Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who SAID "Man can not live by BREAD ALONE...????

'cause, I sure think I CAN !!

I saw this at the grocery store last week and couldn't wait to try it.

I dearly LUV homemade yeast bread and this box says,

"No Knead Bread Mix...
just add water...
less than 1 HOUR..."

so I bought 2 boxes...
and the other is
a Garlic bread.

I made the COUNTRY WHITE this morning for breakfast and,
boy, is it GOOOOD.

O, and this
is my new favorite....

not hot but a little spicy and very sweet.

Mr. Sweet says he will stay with the conventional jellies...
but he likes this ok.  

(This is my Weekly Top Shot)

 The only thing I will add to the next loaf I make...
a little extra SALT.
This wasn't quite salty enuf for me.

It is very good bread....excellent toasted....and I love love love the EASE of it all...


 it surely is good with CREAMED GRAVY
with lots of black pepper....
a little cup full of


O, and I wanted to tell you that I made a coconut cream pie for our home fellowship this last weekend
and put it in a GRAHAM CRACKER CRUST
which I had never done before....always used a regular pie crust...

We LOVED it in this crust....gave the pie a little nutty flavor.
can't wait to make another one....
I am SUCH a piggy for anything SWEET.



  1. dear me. i love bread, too. i live on the french bread baked at our brookshire's grocer.

  2. Oh!!! My mouth is WATERING over your DELICOUS photos!!!!!! They are every bit as good as ANY you will ever see in professional magazines or cookbooks!! That butter is melting before my very eyes!!

  3. What I would not give for a big ,hot, slice of that bread. I have decided my body graves yeast as I could eat hot bread everyday. I rarely buy it as I tend to eat too much. I am with Mr. Sweet, I want the good old fashion jelly.

  4. Hmmmmm...shall be looking for this. I keep thinking about getting out the bread machine, but it's on its last legs and I'm afraid it'll croak in the middle of a batch and THEN what will I do? Ha! You sure should be working for the magazines, BJ. Your photos make me think that even I would like gravy on toast.

  5. I'm another one who could probably live on bread alone.
    That's my problem... lol

    It looks delicious, and that coconut pie looks even better. I'm trying to think if my mom has ever made hers with graham cracker crust. I don't think so. I need to suggest it. (Yes, I could make it myself, but it wouldn't taste as good as hers so why bother?)

  6. Oh...this looks like such good bread. Can it get any better than straight out of the oven. Darn, I'm on a low carb diet and I haven't had a sniff of bread in 6 weeks. I know you and hubby did this before so you know the agony!!

    The pie looks so yummy! Maybe someday when I can treat myself! :(


  7. That looks like good bread, bj. I love the ease of it, too. I am off sugar or I would be dying for a piece of that pie in the graham cracker crust. That sounds delicious. xo Diana

  8. YUMM! I Love fresh hot bread and I will have to try that jelly! OOh and that pie is calling my sweet tooth! Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for dropping by my site too, bj!
    Cindy@GlassSlipperRestorations :)

  9. I like the sound of that bread! I will have to try it!

  10. never had jelly/jam made from peppers

  11. Great pictures of the bread! Haven't seen that or that brand of jelly in our area yet. Interesting!

  12. The bread sounds yummy and I'll be on the lookout for the jelly:@)

  13. Oh yum! I am trying to lay off the bread to lose a few pounds! Perhaps this will be a cheat day for me:) Enjoy your day dear BJ, HUGS!

  14. Oh yes, I'll be looking for this bread,loving anything easy! Coconut Cream Pie is my favorite, I am making one for Sunday's Lunch when ALL my family is coming after church. It's always better in a Graham Cracker Crush!

  15. Love the scent of bread baking - I will try this :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  16. bj I am a bread girl also and this looks so good and I love the sound of easy!

  17. You're making me hungry, BJ! Beer bread and bread machine baking are easy ways to get a fresh baked loaf too. I LOVE the new look to your blog - the color, oh my! The pink hearts and the header pics just look so pretty together. Have a good weekend my friend. :)

  18. Easy is my favorite word when it comes to cooking these days. The bread looks good and I'm gonna look for this on my next grocery shopping day. Have a super weekend!

  19. thanks bj .. I like good-and-easy and the bread would be just that. My favorite would be the beautiful coconut cream pie. You always make me hungry.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  20. Nothing compares to warm bread fresh from the oven with lots of melty butter. Mmmmm
    That pie looks fabulous!

  21. As usual I am hungry after reading this post. That bread looks so delicious. I love pepper jelly...I eat it on a soda cracker with a dab of cream cheese.
    Have a nice weekend...Balisha

  22. Yummy bread and pie. You have out done yourself once again. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  23. I have heard that this bread is really good! And your photos just confirmed it! Smile... Yummy!


  24. Oh sweet BJ, I love home made bread and I just made my mom's récipe and yours look yummy!
    I love all your images, they make me drool! Have a lovely weekend.

  25. You better start listing the calorie content of your blog posts! Lol... Loved the yumminess. Lots of goodies to try.

  26. BJ, have you tried the beer bread that is made like this. It's delicious. Yours look YUM.
    Thanks for sharing.


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