustable length...
large enuf to make an awesome statement
but not so big as to make this olden lady look out of place. 

I picked up this little arrangement.

I love these,  stuck in the little twigs.

It gives a touch of color to my wall planters.

The English Ivy is growing and I can't wait until it hangs over
the little pots. 

Bought a couple bottles of these Dang ! drinks...
Root Beer for him...
Red Cream Soda for moi..

I took one sip of my Red and said,
{{{ DANG }}} !!

and, of COURSE, I had to buy at least ONE
something to eat....:>) 

How cool is it to have these at the ready anytime !

Yep..I love going on THIS kind of shopping.
And, I love this WORLD MARKET store... 
...I even like the looks of their paper bags...
after all....
 there's TURQUOISE color


  1. BJ, Looks like you had a fun day shopping. Ted and I go to Steak /Shake for meals when we are in a hurry. We like eating there. Hope you have a great week. xoxo,Susie

  2. What a fun day of shopping! We were in Lubbock yesterday and ate supper at Steak and Shake......great minds think! Hugs, Penny

  3. Everything looks just perfect! Even those sacks! Love the necklace. The lights will make such a difference.

  4. I got a camera very similar by Canon not long ago. Managed to get it for half off because it was out of the box. Best camera I've ever had, in quality and easy to carry with.

  5. That is the kind of shopping I like - looking for nothing in particular and find a treasure or 2. Like the new camera. I need to get a better one - or should say one I know how to take pics with.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Wow! You had a good-y day. Everything from a new camera to a Dang cream soda. Sounds fun. Made me want a cream soda. Shopping with my husband usually makes me feel rushed.

  7. Cute camera! Sweet necklace. Nice lights. You really had a good day!

  8. I love all the stuff you bought, but did you remember the groceries. And lucky you getting a new camera, it looks pretty. Isn't it nice we can get things in colours now not just black.


  9. We used to take my granddaughters (3) to Steak and Shake whenever we babysat. The big thing was spaghetti and cheese fries. Looks like you had fun, and we will look forward to your new camera pics!

  10. Fun day out with Mr. Sweet! I do that, too ---- have to go back without Bob to really check something out! Granddaughter and I went shopping this past week -- that was really fun. I was always short and chubby, so shopping with her is a joy. Everything looks great on her; and I've taught her well -- she is quite the bargain hunter. Glad you got a new camera; you'll have fun with it, I'm sure. Take care, Sally

  11. Your new camera looks nice and small and easy to carry. I love World Market stores --I always find goodies I like there. Your new necklace is gorgeous!

  12. My! Love the camera, love th flowers, love the necklace most of all! Wrote you an email to expound. :)
    What a fun place...wish there was one near me!
    I am loving my camera! What a joy it is to have a camera that actually WORKS! :)
    Hugs...and thanks for letting me COPY CAT you. Heh heh!

  13. Sounds like you had a fun day and found a few great goodies! Best of luck with the new camera:@)

  14. BJ, beautiful necklace, reminds me of those mood rings we had in primary school, do you remember them?! Bright and bold, your new, smooth, Canon will definitely do justice to your world! Enjoy, my friend!


  15. Love your new camera, especially the name! I like to go shopping (alone) just to look, never know what you may find. Hubby normally gets tired and finds a Bench or goes back to the car, then I feel rushed.

  16. Hi BJ,

    That necklace is a FIND. It's really quite special and right in style. You found so many blue touches; what a great day. Thanks for making Blue Monday special by sharing.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  17. Yeah for your new camera! I love World Market too. We were just there this weekend and I bought a tray. Your necklace is beautiful. I love string lights. We have them on our pergola.

    Steak and Shake is my favorite place to stop when traveling. We don't have one here. I love there shakes.

  18. I think you'll like the camera BJ. I have an older model of the same thing and it takes great photos! We used to have a World Market but they packed up and left about 6 years ago, :>( they have the cutest things and such good prices. I wish they would move back to the shopping center again. Love the necklace, and the string lights. I can't wait to see how they look when you put them up!

  19. Such fun to see your treats . . .
    From pancake mix, to twigs and grasses, and aqua blue on the shopping bags . . .
    Fun post indeed!
    I have been collecting shopping bags from different places, Trader Joes, Whole Foods . . . Makes me feel pretty "sassy" to walk into my local market with one of my big city store bags!
    Very sassy!

  20. I caught on to the wink...I have done the quick stroll through a store many times. Love the things you bought. What a fun thing, first thing in the tag along while you shop.

  21. bj, I'm laughing so hard over your plans to go back. By yourself. Yes, I do the same thing! I love your cute new blue camera and I'm looking forward to hearing how you like it as I am in the market for a little pocket one to carry when I don't want to take along the big one. I wish we had a World Market here but I'd probably spend too much time there ~~ by myself, of course! :) Linda

  22. Hey, BJ, our cameras will be twins, as that is exactly the same as my trusty little camera. Make sure you get the little case, and then when you drop it there will be no problem. How do I know this? Experience (more than once or twice!).
    The closest World Market to us is south of the border, in Linwood. I love it!

  23. BJ, love your "wink" - returning to the store "BY.MYSELF." You are so funny! Oh, love that necklace, too!

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  25. That necklace is beautiful. Wish we had a store here like world market. I guess I will just have to continue to shop at Wal-Mart lol. Have a wonderful and blessed day. Madeline

  26. Yay! A new camera! And of course I love the necklace. But not as much as I love YOU!

  27. You got me at camera and food. Who needs anything else? Just sayin...
    Have a wonderful week and I, too, appreciate the governor of your state and how he's at least trying to make things better at the Border...

  28. First things first---We LOVE your governor and his determination to take care of problems in his state!!!!! Second I really like World Market and that gorgeous bracelet.

  29. You got lots of good stuff! I exactly what you mean about hurrying when the hubby is along and thinking "I'll go back"! lol! Go Rick Perry!! I have lots of thoughts on his dilemma, but I'd best not expound on them here! :)

    1. that was supposed to be "I KNOW exactly what you mean"!

  30. I love World Market, and Steak & Shake! That necklace is WONDERFUL. The pancakes sound yummy, too. I think I need a trip to LBB soon...we have a World Market here, but not a Steak & Shake. :)

  31. What a great outing. We don't have a Steak and Shake here. What a great blue camera. Thanks for sharing your wonderful shopping.

  32. I love World Market, always so many cute things to drool over! Love your little camera. I have a small one like that only in Pink!! It's an older model but I love it and it takes good pics for a little camera!

  33. Love your blues and high five to Gov. Perry!

  34. What a fun shopping trip! You hit the blue jackpot with camera and jewelry, and Dang...ed if it don't make a 'statement'! Happy Blue Monday!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  35. Wow BJ I wish my trip to the grocery store would be this wonderful. A new camera, necklace, flowers. lol

  36. All that great shopping AND a new camera! Sweet! LOL, and here I thought you would get a red camera!

  37. P.S. I love the Gov. Rick Perry photo you posted!

  38. Well, Bj, you certainly did well for yourself on your shopping trip! I absolutely love the necklace...something that I would definitely wear! And I must say, I have never heard of "Dang" soda, although the popular red cream soda where I come from is Barq's. My hubby and I love us some Steak & Shake every now and again too !:)

  39. BJ, I love this post. Where do I begin...
    I like the looks of your new camera. I always take blurry pictures because I shake while I take pictures.
    On to Steak`n`Shake.. I didn't know I could order a mini shake. That would be great for my diabetes.
    I love their shakes, and of course I'm not suppose to have them. Just a small one would do great.
    We have a World Market, which is fairly new. I haven't been in it and wondered what kind of things they have.
    I thought World Market was like Trader Joe's. Don't know where I got that from.
    I love the necklace you bought and your right, it's not too big or too small.
    I would love the pancake mix & the Dang drinks.

    Well, blessings to you this week!!

  40. Ah...World do I love thee, let me count the ways.

  41. Fresh off a nice vacation having so much fun and now this day out shopping with Mr. Sweet ... a special lunch ... buying pretty stuff for yourself and he buys you a new camera ... you must have been a nice lady or Mr. Sweet is buttering you up for something. Glad you are having fun.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  42. BJ, you found some great buys.. I love the pretty necklace and the cute arrangement.. Congrats on your new camera.. World Market is a neat store to get lost in once in a while, without the hubby! ;-) Have a happy week!

  43. Dang! What a fun day! Congrats on your new camera! Looks like you had a great day. There are two more weeks for Christmas in Aug. then I'll do fall for Sept and Oct. come over and join the linky!
    Have a Sassy week!

  44. What a fun trip…you will love your new camera!!

  45. I have a pink version of the Canon point and shoot and love it. Do you know, when I'm out with our 2 daughters, the oldest one can sniff out a shopping mall within a few miles - true story! LOL A day of browsing is so relaxing and the soda you bought made me laugh. "Dang" is the favourite expression of my uncle that lives in Florida. It's not a Canadian expression but sure makes a point.
    Turquoise jewelry is something I like too and hubby bought me some pretty pieces with silver in Mexico so I best not look for anything else.
    So nice to have you link up to Mosaic Monday BJ, looking forward to some sassy photos from your new camera!

  46. New toys are always fun! Great shots.

  47. Hi bj, I am sorry I am so late visiting you. This weekend has been crazy busy. Thank you for the sweetest comment. I loved hearing from you. I am getting into Blogging again and so glad to be back. We were gone all day today visiting the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. We have annual passes and love to go there. It is 78 miles from our home but we take our car to the dealership there for service. The drawback of living in a small town.

    Your post is full of everything I would love to do. We just live where we have no shopping. We do go to Atlanta to shop sometimes and Asheville has many more fun places to shop. I have been in the World Market in Jacksonville, Fl. where our daughter lives. I took lots of photos at the Biltmore today so I have some new things to Blog about. I love your new camera. I have a Cannon that I love but it is getting old as well. When I see a man sitting and waiting for his wife I always say, "A man's fate is to sit and wait." It always brings a great response. HA!

    Thanks for sharing your great photos of your shopping trip.
    Love you my sweet sister friend,

  48. Hi there bj! Your camera is so pretty. I am loving mine. I bought a Samsung this time..and it's made life so much easier. I am delighted with mine but still learning how to use it and haven't even begun to work my way through all it does. Everything but draw the bath water they tell me! :) Wish it did dishes...
    Your necklace...I'm not sure I can hold's just so pretty!! I have a weakness for that color and for pretty jewelry.
    I have been sticking to silver..but I may have to give in this time. LOVE it!

    I never saw your basket of blue dishes and came looking for it this evening. I think my basket is going to be a different color before it's all over. Still have not decided but I've so many of the dark ones...that this one may just end up a color.

  49. looks like a fun day shopping, yeah and a new camera :) yummy food and drink too ...

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays ...

  50. Oh my goodness, a new camera! You take the best pictures no matter what camera you use:). Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs.

  51. wow! fun...and I couldn't comment but I am so with you on the GOV!!!

  52. Now that looks like a pretty successful shopping trip! :-)

  53. Sounds like a fun outing. I've never heard of the (Dang) soda but it sounds good. Loved your Ivy in the little pot.

  54. How fun! I love the World Market!! I would say it is in my top 3 of favorites and that cream soda looks delicious.. It has been awhile since I drank one of those tasty things ;) Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays BJ. Glad about your new camera too, how fun!!!

  55. What a fun shopping spree! Love all your new items, BJ! Pretty the color....Christine

  56. My dad loved cream soda but I have never seen red cream soda...dang!

  57. A grateful nation thanks you for making such a nice contribution to the economy!! I love World Market too! They have so many things that I need.


  58. wow and who would not like a shopping trip like this one... i want a new jeans pocket camera. mine is 3 years old and worn out.


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